Code Black Ratings--Season 2 (2016-17)

Not everybody expected Code Black to be renewed for a second season, and when it was, many expected it to improve. It didn't. While still renewed for a third season, it lost 24% of its audience in A18-49 this season, and ended the season with an average below a 1.0 in that demographic. Credit needs to be given for how steady it has stayed. Time will tell where it will end up airing next season, but most likely it will not be returning to Wednesday, for better or worse.

Grade: C

Criminal Minds Ratings--Season 12 (2015-16)

After seeing a major cast departure, Season 12 of Criminal Minds had the lowest relative ratings average since Season 3. It also fell 22% in raw ratings this season, which although not great, was actually a healthier trend than a lot of CBS's other dramas this season. Furthermore, it's their #3 drama in A18-49 Live + Same Day ratings, and their #2 veteran drama in that metric. The string of 1.3s it posted did not look healthy, though some credit has to be given for its spike in the final two episodes. Very few shows see numbers in the green that late on in their season.

Grade: B-

Last Man Standing Ratings--Season 6

Dr. Ken Ratings--Season 2

Shark Tank Ratings--Season 8

20/20 Ratings--Season 39

MacGyver Ratings--Season 1

Hawaii 5-0 Ratings--Season 7

Blue Bloods Ratings--Season 7

Hell's Kitchen Ratings--Season 16

The Exorcist Ratings--Season 1

Dateline NBC Ratings--Season 25

The Blacklist Ratings--Season 4

Chicago Med Ratings--Season 2

The Good Place Ratings--Season 1

Superstore Ratings--Season 2

Pitch Ratings--Season 1

Rosewood Ratings--Season 2

How to Get Away with Murder Ratings--Season 3

Notorious Ratings--Season 1

Grey's Anatomy Ratings--Season 13

Chicago PD--Season 4 (2016-17)

Chicago PD dropped in raw A18-49 ratings less than any other scripted show on NBC, and it didn't even have a time slot upgrade. It's also their #3 scripted show, only behind This is Us and Chicago Fire. Despite this, it was only down 5% in its second season, and 2% in its third season, so this season actually had the steeper decline than the other seasons. So a great performance for NBC, and a just OK performance in relation to its previous seasons. The fact that it more or less stayed steady throughout the season for non-crossover episodes is a major achievement though.

Grade: A-

Law & Order: SVU Ratings--Season 18 (2016-17)

Law & Order: SVU technically premiered before this millennium even began. It's one of NBC's unsung heroes. Not only does it keep the Law & Order franchise alive after the 2010 cancelations of both the original and LA, but it also helps out Chicago PD and gives NBC decent ratings in one of the toughest time slots on television. It's down 18% in raw ratings A18-49 from last season, and frankly it could have had a better spring. In fact, Chicago PD sometimes grew from it.

Grade: B-

Empire Ratings--Season 3 (2016-17)

Oh Empire...where to begin. On the bright side, it is still doing better in W18-34 than A18-49 in raw ratings, which is very impressive. But it's just looking more and more like the downfall of Glee. This season, it fell 38%. All three of the shows on FOX that had worse trends than that got canceled. Its 15th episode was particularly ugly, down 50% from the previous year. The fact that it started at a 4.2 and then went on a streak of low 2s when it returned from its hiatus just isn't promising. Of course, it's still one of television's biggest shows, but the Glee comparisons truly are scary. Hopefully a Season 6 doesn't air on Friday and hit a 0.6. And considering its lead-in was stronger than last season, and it had Star to promote its return, it really had no excuse. Perhaps Shots Fired hurt it in the spring, but Empire is the type of show that never really was affected by lead-ins. Here's to hoping it stabilizes next season.

Grade: D+

Lethal Weapon Ratings--Season 1

Lethal Weapon was lucky enough to air Wednesday at 8pm before Empire this season. While its numbers with Empire were certainly better than the ones when it aired alongside Star, this show held up so much better than Rosewood did without Empire airing next to it. It will be trusted to self-start on Tuesdays next season against strong competition, and while it probably won't be looking at high 1s again, we're talking about the #2 new drama this season in A18-49 Live + Same Day.

Grade: A

Survivor Ratings--Seasons 33 and 34 (2016-17)

Survivor is really an unsung hero. While it obviously isn't what it used to be in raw ratings back in its earlier seasons, the show is one of CBS's highest-rated and is seemingly covered in the media more than most other CBS shows as well. It fell 14% this season, which was slightly less than the league average fall. I would have liked to see less of a drop considering it's a reality competition series. Regardless, its fall cycle did better in relative ratings than any other season since fall 2005, which is quite an achievement.

Grade (Fall): A-
Grade (Spring): B+

Designated Survivor Ratings--Season 1 (2016-17)

Designated Survivor was one of the most anticipated, if not the most anticipated, new show going into the 2016 upfronts. In fact, it was picked up early, before Paul Lee exited in February 2016. It didn't do terrible for a 10pm show, and became another example of a 10pm show doing just OK in Live + Same Day ratings but doing much better when DVR numbers are factored in (which mean little to nothing to advertisers). The fact that it shed half of its premiere audience for its finale isn't great, but it was still ABC's #2 10pm drama and most likely would have been #1 if How to Get Away with Murder had to air in the spring. Plus, its audience was more or less steady from the 5th episode on, so it's hard to be too harsh on it.

Grade: B

Blackish Ratings--Season 3 (2016-17)

Blackish got to spend a third straight season behind Modern Family. At this point, it doesn't seem to be *that* reliant on its lead-in, and this year it dropped a tiny bit less than Modern Family did. It spent another year as Wednesday's lowest-rated comedy, but it's still a feat that it didn't fall any more than the other two Wednesday veterans did.

Grade: B-

Modern Family Ratings--Season 8 (2016-17)

Modern Family fell a tiny bit more than The Goldbergs did this season as a result of the lineup change. A key difference, though, is Modern Family stayed where it's aired since 2009 and has always grown out of its lead-in. Considering it didn't change time slots, one would expect a family comedy to be up in relative ratings versus the year before. It consistently fell into the 1s by the end of the season, and by the time Season 10 hits it probably won't even be their most profitable comedy. It's great that it's still growing a lot out of its lead-in, but it really doesn't have that compelling of a reason to drop as much as it did.

Grade: C+

Speechless Ratings--Season 1 (2016-17)

I initially predicted that Speechless would flop. However, its retention from The Goldbergs is a stellar 90%. Although the time slot is down significantly year-to-year, that was to be expected. It is unclear if Speechless is only doing well because it relies so much on The Goldbergs, as it almost always rises and falls with The Goldbergs. For now, though, it seems to look like one of the season's bigger breakouts. Its healthiest data point was most likely the 1.6 it posted when Fresh Off The Boat (1.5) was its lead-in for a night.

Grade: A-

The Goldbergs Ratings--Season 4 (2016-17)

The Goldbergs moved to 8pm to decent results. While it didn't hold up nearly as well as it did last season when it was still sandwiched between The Middle and Modern Family, it also didn't fall any more than Modern Family or Blackish did with the lineup change. It ended up doing the same numbers as The Middle probably would have done there this season, so certainly not a bad outing.

Grade: B+

This is Us Ratings--Season 1

The Voice (Tuesday) Ratings--Seasons 11 and 12

Scream Queens Ratings--Season 2

New Girl Ratings--Season 6

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ratings--Season 4

NCIS: NO Ratings--Season 3

Bull Ratings--Season 1

NCIS Ratings--Season 14

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Ratings--Season 4

The Good Place Ratings--Season 1

Thursday Night Football Ratings--Fall 2016

Blindspot Ratings--Season 2 (2016-17)

Blindspot was down 44% year-to-year due to moving away from The Voice and asked to self-start on Wednesday. It did relatively better in A18-49 than The Mysteries of Laura did there last season, though it was still the weakest link on the night. It was consistently fractional in A18-49 by the latter half of the season, and although it was renewed, it now has to endure yet another big time slot downgrade: Friday. While getting a third season is actually not something every show that aired behind The Voice does, so it deserves credit for that. Still, the fact that it was so reliant on The Voice and couldn't recover from the fractionals isn't great.

Grade: C

Timeless Ratings--Season 1

The Voice (Monday) Ratings--Seasons 11 and 12

Lucifer Ratings--Season 2

Gotham Ratings--Season 3

Jane the Virgin Ratings--Season 3

Supergirl Ratings--Season 2

Scorpion Ratings--Season 3

The Odd Couple Ratings--Season 3

2 Broke Girls Ratings--Season 6

Man with a Plan Ratings--Season 1

Kevin Can Wait Ratings--Season 1

The Big Bang Theory Ratings--Season 10

Conviction Ratings--Season 1

Dancing with the Stars Ratings--Season 23 + 24

Sunday Night Football Ratings--Fall 2016

Elementary Ratings--Season 5

Madam Secretary--Season 3

NCIS: LA Ratings--Season 8

60 Minutes Ratings--Season 49

Quantico Ratings--Season 2 (2016-17)

Quantico was very close to record-low retention when it aired after The Bachelor. Either its lead-in independent or would be getting 0.2s on Sunday, but there's really no reason why its ratings should be this low in such a great time slot. Somehow, it's down 45% in raw A18-49 ratings from last season. It makes Conviction look good. This is an example of a show loved by the network that apparently makes money in other ways. Since I can't know what the profits are, I have to grade solely on the ratings we see, and they're not pretty.

Grade: F

Once Upon a Time Ratings--Season 6 (2016-17)

Since Once Upon a Time is a family drama, it seems like ABC is semi-obligated to air it at 8pm. As the ratings show, it can no longer be asked to air at 8pm Sundays though. Since the show is seemingly profitable, next season it will be rebooted after the "final battle" has occurred. A18-49 ratings will be dramatically lower than they were when Last Man Standing aired there, but it will likely still be profitable. Regardless, it did not have a good year this season in the ratings. Its down 32% from last season's raw A18-49 numbers, and its spring numbers were usually below those of America's Funniest Home Videos, a vastly cheaper show. Compared to the rest of ABC's non-Shonda dramas, it actually doesn't look too bad, but this show is way past its prime.

Grade: C-

Secrets & Lies Ratings--Season 2 (Fall 2016)

In its first season, Secrets & Lies started out as a stable player and ended as a mini-Empire, growing in its last few weeks until it hit a series high of a 1.8 A18-49 for the finale. However, it sat out the 2014-15 season and took a year and a half off before returning for this season. Whether it was the hiatus or the storyline, or both, this show completely fell apart. At least it got to air its full order?

Grade: D-

America's Funniest Home Videos Ratings--Season 27 (2017-18)

America's Funniest Home Videos used to be a monster hit, and while it is far from those days, it has become ABC Sunday's highest-rated show in the spring. Not many shows see data points in the green that late into the season. Down only 9% in raw numbers in A18-49 from last year, this show had its second-strongest season of the millennium in terms of relative ratings. In fact, it seems like it's more or less getting stronger each year if anything. Truly an impressive and underrated performance.

Grade: A

The Last Man On Earth Ratings--Season 3 (2016-17)

The Last Man On Earth was a solid, albeit not great, performer for FOX this season. It did around par what New Girl and The Mick have been doing and a little bit better than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While it airs on Sunday, there's often a couple minutes of commercials between Family Guy and its start, and at this point probably won't be boosted by it given the serialized nature. There was cause for concern when it premiered to a 0.9 rating, but its spring numbers weren't really that far behind the non-football halo fall episodes. Still, it fell over 20% from last season despite still airing on Sunday.

Grade: B-

Family Guy Ratings--Season 15 (2016-17)

Family Guy deserves a lot of credit for being about to grow significantly out of Making History and non-football-boosted Son of Zorn. Its A18-49 ratings are down 13%, which given the league average is down more than that and it had a worse situation is a solid performance. It also managed to recover from that ugly fractional rating for the 12th episode, and its sub-demos show it should still be very appealing to advertisers targeting that younger demographic.

Grade: A

The Simpsons Ratings--Season 28 (2016-17)

The Simpsons is almost at its 30th season and is still receiving massive football boosts. Since the show is very appealing to advertisers, it will likely continue to get this boost for years to come. This season, it was even in raw ratings in A18-49, a healthier trend than nearly all shows on broadcast TV. I can't say I'm pleased with the spring performance, where it showed to be no stronger than Family Guy, but it did have a very strong fall and appeals to all demos.

Grade: A-

Bob's Burgers Ratings--Season 7 (2016-17)

Bob's Burgers didn't have the best year-to-year trend in terms of scripted shows on FOX this year. It did have the second-best though. Down just 7% in raw A18-49 from last season, Bob's Burgers was actually up in raw numbers for a good portion of the year, and a rather weak spring caused it to dip a little. Regardless, there have been weeks where it was just a tenth behind lead-out The Simpsons, which has gotten much more exposure than the animated show that isn't The Simpsons or Family Guy. Its value for FOX keeps increasing too with it doing so well in syndication. The fact that its had multiple data points in the latter half of the season that were around its seasonal average, though, is a major accomplishment.

Grade: A-

Son of Zorn Ratings--Season 1 (Fall 2016)

While Son of Zorn premiered well after football, that audience did not stay for its second episode. Many episodes aired under the football halo, but it often had poor retention from The Simpsons. Its fate was sealed with the final two episodes, where it went lower than the rest of FOX's comedies despite having more exposure in previous weeks. It was one of the more higher-rated cancelations of the season, but the ratings didn't mask the weakness of the show. Minus a couple decent data points, there wasn't much reason to keep it around.

Grade: D