Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 10 Review

I'm back to review Will & Grace after skipping the first two episodes of 2018. I'm glad to be back, as the show's been great lately. This week focuses on Will getting closure on an old breakup, with old favorite Bobby Cannavale returning as Vince. I'm excited!

Will is having his ex Vince over for breakfast, a fact that amazes Grace. Jack explains the differences between gay people and straight people, with plenty of jabs at Will. Vince arrives, with soap, and Grace and Jack as promptly kicked out, as they should be. Vince and Will chat a bit before Vince gets down to business. He's getting married, and he wants Will to come. Will accepts his invitation, but he's clearly not as happy as he says he is.

Will is acting funny on the day of the wedding. He talks about how boring Vince's husband-to-be Ryan is, and then starts telling a lie about being fine. Grace tries to convince him not to go, and he agrees, though he wants her to tell a good lie about why he isn't there. Karen is participating in a scavenger hunt, and she's super competitive about it. Will shows up at the wedding, despite his earlier insistence that he wouldn't. He wants closure about the end of their relationship, and Grace is very against this.

Will finally gets some alone time with Vince, but Grace still keeps interrupting. Will just wants closure, but Grace still doesn't think he should talk to Vince. Jack's hookup, who's never had sex with a man before, tells him he loves him after about a half hour of knowing each other, but Jack tells him off. He still doesn't get it. Karen stole a pair of dentures from Ryan's uncle for her scavenger hunt, but she still needs a cop's badge. Meanwhile, Jack meets up with Vince's cousin, the wife of his recent hookup. They deny knowing each other, but she tells them to go to a cabin in the Poconos (PA represent!!!) together. Jack tries to use his "wife" Karen as an excuse to not go, but she is very much the opposite of helpful. Jack moves a gravy boat off out of a wedding picture, and Vince lets it slip that he never wanted Will to come in the first place. He also says that he broke up with Will because will never liked him.

Will makes a toast at the wedding, and it doesn't sound quite as nice as he seemingly intended. He says about how horrible he is and how he doesn't deserve love, and Grace makes a toast about how great he is. They keep making toasts and finally, Vince jumps in to say how he loved him. Ryan asks for a real toast, and Jack jumps up to talk about his hookup. He says to never fall in love, so all in all it's a really great toast. Later, Karen steals a cops badge and finally completes the scavenger hunt, beating Ivanka Freakin' Drumpf. Vince goes to talk to Will about how scared he is, and Will convinces him to go through with it. In the end, Will finally gets his closure.

I really enjoyed this episode, as it had a really great conclusion that finally gave Will the closure he needed. It was all very touching, in the show's own special way. Eric McCormack delivered a great performance tonight, probably his best work all season. Grace was also highly enjoyable this episode with her opposition to Will's plan. Her line  "I wish I was my friend" was the line of the episode. I also enjoyed the B (C?) plot with Karen's scavenger hunt, and I laughed out loud at her introduction in this episode, when she had the monkey on her shoulder. All in all, the episode was incredibly funny and I look forward to the next, which is unfortunately a couple weeks away.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

Mom S5E11 Review

Last week's episode was slower, but it ended with a "to be continued," adding intrigue for what is going to happen in this week's. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Adam's part of the episode deals with the fact that they are engaged, and what their future wedding would look like, if that wedding is going to happen.

S5E11 "Bert and Ernie and a Blessing of the People"

At the start of the episode, Christy is in traffic, just as she was at the end of the last episode. Once she arrives at Patrick's, after she has to use the bathroom before he gets home, the two prepare to have sex, but that keeps not happening. This is for a variety of reasons: reminders of Patrick's ex-wife in his house, loud people in the neighboring hotel room, Patrick focused on the fact that he isn't perfect, and Christy admitting that she had sex with someone else. None of these reasons that delay the two having sex were very interesting, and can easily be seen as build-up to the end of the episode when they did have sex.

Bonnie and Adam go to a wedding, and at the wedding they discover what they want at their wedding. However, this ends up being two different things. Adam is really touched by the ceremony, while Bonnie is inspired by the amount of money made at the reception. At the end of the episode, Adam tricks Bonnie into setting a date for the wedding by saying that they should stay the way they are and not get married.

Like last week's episode, this one was fairly disappointing. Not that much happened, and Christy and Patrick had few funny moments, and they weren't that funny. At least Bonnie and Adam provided some solid humor, and the ending had them committed to actually getting married.

Score: 6/10

What did you think of "Bert and Ernie and a Blessing of the People"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The Good Place S2E11 Review

This week, The Good Place heads to the bad place. The show is going into really new territory, and that is very exciting, as the group attempts to pull off their near-impossible plan. What the characters get into this week was sure to be interesting.

S2E11 "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent"

The beginning of the episode has the group on the train, heading to the bad place. The four humans prepare to pretend to be someone else. Tahani is the highlight here, as an American named Rhonda. She hilariously portrays American stereotypes, and does a great job of that. Janet struggles to be a Bad Janet, and there is a hilarious bit about this where she can't stop giving Tahani the glasses of water she asks for, reminiscent of last season when she was rebooted and could only get people cacti.

In the bad place, the four humans and Janet stay in a museum while Michael gets what they need to get to the judge. There ends up being a party hosted at the museum. Chidi doesn't want to lie about who he is, so he says nothing, but a demon (played by Dax Shepard) mistakes Chidi for someone he knew. Eleanor talks to Chidi, convincing him it isn't unethical to lie in this situation because of moral particularism. It feels like a bit of a stretch that Eleanor would know about that, and that Chidi would be obsessed with one way of philosophical thought. The humans survive the party, until things go poorly when the demonstration turns out to be of their neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Michael meets with Sean, who reveals that he has a plan for how to get the humans from the medium place. Sean uses Bad Janet as a walkie-talkie, which is enjoyable, and reminds us of how Derek and his wind-chime testicles are in the medium place. Sean discovers that the humans aren't in the medium place, and this starts the part of the episode where everyone is on the run. Michael grabs the humans, and they rush to the portal. However, at the very end, they aren't able to make it, and Michael sacrifices himself. This ending shows why the show has put so much work into improving Michael, and Ted Danson is wonderful in this final scene.

It felt like there was quite a bit of time wasted, as they were just waiting for the end of the episode. Still, The Good Place made it entertaining, and the only real issue was believably in the Chidi part of the episode. The end of the episode was a great moment, and it showcased a great performance from Ted Danson.

Score: 9/10

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Superstore S3E10 Review

This week, the Cloud 9 that our characters work at is about to get an upgrade. However, some of the employees are worried whether this upgrade will actually be a good thing or not.

S3E10 "High Volume Store"

At the beginning of the episode, Jeff has an announcement for the Cloud 9 employees, they are only a few sales away from becoming a Quad-A store. The employees don't care at first, but once they discover that this means that the store will get a Pizza Hut, they hilariously get very excited. Jonah, however, is suspicious, and as a result he, Amy, and Dina go to a Quad-A store to find out what that means.

It's very funny when all the employees say that it is "the best job I've ever had." In reality, working at that store is terrible, so everyone at our Cloud 9's motivations change, they all try to keep the store from reaching the sales goal. These attempts are very funny, I especially enjoyed Marcus being weird, and Dina being herself to customers. However, Bo ends up ruining their plans when he buys a hot tub, and there are no returns on it. The ending here ends up being really unexpected, that they got a lot of counterfeit money, and that brings them down under the target amount.

Glenn also has an announcement at the start of the episode, that he needs a surrogate because Jerusha can't have kids. So, he spends the episode looking for a surrogate. After his search is unsuccessful, he vents to Cheyenne, and she ends up accidentally agreeing to have his baby. She tries to get out of this, saying that Bo wasn't alright with it, but Glenn brings him in and that plan goes awry.

In the end, Glenn realizes what's going on, and is mean to Cheyenne to be nice, which is really funny. The episode ends with Dina agreeing to have Glenn's baby because of how much he is paying for it. This ending is also unexpected, but I like how money was a big motivator for people (both Bo and Dina), since that reflects how much money the characters in this show have.

This was a strong episode. The main story was great, I liked the way that the group's goal changed, and how the end of that story was so unexpected. Also, the reasons behind everyone either wanting or not wanting the store to get an upgrade was great. The other story was enjoyable too, but it wasn't a stand-out one like the other was.

Score: 9.5/10

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1982-83 Ratings History -- Soap Bubbles Rise, Several Veterans Part and NBC Renews Poorly Rated Masterpieces

Written Asking Where Cheers is by Bridger Cunningham

Does anyone remember this disclosure over the previous Top 30 card?

Ratings Data prior to 1984 is scarce, to TV Ratings Guide will post what is available and may update overall network ranks and sitcom scorecards when available.

Guess what? TVRG just shattered the internet glass ceiling and located complete ranks for the 1982-83 season!  Ratings are only available for the top third of the chart, but enjoy some semblance of what happened in this titular year which NBC renewed a large rash of low-rated series (due to a lack of options).

CBS again claimed a victory this season, despite losing three sitcoms in the top 30.  Soaps raised the bar, with all four entries in the top 20.  ABC experienced declines of its aging sitcom franchises, and NBC held few top 30 entries.  Newfound A-Team came in strong, while Little House On the Prairie bid adieu to the beloved homestead.

Trending Hot -- Renewing low-rated series due to critical acclaim (and lack of options) helped NBC form a foundation for the decade's remains.  Attempting to launch new sitcoms became the year's trend (getting them to succeed was another story).  Movie nights continued to grow in prominence on all three networks.  Soaps flooded the nielsen primetime tub.  Displaying actors of color also took a refreshing uptick.

Trending Tepid -- Social relevance and fantasy fares began to take a backseat for yuppie fares.  Aging CBS and ABC hits started to show their age after their 70's glory days.  ABC's lineup began to look tattered as they failed to locate series winners.

Trending Cold -- Sitcom successes became a fleeting presence as the season slaughtered an alarmingly-high 23 of the 39 entries.  NBC achieving Nielsen success also fleeted standards.  The Science Fiction genre remained too niche to survive 1983.




Nashville S6E3 Review

Nashville S6E3 Review

"Jump Then Fall"

*Spoilers Ahead*


Zach tells Deacon he's leaving to pursue a senate bid. Will he finally leave the show? I should hope so but who knows since MH loves him. Maddie plans to meet up with Jonah. Juliette tells Avery that the world is so full of problems because  nobody ever  communicates on a deeper level. She rudely tells him he doesn't know how great Darius is and forces him to go meet Darius the next day. Deacon and Jessie talk about their relationship status and how to tell their kids when Daphne runs into them.


Deacon tries to talk to Daphne but Maddie Jr. doesn't want to hear it. Darius shows Avery around, and Darius tells Avery that Juliette has come so far and is no longer destructive, and when Avery asks what coherent philosophy is he gets a nonanswer (cult...) where Darius spouts off that the practice is older than man itself. Deacon and Scarlett talk where the ex-music singer, now apparent psychologist gives him love advice. Maddie parties in a club with Jonah and his friends.


Juliette tells Avery she wishes he would feel it (I don't know what  it is and I don't think the writers do either), and she says those people accept her. Maddie and new (unaware to the writers) Markus sing a song. Scarlett and  Jessie talk about relationships and I question why this was even a scene?? Oh, yeah, just to give MH's favorites a scene. Maddie and Jonah are ambushed by paparazzi. Will goes to get closure from Zach after  hearing about his political venture but it doesn't go well. Will basically begs at Zach's feet for why he didn't forgive him (uhm..wow..ok, yeah gotta make Zach the hero). Jessie calls to tell Deacon she is there for him.


Maddie, Jonah, Twig and some of their friends watch a movie. Jonah gets upset to see the paparazzi shots of him and Maddie because they mention his ex. Will and DaveDan try to...have some fun...but Will can't get attracted.  Juliette is at a cult barbecue and starts to sing. Darius isn't enthused and he makes her feel bad about singing, telling her she should stop being famous and  singing. He says that music doesn't fulfill her. He tells her some more stuff that the writers try to make sound deep about fulfillment, and accessing her core through her journey. I cringed. I do not want to see this cult plot that isn't about music. The ending is so obvious (they take all her money, she leaves her family, Juliette becomes the only one to not have seen that she joined a cult). Maddie complains to Deacon that the "whole internet" says she and Jonah are a thing, and Deacon tells Daphne he and Jessie are dating.


Will goes  to see the doctor about his problem with DaveDan. He asks for Viagra or medicine to fix it. Maddie talks to Twig about Jonah and Jonah's past. The scene went on a really long time where Twig rambled on and on and I may or may not have fallen asleep. Deacon calls Jessie to ask her out again and she rudely declines to him saying she doesn't want to get in the way of his family. Maddie and Jonah talk about their relationship for a terribly long time. Juliette tells Avery she can confront her problems on  a deep level so she can be a better person. Avery tries to nicely tell Juliette he doesn't feel good about Darius, but she starts to yell at him, and we have a rehash of every fight they had all season five combined. There's a line about Avery feeling threatened by Darius, and with MH confirming that Scunnar is 100% over, I am convinced Javery will be too because of Darius.


Juliette leaves to go build some more houses. It's finally revealed that Will takes steroids. Deacon and Jessie talk (again) about their relationship and being ready to take it to  the next level. Daphne tells Maddie she hates Deacon dating, and she hates Jessie. She says it feels like Rayna  is really gone, and I second this as they never even mention Rayna anymore, which is just wrong. Her family should still miss and talk about her. She then sings a song. Zach leaves town. Will continues to do steroids, Gunnar walks in on him injecting them in himself, and he lies and tells Gunnar it is a human growth hormone. Gunnar stupidly believes him. Jonah takes Maddie to oldies bingo. Scarlett sees a commercial for a horse farm that helps troubled teens. Deacon and Jessie hold hands and laugh. It's been over a day, and Juliette is still building houses. Daphne finishes her song and *no epic cut to black as the show has no excitement anymore*


A look on the Bright Side: Three guys and a band is back next week, and Juliette had a song this week. Hayden nailed it as usual. It was beautiful and easily my favorite song since season four.

Nashville used to be fast paced, fun, and full of drama, but now, none of that is true. This episode reached an all time low as literally nobody had a plot about making music or a music related plot. It was just a cross of a relationship show, a life drama, and a psychological drama, really anything BUT  a show about music.  This week was just out of your mind, boring melodrama. I am so sick of the Deacon and Jessie relationship, Juliette in a cult, Javery being rude to each  other all the time, and all the newbies (nobody wants) getting the longest scenes. Oh, and now Juliette, Avery, Deacon, and Scarlett are no longer making music --- four of the original six. This episode didn't even feel like the same show anymore. The original cast has become so nonexistent and shells of their former selves. The show is now led by Deacon, new Scarlett, Jessie, and newbies. I think it may have felt so different this week because nobody is making music in Nashville anymore.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and  on the poll below!

Change Your Batteries and Buzz into Netflix Original Grace and Frankie on January 19

Written Awaiting Shamelessness by Bridger Cunningham.
Waiting for Grace and Frankie's 4th season premiere on Friday, January 19, 2018?  Get ready to explore sex in the 70's.  Well, more like sex for people in their 70's.  Netflix's favorite odd-couple gals continue their hijinks in their 4th season, most notably with a well-executed cameo by the brilliant Lisa Kudrow.  
For those unfamiliar with the premise, 39 episodes have followed contrasting acquaintances turned best friends Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda) and Frankie Bergstein (Lily Tomlin) navigating their golden years together.  In the opening moments of the first episode, the ladies' longtime husbands, Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) shamelessly dump both ladies and announce their intentions of marrying themselves.  And the ensuing developments have fallen nothing short of humorous and heartfelt.  In three short seasons, Grace and Frankie has battled addiction, ailments, homophobia, suicide, prostitution, arthritis, drunk driving, two successful business ventures, an art gala, a buzzing exploration of sexuality, and even shooting a friend in the head.  Sound heavy?  Get real, as this show is not past sousing its dialogue free of inhibitions.
Season 4 picks up months after the prior finale, which was anything but a cliffhanger.  Grace and Frankie wisely performs every season as though it will be the show's last, leaving the gripping episodes for the meat of mid-season.   All the while holding to the character's core, as Grace Hanson will always be a savvy businesswoman clever enough to commit a sacrilege by naming her successful brand "Say Grace."  And Frankie remains a free-spirit of 60's leftovers, painting beautiful artistic tributes whilst failing to wash her own environmentally-friendly vehicle.  Add well-developed children into the mix, and Grace and Frankie manages to ignite demographically-intriguing deliveries via women 'of a certain age.
If viewers are expecting another sugary delivery of golden girls, they best relax their standards on dialogue and profanity as these seniors curse like reckless teenagers.  As the Golden Girls' Blanche Devereaux implied her numerous sexual conquests, Grace and Frankie take viewers there visually.  Tune back in for another exciting season (or binge the first 39 episodes, as this is the time to catch up on this sapphire gin in the rough. 

Grown-ish Scores a Second Season

Grown-ish will get to grow up a little more on Freeform. The Blackish spinoff, which premiered earlier this month to strong ratings, has been handed a second-season order today, following the shows surge in the ratings to 0.4. The show stars Blackish's Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson, her role from Blackish, and focuses on Zoey's college adventures. Also appearing are Chris Parnell, fellow Blackish alum Deon Cole, and Trevor Jackson. Over its first four episodes, the series has averages a strong 0.37. It joins fellow Wednesday series Alone Together as a renewed Freeform sitcom. Check out the full ratings (so far) for Grown-ish's first season below.

What do you think of this news? Are you surprised this renewal came so quickly? Are you happy for more? Let us know in the comments below.

Freeform Announces Spring and Summer Premiere Dates

Freeform Announces Spring and Summer Premiere Dates
Freeform has announced premiere dates for two new and two second-season dramas. New drama Siren and returning drama Famous in Love will premiere this spring, while the new Cloak & Dagger and returning The Bold Type will arrive in the summer. All shows will be airing in the 8:00 Eastern Time timeslot, as part of Freeform's new strategy of giving their shows movie lead-ins and lead-outs.

Both new shows will be airing on Thursday nights, which is where science fiction drama Beyond is currently beginning its second season. Mermaid drama Siren has its series premiere March 29. Then, Marvel teen drama Cloak & Dagger premieres on June 7.

Meanwhile, the second season of Famous in Love will premiere on Wednesday, April 4, which is where comedies Grown-ish and Alone Together are currently airing. The other returning drama The Bold Type will premiere on Tuesday, June 12. Family drama The Fosters currently occupies the Tuesday timeslot, and it will be followed-up by supernatural drama Shadowhunters in the spring.

These premiere dates leaves few things unknown. It is unknown when Young & Hungry will premiere, as well as when the three final episodes of The Fosters will air, and where the second half of the current Shadowhunters season will air. For the summer, we still don't know what will air on Monday, following the conclusion of reality series Fairy Tale Weddings, and on Wednesdays, following the conclusion of Famous in Love.

What do you think of this news? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Wednesday Cable Ratings 1/17/18: ACS Versace Less Than Half of OJ Premiere

Below are the To p25 programs on cable on Wednesday, 1/17/18. Items of note include the premiere of American Crime Story: Versace on FX, the series premiere of Corporate on Comedy Central, and the recently-renewed Full Frontal With Samantha Bee on TBS.
(Click the names of the shows written in teal or blue to be taken to their pages in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Database.)
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
American Crime Story: VersaceFX0.722.22
Black Ink CrewVH10.651.27
NBA: Lakers v. ThunderESPN0.591.52
NBA Post-GameESPN0.561.31
Real Housewives of New JerseyBravo0.531.39
NBA: Nuggets v. ClippersESPN0.471.05
The MartianFX0.461.50
My 600 Pound LifeTLC0.451.57
Full Frontal with Samantha BeeTBS0.41.06
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.383.06
Property BrothersHGTV0.371.84
If Loving You Is WrongOWN0.371.60
House HuntersHGTV0.321.56
HannityFox News0.313.36
Pardon the InterruptionESPN0.30.85
Total DivasE!0.30.59
See No EvilInvest. Discovery0.31.45
House Hunters InternationalHGTV0.291.50
Little WomenLifetime0.290.79
The Last Word (O'Donnell)MSNBC0.292.47
The MagiciansSyfy0.290.76
Off the chart, the series premiere of Corporate was at 0.21, with a second episode at 0.17. The Librarians held steady at 0.27. Happy! was up slightly to 0.19. Alone Together was steady for its second episode of Freeform, at 0.17. Disney Channel continued its daily airing/burnoff of KC Undercover  which was at 0.19.

NCIS: Los Angeles S09E13 Review

Hetty’s ‘retirement’ and subsequent disappearance from NCIS has been rather hit and miss this season with her side story featuring in some episodes, taking up small sections of others, sometimes with merely a mention.  Sadly in other episodes there has been no reference to Hetty or the team’s concern.  All this means her story may have been somewhat forgotten by the viewers but all that changes with Cac Tu Nhan.   From the opening with Eric’s obscure dream sequence, a chain of events is set in motion in Los Angeles at the same time that Hetty, held captive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, finds herself in a desperate predicament.   

There is an intensity to this episode and the search to decipher clues to Hetty’s whereabouts elevates this to the same level as The Silo, shown a few months ago.  This time showrunner Scott Gemmill has put pen to paper and his episodes can vary from the serious (think Found - when Dom dies, Absolution - Hetty and the little black book of Cold War secrets, The Watchers - introducing Granger, early season six episodes when Hetty is in Washington and under threat from Matthias). He can also turn his hand to the funny (Wanted, Blame it on Rio) although there is sometimes a tendency for the ridiculous, usually involving either Deeks or Eric.  Even in Cac Tu Nhan there are plenty of amusing scenes with the LA team, from Callen’s commentary of Sam’s facial expressions, to Deeks asking Kensi if she wants to spoon while moving the arm of a Pierrot clown ornament found on Hetty’s desk.  Callen also wondered if they could take Otis to the dive bar in Mexico he wants Sam to open when they’re fired.  And not forgetting Eric’s random comment of ‘Holy glowing gonads’!  In addition to the humour punctuating the sense of urgency in Los Angeles, there are also several more quiet and reflective moments.  Kensi finds a picture of Granger and Hetty and later her and Nell have an honest chat in the armoury.  

Mosley had a tough job as she tried to balance the team persisting in their off-books antics. She works by the book and to the letter, and struggles to understand why the team operates as they do.  Despite Kensi earlier trying to rationalise with Mosley, she is torn in strips after Callen deliberately ignores the EAD’s calls.  Mosley is trying to support the team but cannot do so if they do not keep her updated.  She still manages to update SECNAV and secures them a flight to Vietnam to rescue Hetty.  Before revealing this information she attempts to get the team to think differently, to consider why Hetty went to Vietnam as understanding her motives will enable them to better trace her movements.  It is a thread that Kensi continues with the men in the armoury as they prepare their weapons and this time it works, and they chase down some final clues.

The strained relationship between Callen and Mosley has been simmering away, sometimes with only subtle looks and now she is fearing a mutiny.  She states to Kensi that Callen is increasingly resentful of her authority and the team are following his lead.  Callen himself is quite nonchalant, acknowledging he may lose his job when ignoring her calls and a later confrontation in Mosley’s office is avoided with a well timed call from SECNAV.  In the follow up scene he interrupts her to argue that she can suspend or fire them all, only to find out she’s sending them to find Hetty.  The final scenes in LA again involve Mosley and Callen.  His attitude is on full display, as is Mosley’s and they sort of reach an impasse.  Callen thanks her and Mosley says he can save his apologies.  He openly states he was not apologising.  It like they're are playing a game, neither willing to give ground and both realising this.  There is a shared look from Mosley up in her glass office, down to Callen as he’s about to exit ops.  Mosley’s look is supercilious and Callen’s expression seems to be suspicious, rather than of a grudging respect or thanks.
There were some interesting touches, for example Eric wakes from his dream in his bed which is surrounded by books piled up on the floor.  Not what you’d expect from a tech geek and a pleasant surprise.  Hetty was lucky Nell and Eric didn’t communicate about the gifts she’d left them any earlier, otherwise they might have gone searching for her before she was even captured! A thread was left dangling after Callen and Sam failed to receive the time bound information promised to them by the Billy from the Vietnamese warehouse, when much was made of their threats to the petty criminal.  This is but a minor quibble in such a high quality episode.  Deeks’ charm is on full display when trying to persuade some girls in a Ho Chi Minh bar to show his live-chat picture to Chegwidden, with Eric begging Deeks to teach him how to be charming.  Eric’s skills are fully appreciated by a sensitive Sam, maybe making up for his slightly harsh words at the end of the Christmas episode.  This is a real team effort and everyone plays their part, with Hidoko the one who deciphered the clue.

The humorous elements and reflective moments in Los Angeles balance the seriousness of Hetty’s situation.  Her captor Dang has upped the ante and found a man named Spencer Allen who’s keen to pay for Hetty secrets.  Linda Hunt is absolutely amazing in all her scenes.  She owns the screen with a mesmerising performance and the depth of her Oscar winning abilities is clear.  She pretends she’s regressed to her childhood, recalling (made-up) memories.  The 'take-away' scene has to be when she’s trying to block the effects of the truth serum by reciting rhymes as her captors talk around her and having failed to break her, they shoot her fellow prisoner. Even Hetty has her breaking point and she may have allowed Harris Keane to be shot, but when a newly captive and hungry tiger was introduced, ready to eat Keane alive, Hetty relents. The concentration and intensity of her acting raises the bar to a new level and shows how much Hetty’s presence has been missed.  Her gift to Eric, The Red Badge of Courage was the title of the little black book the spies were seeking in Absolution and Deliverance (S2), containing Cold War secrets. It seems fitting there are several references to the Cold War with Deeks commenting that Hetty probably started it.  Hetty falls back on old school ways, recounting tales of cyanide capsules and leading her buyer to think she’s cracking her tooth to swallow a capsule. As he leans to prevent her from swallowing Hetty bites half his ear off and spits it out.  The episodes closes to her manic and rather sinister laughter.  If part two (airing on 11th March and also written by Gemmill) is even half as intense as this - the outcome could be anyone’s guess.

Will the team find Hetty in time?  Is there any significance to Harris Keane?  Is Dang insane?  Should there be repercussions later down the line for the team (or certain individuals) for disrespecting Mosley? 

What did you think of this episode?   Let me know your thoughts below.

Wednesday TV Ratings 1/17/18: The Goldbergs & 9-1-1 Soar, Riverdale Returns Steady

It was a great night for most of the networks, with almost every show making some sort of gain from last week. Showing the most impressive gains was 9-1-1, which recently scored a renewal after just two episodes. The show went back up to its rating from the premiere after a three-tenth-decline. It's a great achievement for any show to hit its premiere rating, particularly considering the size of 9-1-1's lead-in, which is a whopping 7 tenths below it. The X-Files remained a disappointment in week three, but did manage to make a small uptick to 1.1. It's a shadow of its former self, but this is something. ABC also saw upticks, with The Goldbergs and Modern Family both gaining two tenths. They hit highest numbers since September and October, respectively. Meanwhile, Speechless and American Housewife were both up a tenth each to 1.3, a near-season high for Speechless and an average episode for Housewife. At 10,  Match Game closed off the night by not being up at all. CBS had a small uptick for Amazing Race, followed by a two-tenth one for SEAL Team and jack squat for Criminal Minds. SEAL Team still isn't really impressing, but this is certainly better than what it's been doing lately. Amazing Race, on the other hand, is still doing incredible. NBC had one-tenth upticks all night long. The Blacklist has seemingly found its groove (for now at least), so it'll be interesting to see how it can hold up and if it can stay an improvement over last year's Blindspot. The CW returned and still did its thing, with both shows up. Dynasty is undeniably a flop (even CW seemingly agrees there), but Riverdale continues to impress.

My Ratings Winner: 9-1-1
18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Goldbergs1.7/76.47ABC

The Amazing Race1.5/66.84CBS

The X-Files1.1/43.94Fox

The Blacklist1.1/46.52NBC

Riverdale0.5/21.45The CW
8:30 PMSpeechless1.3/54.78ABC
9 PM9-1-11.8/66.16Fox

Modern Family1.8/76.17ABC

Law & Order: SVU1.4/56.19NBC

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Modern Family S9E13 Review

This week's episode of Modern Family includes a closet rivalry, a lost Luke, a guest at Cam and Mitch's house, and a job interview for Haley. That's pretty much all that happens, but it turns out that's all that's necessary for an episode of Modern Family in season nine.

S9E13 "In Your Head"

Jay and Claire's part of the episode seems to be the one part that the writers actually cared about. However, it ends up feeling like many previous Modern Family stories, where a misunderstanding ends up ruining everything. Claire bonds with the daughter of Jay's now-deceased rival, but when it appears that she has used the information that Claire shared against her, Jay and Claire plot against her. In the end, it turns out that this was just a misunderstanding, and Jay got into Claire's head. At the very end, Jay goes to spread his rival's ashes, and discovers a note from him, declaring victory. It's very unclear what this story was trying to say, it felt very convoluted, and wasn't funny.

Manny, Phil, and Gloria spend their part of the episode looking for Luke. Manny was with him the night before, but hasn't seen him since he went off with a girl. For most of the time, Phil is convinced that Luke is fine, but then becomes seriously worried when he discovers that Luke walked away from a beautiful girl. Not only does there seem to be no point to this story (like Phil cares about his son, did we not know that before?), and it wasn't funny. It just seemed like a way to waste some minutes of the show and use up the characters.

Cam and Mitch's story (was it a story though?) also just seemed like a way to use up their characters. Luckily this one didn't take up as much time, but it also wasn't even a real story. The two have a guest in their house that they met on a vacation they were on. When he opens their nice wine that they have been saving, they try to learn not to wait for good things but enjoy them in the present. This ends up leading to them trying something new, which they hate. At least this gave me the one funny moment in the episode, referring to Lily as the mean Asian lady down the hall.

Finally, Alex and Haley, at her most unbearable yet, occupy the rest of the episode's time. Haley is completely obnoxious when she interrupts Alex's class, and Alex is the one that actually shows that she knows how to behave when interacting with others, while Haley doesn't. The way that Alex's professor insists that he and Haley are meant to be together ends up inspiring Haley in her weird job interview with the celebrity founder (who is like a character in a SNL sketch) of a bizarre company. Everything about this story is just too strange, and Haley is unbearable.

This was the worst episode that Modern Family has given us yet. There was only one moment that I found funny in the entire episode (and it wasn't very funny), and each story had its issues. Whether it was convoluted, pointless, lacking, or too strange, this episode exhibited the worst of Modern Family as of late.

Score: 1.5/10

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