18-49 Demo
Viewers (mil.)
Love & Hip Hop: HollywoodVH11.182.29
Basketball WivesVH10.992.05
Daytime DivasVH10.461.02

Top 100:

photo: AfterDawn

18-49 Rating
Viewers (mil.)
1. Game of Thrones HBO
2. Phelps Vs SharkDiscovery
3. Shark-Crock ShowdownDiscovery
4. BallersHBO
5. Great White Serial Killer LivesDiscovery
6. Great Hammerhead InvasionDiscovery
7. PowerStarz
8. Shark After DarkDiscovery
9. InsecureHBO
10. 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever AfterTLC
11. MLB Sunday NightESPN
12. ClawsTNT
13. Hacksaw RidgeHBO Prime
14. Food Network StarFood Network
15. Island Hunters 10:30HGTV
16. Copa Ora 2017Univision Deportes
17. Shahs of SunsetBravo
18. Island Hunters 10:00HGTV
19. On the Case with PzInvestigation Discovery
20. Decker: MindwipeAdult Swim
21. Caribbean LifeHGTV
22. Just Go With ItFreeform
23. Beachfront Bargain HuntHGTV
24. Concacaf Gold CupFox Sports 1
25. Sportscenter LateESPN
Source: ShowBuzzDaily

Monday night saw two brand new premieres, one on ABC and one on NBC. NBC's premiere predictably went much better, with Midnight, Texas debuting to a perfectly fine 0.9. It's nothing fantastic, but it should be enough to survive as long as it can hold up. That makes it the highest rated Summer scripted debut of the year (not counting Downward Dog, which technically premiered in-season but had a 1.1 debut). Midnight's lead-in, American Ninja Warrior, was down a tenth from last week, tying its season-to-date average. Over on ABC, Somewhere Between had a larger lead-in than Midnight (a 1.6 Bachelorette), but it could only manage a 0.6. It's another flop in a long line of Summer disappointments for ABC, and there's really been no standouts from this Summer class. They're a bunch of low-rated duds. But hey, at least Somewhere Between did better than Still Star-Crossed. Not exactly a benchmark for success there, but it's something. Over on Fox, SYTYCD once again did meh, while Superhuman once again did terrible. What a surprise. The CW's Whose Line? was the only other original last night, and it ticked up to a 0.3, with the 9:30 repeat also ticking up.  CBS had okay-rated repeats for the first two hours before Scorpion's 0.4 at 10.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Bachelorette1.6/66.32ABC

American Ninja Warrior1.4/65.67NBC

So You Think You Can Dance0.7/32.75Fox

Kevin Can Wait (R)0.6/33.98CBS

Supergirl (R)0.2/11.07The CW
8:30 PMMan With a Plan (R)0.6/33.61CBS
9 PMMom (R)0.6/33.77CBS


Whose Line Is It Anyway?0.3/11.00The CW
9:30 PMLife in Pieces (R)0.6/23.28CBS

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R)0.3/11.05The CW
10 PMMidnight, Texas (Series Premiere)0.9/43.60NBC

Somewhere Between (Series P)0.6/33.06ABC

Scorpion (R)0.4/23.36CBS
It's the third edition of the Off-Topic Sporcle Quizzes of the Week, and we're back after a little hiatus. This week is all about the Movies, so grab your popcorn and Coke and get to your seats. This movie (quiz) marathon is about to start!

1- Meryl Streep's Oscar Noms
Our first quiz focuses on one specific actress, Meryl Streep, and all of her many Oscar nominations. It's definitely a challenge, and was even a bit difficult for a huge Meryl Streep fan like myself, but some are pretty easy. Plus, it gave me a few Meryl Streep movies to add to my watchlist.
My Score: 20/20

2- 5 by 5 Pixar Characters
I'm a huge Pixar fan, so I really loved this quiz. It had a nice variety of quizzes, incorporating characters from many different Pixar "fliks", as well as using a variety of characters, instead of the traditional "Name the Main Character"-type quizzes. Plus, it reminded me of some great Pixar characters that I'd forgotten about. All in all, this was a very fun quiz for me.
My Score: 24/25

3- Oscar Best Pictures All Time
We'll end this week's edition with a quiz about the most iconic award in the most iconic award show for American cinema: the Oscar for Best Picture! It's not a very easy quiz for the casual movie fan, as there's some very obscure and not-very-iconic movies that have won Best Picture, but there's also iconic and famous films like The Godfather, so most will be able to get at least a few of these correct.
My Score: 69/89

This is the first week of the Off-Topic TVRG-Sporcle Tournament. For each week, the number of questions you got correct on each quiz will be added up. The first place finisher receives 3 points for placing first, as well. This is the same scoring system used for the TV edition, which is posted once weekly on Sundays. Also, to make things fair, please use the score for your first attempt on each quiz as your official score.

Please enter your submission using this Google Form:

Tournament Standings:
1- JB, 182 points
2- Game of Thrones PT, 114 points
3- Miguens, 88 points
4- Barb, 59 points
5- Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom, 55 points
6- Full Boyle, 52 points
7- Lisa, 51 points

Thanks for playing the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week! Make sure to participate in the original TV edition, every Sunday (but for this week, Tuesday), only on TVRG. Next week on Off-Topic, we'll be playing four quizzes instead of the traditional three, when we play each of Sporcle's "Daily Dose" quizzes. 

photo: disneyabcpress

Tonight, ABC will air the series premiere of drama 'Somewhere Between' while NBC will be airing the first episode of 'Midnight Texas'. Both shows will air at 10/9c.

Midnight Texas - NBC 10/9c

Lead-in: American Ninja Warrior (Latest Episode: 1.5, Average: 1.4 in the 18-49 ratings)
Previous Timeslot Occupant: Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge (Premiere: 0.9, Average: 0.91)

'Midnight Texas' follows a town of outsiders fighting against evil forces in an attempt to protect their home. Predict the ratings below.

Predict the ratings for the Midnight Texas premiere

Above 1.4
Below 0.6
quotes 2 know

Somewhere Between - ABC 10/9c

Lead-in: The Bachelorette (Latest Episode: 1.6, Average: 1.52 in the 18-49 ratings)
Previous Timeslot Occupant: Still Star-Crossed (Premiere: 0.5, Average: 0.32*)

*its average is 0.43 without including the Saturday airings

'Somewhere Between' is adapted from a Korean drama series and follows a mother who attempts to change the fate of her murdered daughter. Predict the ratings below.

Predict the Ratings for the Somewhere Between premiere

Above 1.2
Below 0.4

Tell us what you predict in the comments below.
The alphabet network has finally announced its premiere dates. Take a look below.

8|7C: Dancing with the Stars

10|9C: THE GOOD DOCTOR (series debut)

8|7C: The Goldbergs
8:30|7:30C: Speechless
9|8C: Modern Family
9:30|8:30C: American Housewife
10|9C: Designated Survivor

8|7C: Grey's Anatomy (two hour premiere)
10|9C: How to get Away with Murder

8|7C: MARVEL'S INHUMANS (series debut; two hour premiere)

7|6C: The Toy Box
8|7C: Shark Tank (two hour premiere)
10|9C: TEN DAYS IN THE VALLEY (series debut)

8|7C: The Middle
8:30|7:30C: Fresh off the Boat
9|8C: 'black-ish
9:30|8:30C: THE MAYOR (series debut)
10|9C: KEVIN (PROBABLY) SAVES THE WORLD (fna The Gospel of Kevin) (series debut)

9|8C: Scandal

8|7C: Once Upon a Time

8|7C: To Tell the Truth

7|6C: America's Funniest Home Videos

 This is the fifth article in a series of articles that a few of us will be writing this summer. This is the For Your Summer Binge Consideration series. Each article will talk about a show that will be returning for its second season in the 2017-18 season, and why you might want to watch the first season before the second season premieres. We continue with Trial & Error. 

                                                   photo: NBC.com
In the realm of comedy, the spoof is always one of the best ways to get your audience engaged. There's just something incredibly entertaining about imitating a normally serious genre purely for comedic effect. With so many crime and law documentaries out there, it was only a matter of time before a comedy came to make fun of them. That comedy, of course, is NBC's 'Trial & Error'.

'Trial & Error' focuses on New York lawyer Josh Segal (Nicholas D'Agosto) who's traveled to East Peck to defend poetry professor Larry Henderson (John Lithgow). Larry has been accused of murdering his wife and it's up to Josh and his rag-tag team to prove him innocent.

The 13-episode first season is loads of fun. The comedy really comes from just how quickly Larry can get into hot water through misunderstandings and inaccurate media coverage. While watching the series, you really feel Josh's frustration as he tries to keep his client out of trouble and his ragtag team in check. That team consists of Anne Flatch (Sherri Shepard) and Dwayne Reed (Steven Boyer). What I like about these two is that while they may seem incredibly incompetent at their jobs, they end up redeeming themselves with one of the two even solving the murder case (I won't say who it is or how because this is a spoiler-free article). Summer (Krysta Rodriguez), Larry's daughter, works well as a straight-man as she tries to make sure her father doesn't get the death penalty. While she's not the center of comedy, she really gets her time in the spotlight in a few select episodes. Finally, there's Carol Anne Keane (Jayma Mays). The best antagonists are the ones you love to hate. That's precisely the role that May's plays in the show. Ultimately, the main players in 'Trial & Error' are hilarious and play their parts well.

Since 'Trial & Error' is a murder-mystery, there are many twists & turns throughout the inaugural season. Not many comedies have cliffhangers each week, so it's great that the show is serialized and molded like a drama even though it's a comedy. The twists also make it difficult to find out who really killed Margaret Henderson since there's at least one new suspect every other episode. Despite its comedic nature, the stakes are still very high. If Larry is proven guilty, he will end up being killed by a bear, so it's a life-or-death situation. At the same time, it's possible that Larry himself is guilty, so proving him innocent may not be the best idea for Josh and crew. This type of conflict is what makes 'Trial & Error' a joy to watch. Each episode provides something interesting and new and raises the stakes a notch higher.

Ultimately, there's not a single episode I would recommend watching alone. The show is serialized, so it's best to watch all 13 in order. And while the finale ends up tying all loose ends, I'm still very excited to see where 'Trial & Error' will go next.

There isn't much else to say about 'Trial & Error'. The series is a comedy gold mine with a refreshingly creative premise. The cast is great and there's even a surprising amount of heart towards the end. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

Will you be watching 'Trial & Error'? Are you already a fan? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Aliens have been a common element in mainstream media for many years but there haven't been many sitcoms focusing on an extraterrestrial species, most notable being 3rd Rock From The Sun and The Neighbours. People of Earth on the other hand, proves itself to be unique from the examples above.


Despite being labeled as a comedy, the show veers more to the drama side. Unlike most shows and movies about alien invasions which focus on the war between humans and aliens, People of Earth focuses on a group of people who believe they were abducted and how their belief affects them and the people around them.

Overall, People of Earth is another small little show well worth your time as it has an adequate blend of unique characters, humorous comedy and light drama. I'm gonna go even further and say it is the best show on TBS right now (Sorry Angie)

People of Earth Season 2 premieres today on TBS at 10:30/9:30c

Quote of the special: "There's dickery afoot in Beacon"
It was a rough Sunday night, as many shows dipped to new lows or stayed at previous ones. Spartan was hit the hardest, dropping 50% for its finale. It's not all Spartan's fault though, as it had a triple whammy of having to air on a special night, behind Megyn Kelly, with half of the episode airing out of primetime. Nevertheless, it can't be ignored that the 0.5 for Spartan is lower than the 0.7 from last week's Ninja Warrior repeat. Megyn Kelly continued to be an unbelievable flop with a 0.5 after a 1.2 NASCAR lead-in. Not that it surprises anyone at this point. ABC had their game show lineup, and things didn't get any better for them after last week's lows. It's undeniable that they're underperforming, but pretty much everything else is, as well, so the game shows look a bit better in comparison. CBS had their Summer Saving Grace Big Brother, which was steady at a 1.8. It's an incredible result for the CBS smash hit, and it's far above anything else on last night. That 1.8 from Big Brother makes the rating for lead-out Candy Crush even more disgraceful. Candy Crush dipped another three tenths to a 0.5, and its now operating at less that 50% of its debut rating. Just to remind you, this is just Candy Crush's third episode. The rejection is certainly strong with this one. Over on Fox, American Grit did a 0.4, but at least that isn't the lowest-rated program on Fox. It beat the 7 PM repeat of Bob's Burgers. So that's something, I guess.

Finals Update: All shows held their preliminary ratings.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
7 PMNASCAR1.1/55.92NBC

America's Funniest Home Videos (R)0.7/34.52ABC

60 Minutes (R)0.7/37.31CBS

Bob's Burgers (R)0.3/20.82Fox
7:30 PMBob's Burgers (R)0.4/20.91Fox
8 PMBig Brother1.8/76.05CBS

Celebrity Family Feud1.1/56.08ABC

The Simpsons (R)0.5/21.24Fox
8:30 PMFamily Guy (R)0.6/31.35Fox
9 PMSteve Harvey's Funderdome0.8/34.29ABC

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly0.5/22.71NBC

Candy Crush0.5/22.38CBS

American Grit0.4/21.12Fox
10 PMThe $100,000 Pyramid0.8/34.28ABC

Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge (F)0.5/21.91NBC

NCIS: Los Angeles (R)0.4/23.25CBS
Top 100 Cable Shows, Friday 7/21/2017
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
Descendants 2Disney Channel1.25.32
Raven's HomeDisney Channel0.813.50
Live PDA&E0.611.85
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.372.93
Williams StreamAdult Swim0.360.77
Ancient AliensHistory0.351.26
Williams StreamAdult Swim0.340.72
Diners, Drive-Ins, & DivesFood0.301.02
Deadly SinsInvestigate Discovery0.270.94
The Last Word with L. O'DonnellMSNBC0.242.07
Pardon the InterruptionESPN0.240.62
Lion GuardDisney Channel0.240.95
Adventure TimeCartoon Network0.230.84
Sportscenter EarlyESPN0.220.45
Elena of AvalorDisney Channel0.211.18
Sofia the FirstDisney Channel0.211.13
Anderson Cooper 360CNN0.211.18
All In with Chris HayesMSNBC0.211.78
Special Report with Brett BaierFox News0.212.01
Poker 2017 WSOP Final TableESPN0.210.70
The Situation RoomCNN0.200.96
11th Hour with Brian WilliamsMSNBC0.201.57
CNN NewsroomCNN0.201.03
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.202.20
Erin Burnett OutfrontCNN0.190.97
CNN NewsroomCNN0.191.20
Anderson Cooper 360CNN0.191.07
The Fox News SpecialistsFox News0.191.74
MSNBC LiveMSNBC0.191.26
HannityFox News0.192.08
The Lead with Jake TapperCNN0.190.99
Fox & FriendsFox News0.191.67
The FiveFox News0.181.98
MSNBC Live with Ali VelshiMSNBC0.171.15
Fox & FriendsFox News0.171.38
Paw PatrolNick Jr0.170.76
Hardball with Chris MatthewsMSNBC0.171.48
Liga MX: Cruz Azul/TolucaUnivision Deportes0.170.36
Mighty MagiswordsCartoon Network0.170.72
Open Championship: 2017 OpenGolf Channel0.161.02
Inside PoliticsCNN0.160.86
Highly QuestionableESPN0.160.37
The Situation RoomCNN0.160.95
CNN TonightCNN0.160.91
MSNBC Live with Craig MelvinMSNBC0.151.14
Fox & FriendsFox News0.151.06
Around the HornESPN0.150.40
MLS Regular SeasonESPN0.150.33
The StoryFox News0.151.57
Sportscenter 1AMESPN0.150.40
OutnumberedFox News0.151.54
Americas News HQFox News0.151.72
Happening NowFox News0.151.43
Meet the Press DailyMSNBC0.151.24
At this HourCNN0.150.66
New DayCNN0.140.72
Sportscenter MorningESPN0.140.34
America's NewsroomFox News0.141.43
Live FromGolf Channel0.140.57
Shepard Smith ReportingFox News0.141.57
New DayCNN0.130.58
Your World with Neil CavutoFox News0.131.46
Deadline: White HouseMSNBC0.131.07
Kuu Kuu HarajukuNick Jr0.130.60
CNN NewsroomCNN0.130.70
Kendra on TopWeTV0.130.39
MSNBC LiveMSNBC0.131.11
America's NewsroomFox News0.121.29
CNN Special ReportCNN0.120.72
The Legend of TarzanHBO0.120.43
Josh Gates Destination TruthTravel0.120.52
Morning JoeMSNBC0.121.06
Happening NowFox News0.121.25
Sportscenter AMESPN0.120.25
Descendants 2Disney XD0.120.47
CNN NewsroomCNN0.120.68
Liga MX: Monterrey/MonarcasUnivesion Deportes0.120.22
Andrea Mitchell ReportsMSNBC0.121.02
Dark MatterSyfy0.110.50
Sportscenter AMESPN0.110.26
E! NewsE!0.110.34
Kendra on TopWe TV0.110.34
MSNBC Live with Velshi & RuhleMSNBC0.110.85
First TakeESPN0.100.23
Wynonna EarpSyfy0.100.39
MSNBC Live with Hallie JacksonMSNBC0.100.85
New DayCNN0.100.51
Late Night SnackTruTV0.100.21
MSNBC Live with Stephanie RuhleMSNBC0.090.91
NBA: The JumpESPN0.090.25
Vice Special ReportHBO0.090.34
Sportscenter AMESPN0.090.22
Descendants 2Lifetime0.090.30
Open Championship: 2017 OpenGolf Channel0.090.50
Morning ExpressHLN0.090.30
Big Brother: After DarkPOP0.080.24