Written With To Much Explanation by Bridger Cunningham

As expected, the 2017-18 roster presents a lower Nielsen yield than previous seasons.  However, the bar has dropped for Leading The Pack to a record-lenient 1.35 Delta to enter the range.  And the Middle of the Pack is back to last season's bar with a 1.10, expected as the ranges become uneven or bottom-heavy.  And who hasn't noticed this article series' greatest blunder down below?  Everyone knows Dynasty is not intended as a sitcom, but has become a source of laughs which the show-runners should be honored to be roasted with.  That joke of a range is a placeholder as one regular show is edging dangerously low for an Anemic ranged show and will instigate the return of "The Abyss" when their average drops below 0.60.  Again, the Anemic classification is more lenient this season as lower yields are expected.  Speaking of 80's jokes, happy 100th episode, Goldbergs!  This week's episode gave us iconic visuals as Beverly sported a trend solid to the era without the mullet mocking.

Sunday, October 15 delivered an expected drop for FOX's non-inflated roster, surprisingly with decent results.  The Simpsons dropped nine-tenths to a 1.3 with plenty of room for movement.  Ghosted's 3rd episode delivered its true weight with a 1.0, again a hair above its 2016 fall predecessor  Son of Zorn, yet within a greater range of retention to its neighbors.  Family Guy dropped a mere two-tenths to a 1.2, as did Last Man On Earth with a 0.8.  Both shows are down from last year, yet the Sunday roster is boasting stable performance.

The same cannot be said for CBS Mondays.  October 16's The Big Bang Theory ticked down a tenth to a 2.8.  Down indeed from last year, yet TBBT was the 2nd highest-scripted show of the week!  9JLK dropped two-tenths to a 1.2, sadly setting a record-low post TBBT retention of 42%.  Last year's casualty The Great Indoors bottomed at 50% (1.4 out of 2.8), and 2014 failure The Millers held the previous low of 46% (2.1 our of a 4.5).  9JKL's ding-dong-ditch from the Nielsen ferry shaved another tenth off of Kevin Can Wait with a disappointing 1.1, and timeslot-troubled Me, Myself & I held sadly steady with a 0.9.

Tuesday, October 17 presented another round of general lows, with only Fresh off the Boat (1.1) and The Mick (0.8) holding steady.  The Middle ticked down to a 1.3, as did Brooklyn 99 with its series low 0.6.  Blackish (1.1) and the Mayor (0.8) hit series lows following a two-tenth drop.  Happily, Wednesday, October 18 presented a sturdy delivery with The Goldbergs' 100th episode (1.5), Speechless (1.1) and American Housewife (1.4) all holding their previous week's deliveries, while Modern Family ticked down a tenth (1.7)

And Must-See TV found NBC's trimming girth off its belt line.  Superstore held steady with a 1.1, and The Good Place reduced its weight to match that same measure.  The Will & Grace revival is still losing inches of its Nielsen fat, but the losses appear to be plateauing as this weeks 1.7 was only down one-tenth.  Sadly, Great News is NBC's Biggest Loser this week, having dropped two-tenths of its already light ratings to a 0.8


Only one show downgraded this week, as The Mayor slid from 55% odds of renewal to 45%.  So why is this Freshman series the target of a premature downgrade?  The Mayor, while sophisticated in quality and perhaps fitting with NBC's pallet, is cursed with a poor timeslot indeed.  However, it has hemorrhaged at an alarming rate, losing 27% of its already-weakened lead-in Black-ish' 1.1 rating.  ABC has three sitcoms (Alex, Inc, Roseanne and Splitting Up Together) on the bench looking to bat.  Upgrades are still a possibility, but it appears The Mayor's fate appears to be sealed.

Other shows stand poised for changes in status.  So who is eyeing a promotion?  Three more episodes of performance are needed to upgrade The Good Place and American Housewife to 90%, and the same benchmark will cement Superstore's and Family Guy's fates at 100%.  TGP and AH are enriching their network's rosters, yet they need 43-52 episodes beyond May 2018 to hit the syndication mark.  Superstore, however, needs 33 episodes and has three seasons coupled with an excellent use of leading timeslot in its favor.  And FG has passed syndication ages ago and stands as FOX's 2nd-highest rated sitcom.

The opposite trajectory awaits CBS freshmans 9JKL and Me, Myself & I, who already rest sadly at 45% renewal odds.  Unless 9JKL dips fractional out of its prime TBBT-lead-out, or MM&I sinks to a 0.7, these shows' fates will change in Week 7's Scorecard, due November 10.  This card will expose the shows' true weight minus TBBT in two showings.

Shows forecast for changes further into the season are Bob's Burgers, Ghosted, Last Man On Earth, Kevin Can Wait, Black-ish, The Mick, Speechless and Great News.  So why do they receive more ground before changes are warranted?  Let's examine their performance:

Bob's Burgers -- The durable FOX performer sits in the week's least-desirable timeslot on Sundays at 7:30.  And thus far, BB is performing above average early in the season.  However, a motion picture is planned for 2020, and FOX would be foolish to ax the show prior.  What else can handle this dreadful show-killing timeslot?

Ghosted -- Factors working in favor of this FOX freshman is it performs slightly above Son of Zorn, its surrounding sitcoms are down.  Factors working against are it has not plateaued, and the ratings are not "breathtaking".  Retention/Lead-Up to Simpsons and Family Guy will factor in over 8 episodes.

Last Man On Earth -- FOX's last Sunday picture show is down slightly, yet LMOE will reach 67 episodes by the season's close.  It is till straddling close to its series low (0.7).  But like BB, what else would FOX schedule on this evening?

Kevin Can Wait -- The Sophomore Sitcom could receive an upgrade in three weeks' time.  However, it continues to drop and has not plateaued.  Its odds of renewal run high as its competition is performing pitifully, and a precise gauge of performance will play out after the show's November 6 performance.

Black-ish -- The 4th season critical darling is an in-house ABC production, and it has proven resilient against NBC juggernaut This is Us.  It needs to hit its plateau to upgrade to 90%.  ABC would be foolish to cut Black-ish with The Middle exiting in 2018 and Speechless and The Mayor now the weakest links in the network's comedy roster.

The Mick -- Season 2 has disappointed and regularly taken 4th place in its timeslot.  However, surrounds Lethal Weapon and Brooklyn 99 are also fractional, so the premise has some salvaging leverage.  If the show delves deeper into fractional territory, it could downgrade.

Speechless -- Like Black-ish, Speechless is an in-house production and as of late registers 1.1 demos. It appears it has plateaued.  However, its lead-in and lead-out perform between 1.5-1.9 regularly, a stark difference which leaves disappointing egg on Speechless' face.  The show currently sits at a 70% renewal prediction and could change in November.

Great News -- Last year's lowest-rated renewal was given the prime Will and Grace lead-in to develop.  Out of that, it has performed between 0.8-1.3 out of W&G's 1.7-3.0 range.  The show has performed decently compared to past performance of failed NBC sitcoms in the 2010's despite this week's fractional drop.  W&G will only produce 16 episodes, so NBC needs sitcoms to paste in the roster between now and May.  If Great News can continue to perform closer to Superstore and The Good Place, it may see 2019.  If it continues belting out fractions, it's forked!

Analysis to come.
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18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMNFL Thursday Night Kickoff1.9/87.56CBS

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown1.4/65.99ABC



Supernatural0.6/31.90The CW
8:30 PMThursday Night Football: Chiefs v. Raiders2.8/1110.06CBS

The Good Place1.1/43.92NBC

Toy Story of TERROR!1.1/54.76ABC
9 PMWill & Grace1.7/66.51NBC


The Orville (R)0.6/22.20Fox

Arrow0.6/21.53The CW
9:30 PMGreat News0.8/33.78NBC
10 PMChicago Fire1.1/56.32NBC

How To Get Away With Murder0.9/43.58ABC

Welcome to week 5 of Off Topic! We are now five weeks into the season. Let's discuss away!

Orange is this week's new trend, as Halloween fast looms around the corner, spooking up shows with softer ratings and threats of serial killer cancellations.  So what can Halloween teach the crowd?

1.  They say never build your house on a bad foundation or sand.  Would pumpkin guts be in that category?  Pumpkin is the latest fall color and trend, so why don't we flaunt them instead of dice and perch them on our porches with a candle resting in the middle of their disemboweled shells?  Show 'em off with style!

Related image2.  If pumpkin blood built this holiday, why don't we bathe in it!?  Lather up, as the soaps on the roster are giving us scares in their ratings.  Along with several FOX, Friday and Sunday ratings reports.

Related image

3.  Only bite off what you can chew, as spitting out a sour, round head can knock out your yellowing teeth.  See a dentist if your teeth look like this poor soul's shredded teeth, as they will have rotted and attract flies within two weeks if proper care is not sought.

4. A hearty helping of pumpkin goodness, or vodka jello shots disguised in orange offerings?  Take this to your local PTA meeting or HOA meeting to loosen up political stiffs and backbiting meanies.  Or perhaps your child's classroom "broom mother."

Image result for pumpkin bath

Image result for puking pumpkin5.  And of course, guacamole and pitas make an excellent appetizer and filler.  Just remember not to spoil your appetite, or add coffee to your bourbon or you will lose your meal in front of guests.  Proper etiquette tells a gracious host to leave plenty for your guests, only dining quietly in the kitchen for an early snack.  So try not to souse your appetite with spirits, or that heartily-mashed dip won't be the only green thing your guests strewn across your dishware.  And always remember to replenish your accompaniments regularly, or else guests won't enjoy what you spit out.

6. Always send your friends home at a decent hour, or this is what will become of your front porch.  Remind them to recycle their bottles and cans after they clean out the local liquor store around the corner, as cheap beer can be bad for the environment if their containers can take up to 90 years to biodegrade.  Their livers will have disintegrated faster than the very vessel they sought spirits from!

This episode takes on a similar story as last week, where Chidi struggles to teach Michael ethics, as well as building off of what happened last week between Tahani and Jason.

S2E6 "The Trolley Problem"

Michael is struggling in Chidi's ethics class. Chidi works with him to try to help him get it, and as a result Michael puts Chidi into ethical dilemmas. This creates some very funny moments as Chidi is horrified by the things that he ends up doing. Eleanor realizes that Michael is torturing Chidi again, and as a result Chidi kicks Michael out of his class.

Chidi vents his frustration to Eleanor, and Eleanor sees Michael behaving like she did, so she talks to Michael. Michael decides to get everyone presents, and the presents are very entertaining. However, Chidi interprets these presents as bribes. This actually leads to a sincere apology from Michael, which is a nice resolution.

Tahani struggles with the fact that she is attracted to and had sex with Jason. It's very funny when she turns Janet into her therapist, and when she summarizes Jason's views without asking him, and that those views are that she is controlling. There is also a very funny moment here when Janet experiences a glitch and her thumb comes off.

While much of the episode didn't cause much story progression, it turns out at the end that Janet's glitches weren't just for comedy. The end of the episode takes place one month later, where Janet's glitches are potentially causing the neighborhood to be destroyed. I'm interested in seeing where this goes, and I hope it isn't resolved in just one episode.

While this episode had funny moments, it wasn't quite as funny as The Good Place has shown it can be, and the main story this week was a bit too similar to last week.

Score: 8/10

What did you think of "The Trolley Problem"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
An attempted robbery is the cause of what goes on in Cloud 9 this week on Superstore.

S3E4 "Workplace Bullying"

The episode begins with a hilarious robbery. Jonah attempts to get the guy to stop by talking to him, but he doesn't. Dina, of course, is successful in stopping him. Jonah hilariously tries to defend his lack of action, saying that the robber sets the tone. Jeff, however, tells the employees that Jonah behaved correctly in this situation and Dina didn't, which leads to Dina harassing Jonah more. After Jonah brings this up to Jeff, he gives another talk, this one about bullying.

Dina is very angry that she has been written up, and as a result she ends up challenging Jonah to a fight. In the fight, Jonah ends up getting a boner. This is a bizarre ending to the story. It's hilarious through the story though when everyone brings up "what if"s and such when Jeff talks to the staff, especially when it is ignited by a Hitler question. These scenes are always strong moments for Superstore.

Amy tries to organize a buddy system for safety reasons, and because of this she discovers that many of her co-workers participate in a trivia night. As a result, Amy tries to prove that she would be useful at trivia night. When she still isn't invited, she tries to form her own group, but when it starts to seem lame, she makes up an excuse, which is really funny.

Amy finally confronts Mateo and Cheyenne about this, and she discovers they didn't invite her because they thought she didn't want to go. She gets invited, and the ironic ending here is that it's later than she would like, so she goes, but doesn't really want to. There's also a funny moment at the end where Amy abandons Sandra, though I feel like Amy would actually care about Sandra more than that.

Garrett makes Glenn realize that he needs to fire their useless security guard. He has a hard time doing so, which is entertaining. However, it turns out that the security guard didn't realize that Glenn is firing him, and after another attempt, he gets Glenn to move him to sales. This was an enjoyable story, but it didn't really go anywhere.

This was easily the strongest episode of the season so far. Each story was strong, even though the ending of Jonah and Dina's story wasn't my favorite, and Glenn's story didn't actually go anywhere.

Score: 9/10

What did you think of "Workplace Bullying"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
One of Hulu's longest-running comedies is coming to an end, but it'll have one more season before that happens. The series, which stars Michaela Watkins and Tommy Dewey, began in 2015 and will have a fourth season in 2018 before calling it quits. The final season will have a shorter run than usual, with an 8-episode order opposed to the third season's 13.

What do you think of this news? Will you miss Casual? Happy to see it get one more season? Let us know in the comments below!
Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Wednesday, 10/18/17. Items of note include South Park on Comedy Central, You're the Worst on FXX, and Channel Zero on Syfy.
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18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
MLB NLCS: Dodgers v. CubsTBS2.016.79
MLB ALCS: Houston v. YankeesFS11.35.25
NBA: MN v. San AntonioESPN0.982.03
NBA: Philly v. WashingtonESPN0.861.83
MLB ALCS Post-GameFS10.782.88
Inside the MLBTBS0.661.86
South ParkTBS0.540.93
Black Ink Crew ChicagoVH10.531.02
MLB ALCSFS10.52.45
Real Housewives of New JerseyBravo0.461.29
Black Ink Crew ChicagoVH10.460.89
MLB On Deck Pregame ShowTBS0.411.48
Garage RehabDiscovery0.391.13
Homicide Hunter Lt. Joe KendaInvest. Discovery0.381.61
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.372.91
Misfit GarageDiscovery0.361.10
Love & Hip Hop NY SpecialVH10.360.70
Liga MX 10/18Univ. Deportes0.350.70
Loud HouseNickelodeon0.331.67
HannityFox News0.323.36
Queen SugarOWN0.31.14
Property BrothersHGTV0.291.43
Last Word w/Lawrence O'DonnellMSNBC0.292.38
Off the chart, FXX's You're the Worst was up to tie a season high 0.14. Channel Zero was down to 0.14. Broad City was down to 0.28. Mr. Robot sank to 0.23. The Shannara Chronicles was steady at 0.1. MSNBC's Morning Joe was at 0.13, while Velshi & Ruhle was up to 0.11, and Deadline: White House was down to 0.14. All In with Chris Hayes was at 0.25. CNN's Wolf was at 0.15. The Daily Show was at 0.23. 
Finals Adjustments: Survivor (+0.1), The Goldbergs (+0.1), and SEAL Team (+0.1) adjusted up. Criminal Minds (-0.1) adjusted down.
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18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMSurvivor1.8/78.12CBS


The Goldbergs1.5/65.62ABC

The Blacklist0.9/45.46NBC

Riverdale0.6/21.76The CW
8:30 PMSpeechless1.1/44.36ABC
9 PMModern Family1.7/76.22ABC


Law & Order: SVU1.2/45.60NBC

SEAL Team1.1/47.11CBS

Dynasty0.3/10.92The CW
9:30 PMAmerican Housewife1.4/55.11ABC
10 PMChicago PD1.1/55.79NBC

Criminal Minds1.0/55.94CBS

Designated Survivor0.8/34.34ABC