Here are the preliminary broadcast ratings for Saturday, December 16, 2017. 

18-49 Rating
Total Viewers
 (In Millions)
UFC Fight Night (FOX)

NCIS: Los Angeles (R) (CBS)

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (ABC)

Will & Grace (R) (NBC)

Superstore (R) (NBC)

Dateline NBC (NBC)


Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)

48 Hours (CBS)

SNL Vintage (NBC)

Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)

Saturday Night Live (NBC)

(R) = repeat

Fox's 'UFC Fight Night' (0.6) improved significantly from last week's drama repeat and tied for the top program of the night during primetime.

Over on ABC, 'I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown' (0.5) had a weak result leading into two hours of 'Ten Days in the Valley' (0.3/0.2). After being off the air since October, the freshman drama fell to new lows. 

NBC had comedy repeats (0.4/0.5), an original 'Dateline' (0.6), and 'SNL Vintage' (0.6). The original 'SNL' at 11:30pm with host Kevin Hart (2.0) was down a tick from last week's episode.

CBS had drama repeats (0.5/0.5) and an original '48 Hours' (0.6).
It's time for Week two of the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week! This week, we'll be focusing on the wonderful songs of the season that make the month of December a little cheerier.

1) SNL - Sing a Holiday Song (Picture Click)
As you probably already know, I love SNL. Naturally, I love this quiz. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to see all of these sketches, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones I've seen. I even named some on my list of the best SNL Christmas sketches. SNL's Christmas sketches are great, and their songs are, too. So obviously, this quiz was going to get picked for this week's edition.
My Score: 9/9

2) Christmas Carol Mix-Tape
While I prefer the more upbeat, catchy Christmas songs to the more traditional carols, this is still a very fun quiz, since it still captures the spirit of Christmas. I will admit that I had some trouble without knowing which carols were in question here, but that doesn't take any of the fun away!
My Score: 123/267

3) Breaking Holiday News!
This is such a creative quiz, and a fresh take on Christmas songs. It's not just another variation of the name the lyrics quizzes that, despite being a fan of, get a bit tiring after awhile. It even manages to add a bit of humor, which is really a great thing in a Sporcle quiz. It takes a bit of deductive reasoning, but once you get the hang of it it's easy as can be.
My Score: 20/20

4) 'Jingle Bell Rock' Lyrics
Who hasn't heard this classic Christmas song. You'd have to live under a (jingle bell) rock to have never heard it, and it certainly is a fun one. While there's many cover of this song, I've always been partial to the original version by Bobby Helms, though I can't deny that the Hall & Oates version is great too.
My Score: 86/118

5) Adam Sandler's Chanukah
Since today is Hanukkah, I couldn't NOT include this, right? This classic that originated during Sandler's time on SNL has received many versions, but the original will always be a true classic. It's such a great song for the Hanukkah season, and even though I'm not Jewish, I still love it so, so much. Now if you excuse me, I have to go out on my yarmulke, 'cause here comes Hanukkah!
My Score: 81/89


This is week one of the  Holiday Quizzes of the Week Tournament. For each week, the number of questions you got correct on each quiz will be added up. The first place finisher receives 3 points for placing first, as well. This is the same scoring system used for previous editions, which aired throughout Summer and Fall. Please make sure to use your score for your first attempt on each quiz as your official score, in order to make things fair. Please use the below form to submit.

Full Tournament Standings:
1 (tie)- Barb, 65 points
1 (tie)- Crazy Ex-Nashville Fan , 65 points
3- Lisa, 50 points
4- Miguens, 43 points
5- WCS, 38 points
6- The TV Ratings Guy, 35 points

Thanks for playing the premiere of the Sporcle Holiday Quizzes of the Week! We'll be back next Monday for some more Christmas festivities, so make sure to RSVP yes to your invitation!

Written Nauseous of Political Jokes by Bridger Cunningham

Image result for jimmy kimmel
Long before late night talk shows became the butt of presidential jokes, the genre became a hotbed of a variety of everyday humor and life.  As early as 1962, Johnny Carson hosted celebrities and discussed entertainment and social issues with humor.  The genre began to expand in the 80's as NBC expanded additional hours for viewers willing to stay up and laugh.  Following Carson's retirement in 1992, the race was on between comedian Jay Leno and Late Night host David Letterman.  After Leno was selected, Letterman defected from NBC the following season and was poached by CBS to give NBC fierce competition.

Prior to The Late Show forming on CBS, NBC cornered the market in the genre, save for odd syndicated entries.  As the 90's raged on, cable circuits and ABC entered the arena, albeit to softer results.  Flash forward to the mid-2000's, and cable outlet Comedy Central became an aggressive player as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report gained traction.  NBC remained dominant in the late night realm, a contrast to its earlier schedule which fell into 4th place disarray among the networks.  Eyeing Leno's successful franchise, which regularly delivered over 5 million viewers, the network launched an experiment by offering Leno an opportunity to host a talk show during the 10pm hour throughout the entire week, handing Conan O'Brien the Tonight Show.

Leno's ratings immediately collapsed, and the Tonight Show hemorrhaged 40% of its audience under O'Brien.  After NBC canned Leno's show, they made a controversial decision and replaced O'Brien with Leno, offering him a return to Late Night.  O'Brien balked at the offer and walked away from NBC, taking his talents to TBS.  Ratings bounced back, but they never recovered to their glory days prior to 2009.  Networks switching hosts exhibited effects on ratings and ranks, with Leno bowing out in early 2014 after 22 years in his post on the Tonight Show.  The following season, Letterman also retired after a 22-year run, and television changed forever in the late night realm.

Please allow TVRG to apologize in advance as data beyond 2015 is difficult.  However, if one wants to gauge how the ratings are doing on shows, just Google "Colbert" and "Trump."  A plethora of articles will populate.


Here are the preliminary broadcast ratings for Friday, December 15, 2017.

18-49 Rating
Total Viewers
(In Millions)
MacGyver (CBS)

Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)

Blindspot (NBC)

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (CW)

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Dateline NBC (NBC)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC)

The Exorcist (F) (FOX)

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

20/20 (ABC)
(F) = finale

Written in The First Season of Color by Bridger Cunningham

Behold a rare treasure trove of illusive sitcom data.  As promised, TV Ratings Guide continues its ongoing efforts to deliver comprehensive ratings data as it becomes available.  Previously, data before 1984 was non-existent in a comprehensive table or list. The September 2, 2017 bulldozed that Nielsen wall, breaking into the 1983-84 data.  After thoroughly researching the internet for ratings, a Star Trek fan check site unveiled valuable data which resurrected a new chain of ratings to report, as they located valued Nielsen Rankings from the 30th-70th Nielsen rankings from an August 1967 article from American Television history.  When peering further, not only did this article possess the data from 1966-67, but also had 1964-66 data intact.  Nielsen ratings are not revealed, but ranks and shares are reported.  This finding, along with a listing of renewed and cancelled shows for the season, crafted enough data for TVRG to compose a Sitcom Scorecard and Ratings History for the year. 

Trending Hot -- Almost anything ABC touched turned to gold.  Thanks to Bewitched landing a then-unprecedented network record of 2nd Place, it's sitcom roster perked up.  Add a few cutting edge dramas like The Fugitive and Combat, as well as new soap sensation Peyton Place, and the network fired on all cylinders and showed signs it could overtake NBC for 2nd.  It would have to wait 11 years for that victory, but this season showed it was a distinct possibility.  CBS also belted out another successful year with its sitcom blocks of silliness.  Alchemy and dark humor took hold of CBS and ABC as Bewitched and copycat franchises The Addams Family and The Munsters showcased modern families with odd powers.  Overall, this was the era to be a sitcom on TV as ABC and CBS had the craft nearly perfected.

Trending Tepid -- Westerns still registered high in the roster, though they began to fade as the 60's raged on.  Multiple showing and serialized programming made the rounds this season, thanks to Peyton Place's multiple showings on ABC.  Shopping around for network discards panned out with mixed results.  Movie nights gained prominence, particularly on NBC.  Variety and Gameshows also continued to display with mixed results.

Trending Cold -- NBC, though still in 2nd place, seemed to experience a rougher time in the mid-60's.  It only nicked 5 places in the Top 30 and covered most of its roster in the Middle of the Pack.  Animated shows also began to lose steam this season, and 50's fares began to fall down the ratings ladder or fall off the roster.


1. http://americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Television-Magazine/Television-1967-Aug.pdf
Written Basking at Historic Ratings Glory by Bridger Cunningham

Image result for cheersBehold a compilation of how TV Ratings Guide's Historic Ratings Library formed.  Many may not be fans of sitcoms or the excerpts of how the sitcoms compared without other programs.  However, they should take an ode of gratitude as this feature helped cultivate the project as we know it today.  As the 2016-17 season came to a close, I struggled with material to populate articles in the absence of my first featured series, The Sitcom Scorecard.  After FOX petered out of the original programming, I took a historic look and decided to showcase the 1989-90 season's sitcoms to compare to today.  The feedback was encouraging, so I crafted Sitcom Scorecards for the 1992-93 and 1995-96 seasons.  Several indicated they desired to see how the entire seasons played out as pre-21st century data was sparse.  And the Library project came to fruition.

Several readers may recall I bounced around, first showcasing the Sitcom Scorecards, followed by complete Ratings History.  I bounced from the 80's, into the 90's and covered the grid in a scattered mess.  However, after persuading this site's founder for a unified feature, he created a database to showcase the years of data.  I desired to pull the ratings from the 1982-83 season and made the sad discovery nothing has been posted from this titillating year as this was the season Cheers infamously rated low.  The hard-data wall for ratings earlier this year was 1984, with only the vanilla-themed Top-30 posts strewn everywhere.  Then, I struck gold and uncovered several prior years' worth of data, uncovering 9 additional years with larger yields of data, 4 of which were complete, two featured complete ranks and an additional 3 delivered some measure of the Top-70 data.

Alas, TVRG holds 42 entries of sitcom data, the largest of which is a consecutive block from 1983-2017.  The Historic Sitcom Scorecards have led to TVRG now possessing the following data:

RATINGS HISTORY -- 31 Complete History Entries (5 Entries Coming Soon), 5 partial Ratings History (1 In the Works), and 21 Top-30 cards for sparse-data years (5 Entries in the Works).
SOAP HISTORIC RATINGS -- 34 History Cards.  38 additional entries planned soon exclusively to the Ratings Database.
HISTORIC SCHEDULES -- A new feature with one helping, which will be an ongoing effort well into the 2018 calendar year.  40 additional entries planned.

At readers' disposal, 134 entries have been crafted with an additional 73 planned in the near future for a total of 207 pieces of historic ratings, dating back to 1950.  An additional data sweep is planned in May 2018 to scour the internet for elusive data years between 1967-83.

1964-71 -- Westerns, Sitcom Silliness and Variety

1964-65 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/12/1964-65-sitcom-scorecard-broomsticks.html

1965-66 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/1965-66-sitcom-scorecard-several-old.html
1966-67 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/1966-67-sitcom-scorecard-lucy-and.html

1971-76 -- A Play For Social Relevance and Little to Laugh At

1973-74 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/1973-74-sitcom-scorecard-brady-bunch.html
1974-75 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/1974-75-sitcom-scorecard-lean-season.html

1976-84 -- Fantasy, Sauciness, Nostalgia and Giggles

1977-78 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/1977-78-sitcom-scorecard-abc-dethrones.html
1978-79 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/1978-79-sitcom-scorecard-happy-days-for.html
1981-82 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/10/1981-82-sitcom-scorecard.html
1983-84 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/1983-84-sitcom-scorecards-no-more-happy.html

1984-92 -- Sitcoms Place Family First

1984-85 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/06/1984-85-sitcoms-nbc-says-no-to-soaps-as.html
1985-86 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/06/1985-86-sitcoms-nbc-soars-as-its.html
1986-87 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/06/1986-87-sitcoms-nbc-still-rules-cbs.html
1987-88 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/06/1987-88-sitcom-scorecard-unilateral.html
1988-89 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1988-89-sitcom-scorecard-wga-strike.html
1989-90 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/05/week-37-sitcom-looking-back-on-55.html
1990-91 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1990-91-sitcom-scorecard-tgif-grows.html
1991-92 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1991-92-sitcom-scorecard-mid-80s.html

1992-99 -- Sophistication and NBC Prominance

1992-93 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/06/1992-93-sitcoms-ratings-on-technology.html
1993-94 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1993-94-sitcom-scorecard-abc-claims-1st.html
1994-95 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1994-95-sitcom-scorecard-abc-claims-1st.html
1995-96 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1995-96-sitcom-scorecard-nbc-returns-to.html
1996-97 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1996-97-sitcom-scorecard-not-much.html
1997-98 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/1997-98-sitcom-scorecard-nbc-rules.html

1998-99 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/06/1998-99-sitcom-scorecard-post-seinfeld.html

1999-2004 -- Competition of Reality and Games

1999-00 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/06/1999-2000-sitcom-scorecard-scripted.html
2000-01 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/2000-01-sitcom-scorecard-new-milestone.html
2001-02 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2001-02-ratings-history-reality-tv.html
2002-03 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/2002-03-sitcom-scorecard-reality-tv.html
2003-04 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/2003-04-sitcom-scorecard-new-lows-for.html

2004-10 -- The Disappearing Sitcom Era

2004-05 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/2004-05-sitcom-scorecard-year-of-tv.html
2005-06 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/07/2005-06-sitcom-scorecard-hills-run-red.html
2006-07 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2006-07-sitcom-scorecard-sitcoms-become.html
2007-08 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2007-08-sitcom-scorecard-office-merges.html
2008-09 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/12/2008-09-sitcom-scorecard-lost-data.html

2009-10 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/12/2009-10-sitcom-scorecard-record-low.html

2010-17 -- Nerd Herds, Chuck Lorre Crass and ABC Families

2010-11 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/09/2010-11-sitcom-scorecard-cbs-champions.html
2011-12 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2011-12-sitcom-scorecard-2-broke-girls.html
2012-13 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2012-13-sitcom-scorecard-nerds-rule-and.html
2013-14 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2013-14-sitcom-scorecard-brooklyn-99.html
2014-15 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2014-15-sitcom-scorecard-goldbergs-and.html
2015-16 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2015-16-sitcom-scorecard-are-these-last.html
2016-17 http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2017/08/2016-17-sitcom-scorecard-sitcoms-are.html

Week by Week Sitcom Scorecard Coverage