Marietta - Episode 1.04 - The Democratic Agenda - Press Release



"The Democratic Agenda" - (8:30-9:00 p.m. ET) - It's Marietta's final week in the senate, and she's not wasting it.

LEGISLATING IS A HARD THING - Marietta's time as a US Senator is coming to an end, as is the Democratic Party's supermajority. Marietta tries to help her party pass a few final laws, but she's suffering from a severe lack of sleep. In addition to that, her recent announcement is weighing on her mind. Meanwhile, Tammy works on finding going away presents for the retiring senators, a tradition she's had since she first took office.

MARIETTA is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, airing right here on The TV Ratings Guide.


Marietta - Episode 1.03 - Cruel Intentions

MARIETTA is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an original feature ONLY on The TV Ratings Guide.

Marietta is standing on the steps of the New Orleans Mayoral Mansion, about to deliver a speak with the press.

Marietta: Milton, where’s Tammy?

Milton: She’s on her way. She just landed at Louis Armstrong. 

Marietta: What? That’s like a half hour away!

Milton: Actually Marietta, there’s been an accident on the freeway. There’s no way Tammy will get here in less than an hour.

Marietta: WHAT? I can’t stall these buffoons for more than an hour. 

Gene Brown, cameraman for the local news: What’s that supposed to mean?

Marietta: Oh, I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just very frustrated.

Gene: Oh, whatever lady.

Marietta: Milton, can you call her?

Milton: I’m Skyping her right now. She’s right here on my laptop.

Tammy: Hey Marietta!

Marietta: I’m so nervous Tammy! I wish you were here?

Tammy: Why are you nervous? You’ve ran for office so many times! Just be yourself. Be genuine. Speak from your heart. Emulate that election night Marietta. That was a concession speech for the ages.

Marietta: Aww, you think so?

Tammy: Yes! And I’ll be right here cheering you on. And in an hour or sixteen, I’ll be there in person.

Marietta: Thanks, Tammy. You’re the best chief of staff I could ask for!

Tammy: It’s my pleasure! You are my best friend after all.

Marietta: Milton! Where the hell is my soon-to-be daughter-in-law?

Milton: Maria's not feeling well. She called me this morning, she’s puking. She can’t make it.

Marietta: Puking? Oh lord, I’m going to be a grandmother.

Milton: Or she just has the stomach flu!

Marietta: But I’m probably gonna be a grandma! What’s the baby going to call me? Ooh! I know. Meemaw.
Tammy: Stop freaking out, Marietta!

Marietta: Ah! I forgot you were still there.

Tammy: Don’t focus on your potential grandchild. It’s probably noth-

Milton: Marietta, Maria’s calling.

Marietta: Oh no!

Maria: Hey Marietta.

Marietta: What is it, Maria? You sound nervous.

Maria: I really don’t know how to tell you this. I just got off the phone with Kyle. And he really wishes he could be there to tell you but- Excuse me for a second. I have to go vomit.

Marietta: Oh my God! It’s true.
Maria: Sorry about that. I was saying that Kyle wishes he could tell you this in person, but it’s urgent.
Marietta: Girl, what is it?

Maria: You’re going to be a grandmother, Marietta!

Marietta falls over.

Milton: Oh my God!

Tammy: Marietta!

Patty Lynn and Martin arrive just in time to see Marietta passed out on the ground.

Patty Lynn: My baby! What’s wrong?

Milton: No time. We need to get her to a hospital.

Marietta is rushed to the hospital, where she is given a room.


Milton: Oh, there she is! Welcome back to us!

Marietta: What happened?

Tammy: You were dehydrated. The doctors said that the stress of Maria’s announcement coupled with that caused you to pass out. You have to stay here overnight to get some fluids.

Marietta: Really? I don’t want to be anymore. I want to get back and make my announcement!

Patty Lynn: Oh, shut up! You had us so scared and all you care about is your campaign?

Marietta: But I feel fine.

Patty Lynn: But you’re not fine!

Martin: Oh my God, you sound like children! Marietta, you aren’t fine. Get some rest. Patty Lynn, lay off our girl. She’s going through a lot right now.

Patty Lynn: Oh, fine.

Marietta: Yes sir.

Martin: Okay. Good.

Maria rushes into the room.

Maria: Oh, Marietta! I got here as soon as I could.

Marietta: You really didn’t need to. I’m fine. But are you?

Maria: Well, what do you mean? Of course I am.

Marietta: Well, I know you’ve got morning sickness and I wanted to make sure you feel okay.

Maria: Aww, shucks. I’m fine. And I have really good news for you!

Marietta: What is it?

Maria: See for yourself!

Marietta: Oh my goodness!

Kyle, Marietta’s son, walks into the hospital room.

Marietta: I’ve missed you. How are you here? 

Kyle: Well, the flight to Sierra Leone didn’t leave until today. So when I  heard about Maria, I hopped on the first flight to New Orleans to surprise you two. I wish it wasn't like this, though.

Marietta: Oh, don’t be silly. I’m fine. You have a beautiful pregnant fiancée. Everything’s great.

Kyle: What I mean is that I wish you weren’t in the hospital. I know how much it meant to you to announce your campaign today.

Marietta: Well, I still can. 

Kyle: What do you mean?

Marietta: Well, I could have some cameras here. Kinda like how Joan Crawford accepted her Oscar in bed. That’s how I’ll announce my campaign.

Tammy: In bed? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Marietta: It’s a great idea. It could even get some sympathy from people.

Tammy: Or people could think you’re using your illness as a tool. But whatever. I’ll call the press.

Milton: Are you sure about this, Marietta? You really should relax.

Marietta: Politics is relaxing to me.

Milton: Oh, so that’s why you almost had a heart attack on election night.

Marietta: My seat was supposed to be a safe Democratic hold! Just ask any of those political analysts!

Milton: My point is that you shouldn’t be 

Marietta: Milton! In the words of one Miss Ariana Grande, I’m gonna be alright.

Milton: You’re way to old to be quoting Ariana Grande.

Marietta:  F*** you.

Milton: Aww, there’s my sweet sister.

Tammy: Marietta, Don Kline from NBC is here.

Marietta: Oh, hello Don. We’ll be starting in a few minutes. Probably when some of the others show up.

Tammy: Gene Brown from NOAN is here, too.

Gene: Oh, not this lady again.

Marietta: Lovely to see you again as well, Mr. Brown.

Milton: Alright, we should clear out of this little room. Tammy, Maria, Mom, Dad, Kyle, let’s go into the hallway.
Now that all of the press has arrived, Marietta begins her speech.

Marietta: Hello everyone, I’m Marietta Landfield. You probably know me as the senior Senator from Louisiana.
Well, recently I lost my reelection campaign. You know the saying “When one door closes another opens”? Well, that’s how I feel. Because I have a big announcement for all of you. I’ve decided that I won’t be feeling defeated, or broken, or saddened. I’m running for mayor of New Orleans, because I know I can continue making a difference to the people of New Orleans. As a Senator, I fought for equal pay for equal work, an increased minimum wage, equal access to healthcare, a woman’s right to choose, gay rights, stricter gun laws, and the protection of our planet. As mayor of New Orleans, I’ll continue my brother Milton’s legacy as a progressive leader. I’ll continue to do the best I possibly can for all of you in New Orleans. Because you matter. Maria, come here.

Maria rushes into the room.

Marietta: This is my future daughter-in-law, Maria. I just found out today that she’ll be making me a grandmother very soon. And I’m so excited. And that’s why I want to be your mayor. I want my grandchild to grow up in a safe world. As your mayor, I’ll do everything in my power to keep you all as safe as possible. And I’ll make sure everyone has an equal opportunity, no matter your race, gender, or sexual preference. Because that’s how it should be. I’m Marietta Landfield, and I want to be your next mayor. Thank you for listening to me today. I truly appreciate it.

Milton: Ahh! Marietta, that was great!

Marietta: Well, that you. I just improvised there. That wasn’t planned.

Maria: I think me parents just found out I’m pregnant from your speech, Marietta.

Marietta: You didn’t tell them?

Maria: Well, I was going to but then you passed out and I wanted to make sure you were okay and now they’re gonna be really upset.

Marietta: Well, call them now. Maybe they didn’t hear it.

Maria: Okay. I’ll go do that.

Tammy:  Oh Marietta. You better turn on the TV.

Marietta: What is it?

Tammy: It’s the Spin Zone. They’re reacting to your announcement.

Marietta: Oh, no.

On the TV
Dan Freberg: Today, you heard Marietta Landfield, Senator from Louisiana, announce her 2017 mayoral campaign. She delivered some nice words, but did she really mean any of them? Let’s bring in our political analysts, former Republican Senator from New Hampshire Kristine Allen and former Democratic Governor of Minnesota Al Racine with their thoughts on the speech.

Al: Well, I thought it was a good speech. She certainly got her point across about what issues she plans to focus on as mayor.

Kristine: Excuse me, Al. Those were talking points. All she cares about is sitting in power. She couldn’t care less about New Orleans. I was defeated in my reelection bid for the Senate by a woman by the name of Marjorie Hausen. She also didn’t care about the people she was serving. She was governor for a few years. Then she decided that wasn’t enough. So she ran against me.

Al: Oh, the nerve!

Kristine: Oh, I know! And now she’s the future Minority Leader of the Senate!

Al: We’re really drifting off topic here.

Kristine: Oh, I know and I don't care. But back to Landfield. She clearly used her daughter-in-law’s pregnancy as a political tool. And don’t even get me started on the fact that she was in a hospital bed. What the hell was that?

Al: Alright, that was weird. I’ll give you that one.

Marietta, screaming at the TV: You freaking moron! You were supposed to defend me, Al!

Tammy: Don’t worry about it. I don’t think anyone’s watching this crap anyways.

Milton: Actually, the Spin Zone is the top-rated cable news show in the country.

Tammy: Not helpful, Milton!

Marietta: Well, it’s only the opinion of a few others. It probably isn’t a big deal. Now you guys can all go home now. I’m tired.

Tammy: You were asleep for four hours!

Marietta: I know, but I’m sick. I need my beauty sleep.

Kyle: You’re plenty beautiful, mom.

Marietta: Don’t flatter me, Kyle.

Kyle: Alright. I guess won’t compliment you anymore.

Marietta: Good.

Patty Lynn: Well, I guess we’ll be going now. Come on, Martin.

Martin: Whatever you say master. I mean dear.

Patty Lynn: Haha, very funny.


Tammy rushes into Marietta’s room.

Tammy: Good morning, Marietta! How do you feel?

Marietta: Better. Why are you here so early?

Tammy: Because things got a little worse. The local news is talking about your announcement. They’re not too optimistic about it either. I’m so sorry. It’s that freaking Kristine Allen. She put the idea in everyone’s head that you don’t care about New Orleans.

Marietta: But I do care about New Orleans. How do I possibly prove it to them?

Tammy: Maybe do some volunteer work. Get trashed in the French Quarter. I don’t know. Do the most New Orleanian thing you can think of.

Marietta: Well, I’m not getting drunk in the French Quarter. That won’t prove anything. And it’s also offensive that you think that’s how we act.

Tammy: I kid, I kid.

Marietta: This isn’t the time to kid. Y’know, that Kristine Allen always did have it out for me. She served on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee when I was chairwoman, and she was always jealous. She’s just a hater.

Tammy: If it helps, just call her by the nickname I use for her: Former, one-term Senator Kristine Allen.

Marietta: It does help to know she lost to Marjorie by such a huge margin- twice!

Tammy: I know. Even in our darkest of days, good ole’ Kris could only manage 30% of the vote! I mean, this was the year of the most Republican gains since 1980! And she still sucked majorly!

Marietta: I know, but it was a little better than the 19% in her 2010 reelection bid. I mean, that was just sad.

Tammy: Are we horrible people?

Marietta: Do you want the honest answer?

Tammy: Yes.

Marietta: Yes, we are awful. Just terrible human beings.

Tammy: Ha! At least we’re honest with ourselves.

Marietta: Oh, there’s my doctor. She’s probably here with good news.

Dr. Renault: Mrs. Landfield, you’re free to go home now. You’re perfectly healthy. Patrice will bring the wheelchair and officially discharge you.

Marietta: Mrs. Landfield? That’s my mother! You can call me The Honorable Senator Marietta Landfield.

Dr. Renault: Alright, you’re ready to go home, Honora-

Marietta: Get a sense of humor, I’m just messing with you! The name’s Marietta, you can call me that. 

Dr. Renault: Okay, Marietta.

Marietta: One more question. Would you like an official Marietta for Mayor button?

Dr. Renault: Oh, no thanks. I’m a Republican.

Marietta and Tammy look at each other.

Dr. Renault: I’m just messing with you now! Sure, I’ll take a button.

Marietta: Tammy, can you get the-

Before Marietta even finishes speaking, Tammy grabs a button with Marietta’s face on it from her purse.

Tammy: I already know what you were going to say. Here you go, Dr. Renault.

Dr. Renault: Thank you. Now I’ve really got to be going. I have surgery in like 15 minutes and it’s on the other side of the hospital.

Tammy: You should get on one of those golf cart things. It took me from the entrance to here in like a 30 seconds.

Dr. Renault: We aren’t allowed to ride those. I really gotta run, you two. I really don’t know where Patrice is, though. She should be here any minute with that wheelchair.

Marietta: Alright, you go ahead to your surgery. But I will give that Patrice a piece of my mind for being so late.

Dr. Renault: Oh, you do that. Bye bye now!

Tammy: Didn’t Dr. Reynolds or whatever the heck her name is say you’re perfectly health?

Marietta: She did say that.

Tammy: Well, then why do we need this Patrice to bring a wheelchair?

Marietta: Hospital policy.


Patrice: Oh, I’m so sorry Senator Landfield! I was dealing with a patient and he-

Marietta: I don’t care. I just want to go home.

Patrice: Alright, someone’s in a cranky mood today.

Marietta: Well, if you would have just gotten here even remotely on time, I would be fine!

Patrice: Please don’t yell at me, I truly was busy.

Marietta: Well, you should have sent someone else!

Patrice: I couldn’t send someone else, and saving a man’s life is a little more important that getting a wheelchair for some lame duck! 

Tammy: Care for a button?

WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Bunch
CREATED BY: Rebecca Bunch
PRODUCED BY: Rebecca Bunch,  TVRGO

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Network - Episode 1.04 - Fight Club - Press Release



"Conference Call" - (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET) - Experience the Network workplace as it goes up in a soap-style catfight. 

Jesse's girlfriend Holly Johnson makes her debut appearance, and fireworks set off in the office. Find out more about the explosive relationship and a real network brawl - on The TV Ratings Guide website, Monday, January 29th.

WRITTEN BY: Jessica Boggs
CREATED BY: Jessica Boggs

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


Network - Episode 1.03 - Conference Call

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an original feature ONLY on The TV Ratings Guide.

Network - 1x03“Conference Call”


ASH, in a frenzy from multiple office calls, is sitting with his
feet on top of his desk. The phone rings multiple times in a span of
minutes. Frantically, he slings his feet down, and picks
up the phone.

Yes, send them on my way.


JESSE, LEAH, and KASEY, disheveled and exhausted, walk into the door.


ASH warmly receives them into his office. Slowly,
they walk into the conference room.
The order of business is the upcoming upfront presentation.

(confidently, with a million-dollar smile)
So, let's get started.
Up-fronts are around the corner. Leah?
Do you have any reports?

I do, boss.
We only have two pilots that need to be tested.
These pilots are Psych Med and Marietta.

(taken aback, by surprise)
Two pilots?!?
(turns towards JESSE with stern discord)
Jesse, do you have any explanation as to why there is?

JESSE looks at everyone with surprise.  
Whoa, this is awkward.

JESSE sweats in nervous anticipation, freezes up, and takes a breath.

I can only explain that there was a bad development season.
We had 6 shows that we ordered to pilot.

Camera pans towards LEAH and KASEY. LEAH annoyingly puts her hands
on her hips, then turns towards JESSE.

And what happened?

JESSE shrugs in nervousness. He realizes that the potential
catastrophic mistake of throwing away pilots were going to cause
him to lose his job. The only job he has ever had.

Most were thrown out. Dead on arrival.    

What do you mean by dead on arrival?   

We decided to pass on three of them. One of them is
going to be redeveloped.

May I ask why?

Camera cuts to JESSE as he leans forward.
The dramas we piloted were mostly procedurals. The one
we are redeveloping fits on brand with the network.
(taken aback)
It's just a little too mature for a young adult audience.

KASEY turns towards JESSE and is in disgust. The camera pans to her,
as she looks prepared to give a rebuttal to a presidential debate.

Jesse, that's not really the case. Our audience is mostly
women. We need more male viewers. You mean to tell me
that superhero dramas and procedurals are off-brand?

Well, if that's what you call it.

The camera returns to ASH, returning to his stern,
commanding gaze at his employees.      

Okay, then. Let's continue. Do you have
the latest ratings reports?

KASEY hands ASH a stapled copy of what appears to be a
report about the shows on the network.
Then, as if she is ready to give a testimony in court,
she begins her presentation.

We do.

LEAH begins to write KASEY’s report on her pink notepad,
compact full of television references and ratings reports.

(confidently, with a million-dollar smile)
To no surprise, our top two rated shows are...
Glamanour Heights and Real Hollywood.
Both shows are doing really well in the A18-34 demo.

Glad to hear. Any underperformers?


(with his hands on his hips, perplexed)
Care to elaborate?

Guilty Pleasure is consistently the lowest
rated show on the network. Not to mention, Mean Girls
is also underperforming. An expensive project such as
Mean Girls should be doing much better.

(looks at KASEY mind-blown and perplexed)
Wow. It's not The President's Daughter.

This season, The President's Daughter is the third highest
rated show. It's doing a lot better than it did last

(with eyebrows raised in excitement)
Wow. Award season definitely helped it.

Plus promotion.

The camera then focuses on KASEY and LEAH.
I'm so looking forward to renewals.

KASEY turns towards LEAH in excitement.
I do too. We got work to do before upfronts.

The camera pans to ASH. LEAH walks towards ASH.

Leah, you have a job to do. Put out a press release
for the following shows: Glamanour Heights, Real Hollywood,
and The President's Daughter. These shows get the early
renewal for next season.

Got it, Ash!

LEAH then exits. ASH then motions towards KASEY.
KASEY takes out her notepad, ready to write.

Kasey, I'm handing four shows a cancelation notice.
They are Guilty Pleasure, Mean Girls, Georgia,
and Star Undercover.

Got it.

Go ahead and go back to your office, Kasey.
As for you, Jesse, I need to speak with you alone.

Okay, boss.

KASEY exits. ASH then walks towards the door and closes it.
Then a private conversation takes place.

Jesse, let’s have a talk. You haven’t been yourself lately.

(in surprise)
How can this be, Ash? I gave nothing but my best.

(with arms crossed)
That’s not the point I was trying to make here.

JESSE then stands confused at the moment.

(in surprise)
What exactly could it be?

Well, it could be that you need to be a
little more organized in regards to your workload.
Is there anything else you need to tell me?

Actually, yes. To tell you the truth,
I was in a hurry to get all of the pilot
reports and results from the test groups.
While I was grabbing the papers from the desk,
papers were flying everywhere and most flew out the window.
I’m really sorry.

Oh. You need to be a little more careful when you are
preparing for a presentation. I appreciate you for being
upfront and honest with me. Next time, take a little more
time in getting your reports together. Now there is
something else I need to discuss with you, with how you
are not feeling like yourself. I think I know why.

(puts his fingers in airquotes)

Maybe it’s your new girlfriend, Jesse. She may
be influencing you in ways it could be affecting
your productivity. She just may be a little too forward.
Don’t you think you are going a little too fast with her
for your own comfort?

(in surprise)
But, Ash? I’m in love. I’ve never felt like this since…

(taken aback)
Since Leah?

JESSE is then taken aback by ASH’s ability to finish his
sentence about his romantic feelings. He then composes himself
while rolling his eyes in embarrassment.

Yeah. We had a falling out after the break up.
It has been about a month since we had a moment.
Almost, she rejected me entirely.

And even then, Jesse, it’s going to take a long time
for Leah to be on good terms with you even in a
professional context. She’s still heartbroken.

JESSE rolls his eyes again in embarrassment and disgust.

Do I really need to know this?

(with reassurance)
Look, all I’m saying is that you need to be careful.
You have a bright future ahead of you.
Don’t let yourself get tied down to a relationship early

I won’t. Holly loves me.

A cell phone beeps. JESSE then checks his phone, and it is a
text message from his girlfriend.

Sorry, Ash. Holly just texted me. She just decided to
come and see me.

Okay, Jesse. You are done for the rest of the day.
I’m giving you the rest of the day off. Enjoy yourself.

JESSE exits. ASH then ponders the question of JESSE’s future working
at network headquarters.

Oh, that boy. Sometimes I wonder why I allow him to work.
His head is not even screwed straight lately. I worry
about him, although his heart seems to be in the right



WRITTEN BY: Jessica Boggs
CREATED BY: Jessica Boggs

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