Will & Grace Renewed for Season 11, Gets Increased Season 10 Episode Order

Ahead of its season 9 finale and way ahead of its season 10 debut, Will & Grace has been renewed for an eleventh season. The news was announced today at PaleyFest by the series stars. The show returned in September 2017 after more than ten years off the air. The season started with huge ratings, but has since dropped to strong-yet-much lower numbers. The series is NBC's highest-rated comedy this season thus far. Will & Grace stars Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes in lead roles. In addition to the renewal, NBC has also increased the episode order for the previously-announced 10th season to 18, which the 11th season will also consist of. You can check out reviews of the series by TVRG's Rebecca Bunch here, and see the show's season 9 ratings here.

2017-18 Week 25 Sitcom Scorecard -- The Lead-In Dependent Shows Display Their True Ratings Weight

Written Unveiling the Weak by Bridger Cunningham.

A week of scarce programming revealed the true values of sitcoms and perhaps will make renew, cancel and scheduling decision a little easier for their respective networks.  16 original sitcoms were on display this week with two series doing back-to-back duty.  This was the week that pulled the pants down of the network's laughers in the ultimate practical joke as NBC rebounded and ABC crashed.

Sunday, March 11 featured one sitcom return for FOX, as Bob's Burgers (0.8) made an anticipated drop, losing 1.3 points out of its last inflated entry.  Monday, March 12 left scraps for viewers as Man With a Plan (1.0) was evenly matched with its last entry out of a Big Bang Theory rerun, and Living Biblically (0.7) matched its last entry out of a Young Sheldon repeat.

Tuesday, March 13 was a tell of network politics as The Middle (1.1) carved out a series low after dropping a tenth, Fresh Off The Boat (0.9) matched its last entry, and double helpings of Blackish (0.9 each) in the 9:00 hour marked the first time the series dipped into fractional waters.  Next week marks FOTB's season finale.  Over at FOX, LA>Vegas (0.7) and The Mick (0.6) were even with their last entries.

Wednesday, March 14 was an evening for ABC heavyweights (?) Modern Family and The Goldbergs to take the evening off.  In their wake, a double helping of Speechless (0.9 each) also marked a setback for the improving series as it saw its first fractional performances, and will be making its season finale next week.  And American Housewife (1.0) held its weight out of a common MF rerun.

CBS took Thursday, March 15 off, and the NBC roster slightly improved.  Superstore (1.0) ticked up a tenth, as troubled newbie AP Bio (0.9) made an impressive two-tenth gain.  That likely occurred due to Will & Grace (1.2) experiencing that same increase.  And Champions (0.8) ticked up a tenth to its series high.  Reaching that status at 0.8 is quite embarrassing....

True Ratings Weight of the Sitcoms

Ever notice some series crackle and ignite their rosters, while others seem to ride on their coattails?  Or others are just, there?  Let's look at the true weight:

The Heavy Hitters
The hits on each network are clear and concise.  ABC's oldies are the heavy hitters as Modern Family, The Goldbergs and The Middle all carry the schedule.  A sad reality, as The Middle is coasting on senioritis during its last season, Modern Family is collapsing and rumored out next season, and The Goldbergs took a heavy hit this season and has been the defacto leader the last two outings.  CBS' Heavy Hitters are plentiful on Thursdays as The big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon/Mom trifecta are on fire.  And Kevin Can Wait is one of the few rocks the troubled Monday lineup can cling to.
FOX's Sunday lineup holds its current three heavy hitters with The Simpsons, Family Guy and a resurgent Bob's Burgers claiming victories.  This again will guarantee viewers will have a plethora of sitcoms on Sundays next year.  And as for NBC, the heavy hitters also consist of Fall trifecta Superstore/The Good Place/Will&Grace.  
 The shows profiled in this classification, save for The Middle, will be the anchors for the schedule next year.  That means CBS needs a retool for Mondays, ABC needs to topple Tuesdays, and NBC may consider moving The Good Place to 9:30 next fall as the 8:30 timeslot is ideal for launching new series.
The Modest Makers
Each network holds series which may be prone to fractions, yet still make excellent filler on the schedule.  ABC's Black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat, Speechless and American Housewife all took a hit this season.  But they showed they still shine in odd weeks and may make ideal placeholders in the half-hour slots.  CBS also boasts three fine middlers as Man With a Plan is sturdy, Superior Donuts is the little engine that could and Life in Pieces is improving over its early 2017 performance.
Much of FOX' lineup falls into this category with Ghosted, The Mick, LA>Vegas and Last Man on Earth.  All of these series benefit from strong lead-in's and are best suited squatting on Sundays.  And as for NBC, AP Bio and Great News split ratings into fractions, but are NBC's sturdiest options outside the heavy hitters.  One of these may survive to the next year. 
 Most of these entries mentioned will return next year, albeit they will not have priority placement on the schedule.  ABC will relegate most of these entries into the 30 minute slots or potentially timeshare them.  CBS may move these entries around, and FOX is likely to lose at least one entry in this pack.  
The Anemic Albatrosses
First is to succeed, second is to fail.  ABC is fortunate its lone failure is the critically-acclaimed The Mayor.  CBS embarrassed itself with a trifecta of failures with My, Myself & I, 9JLK and now Living Biblically.  FOX' veteran Brooklyn 99 is ailing, and NBC's Champions is irony in titling.  The lowest common denominators in this category all reside/resided in the 9:30 timeslots, two of which have already met their untimely ends.
This season is a glaring lesson that networks need to knock it off with saddling its newbies with the dreaded 9:30 timeslots.  Imagine if The Mayor was housed in the 8:30 timeslot behind The Middle.  It would be garnering fractions right now, but may have made it a full season.  CBS did attempt to launch 9JKL on Mondays at 8:30, so that failure is not based on address but content.  As for FOX, the Tuesday block in general takes more of a pounding than any of the Kardashians trying to land a new husband.  Give these shows a little Sunday love instead of allowing This Is Us' nielsen train to run through these sitcoms like a sidewalk.

Status Change
Champions -- After two outings, this series sadly debuted at 20% renewal odds (Likely Cancellation)
On the Bench for Week 26 -- 20 Shows on Deck

(FOX) Sunday, March 18: Bob's Burgers (7:30), Simpsons (8P), B99 (8:30), FG (9P), LMOE (9:30)
(CBS) Monday, March 19: KCW (8P), MWAP (8:30), Superior Donuts (9P), Living Biblically (9:30)
(ABC) Tuesday, March 20: The Middle (8P), Fresh Off The Boat (8:30, Finale), Black-ish (9P)
(FOX) Tuesday, March 20: LA.Vegas (9P), The Mick (9:30)
(ABC) Wednesday, March 21: Goldbergs (8P), Speechless (8:30, Finale), MF (8P), AH (9:30)
(NBC) Thursday, March 22: Superstore (8P), AP Bio (8:30)

Friday TV Ratings, 3/16/18: ’NCAA Tournament’ Leads the Night, ’Dynasty’ Sinks

Here are the preliminary broadcast ratings for Friday, March 16, 2018. 

photo: CW

18-49 Rating
Total Viewers   
(In Millions)
NCAA Basketball Tournament (CBS)

MasterChef Junior (FOX)

Blindspot (NBC)

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Dynasty (CW)

9-1-1 (R) (FOX)

Taken (NBC)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC)

Jane the Virgin (CW)

Dateline NBC (NBC)

20/20 (ABC)
(R) = repeat

CBS's drama lineup took the night off for an NCAA Tournament (1.2). It easily topped the night and beat out all other programs.

ABC was steady across the board with 'Once Upon a Time' (0.5), 'Agents of SHIELD' (0.5), and '20/20' (0.6).

Fox's 'MasterChef Junior' (0.9) was even with its last episode. It led into a repeat of hit drama '9-1-1' (0.6). 

NBC's 'Taken' (0.5) rose a tenth after hitting an ugly low last week. It was sandwiched between steady 'Blindspot' (0.6) and 'Dateline' (0.6). 

The CW's 'Dynasty' (0.1) inched down to a catastrophic number. This result is below anything that 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' did in the timeslot. At 9, 'Jane the Virgin' (0.2) tied its last episode. 

Special Review: Tomb Raider (2018)

After her successful and thought provoking breakout film, Ex Machina, I was looking forward to seeing Alicia Vikander in a new light, from kicking mental ass to kicking physical ass.

Full disclosure, I'm not really a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise. I only played it as a child and all I did was run around Lara's house and mess with her Butler. So throughout this review I will not be making any references to any games or the previous films.

What I do know is that video game movies don't exactly have the best reputation in terms of quality. I walked into the theatre expecting to watch a mediocre action adventure film and that's ...... exactly what I saw.

Image via Warner Bros.

Tomb Raider follows the adventures of Lara Croft, a young woman who goes in search of her crappy dad who ditched her to go find a dead Japanese queen. At the same time, Lara must also stop a mysterious organization from taking the power of the queen and potentially destroying mankind. So yeah, it's a bit much.

If you were hoping to watch a good old action packed adventure, then you're gonna be satisfied. But if you were hoping for something more, then I'm afraid this film won't be worth your time. Sure we got a great cast and some decent action scenes but the story and acting could have been better. They got Alicia, Walter Goggins and Dominic West, all amazing actors but I felt like they weren't at their best throughout the film. And a lot of the events taking place in the film felt like sheer luck. I didn't get much of a badass vibe from Lara, only feeling like she was strong and lucky. It kinda killed my enjoyment of some of the adversities she faced.

Overall,  I thought the film wasn't the worst video game adaptation ever but I don't think it's gonna change people's minds about video game adaptation films. The ending gave the feeling that there's more to come but were gonna have to wait and see if it does well at the box office, though I doubt I'd go to the cinema to watch any sequel of this franchise. If you wish to see it, then I suggest you wait till it comes out online or if the tickets are cheap at your local cinema.

CW Renew/Cancel: Dynasty is Likely to be Canceled, Once Again

Welcome to the CW Renew/Cancel Watch! And another prediction change bites the dust. Here are this week's predictions! 

Final Season
Certain to be Canceled
Likely to be Canceled
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed
The Originals
Life Sentence



Jane the Virgin
Black Lightning

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow




The Flash

Dynasty: I have been in conflict with this show all season long. Dynasty hit the first preliminary 0.1 in the A18-49 demographic last night. This has not happened since Cult in 2013. There is no way the CW can justify a renewal at that level, the move to Friday made it easier for that 0.1 to happen. I also don't think the US+24 deal with Netflix can save the show at this point. While Dynasty is likely to be canceled, there is still a small chance it can be saved with the Sunday expansion and being fully produced by CBS Studios. At this point, that makes Jane the Virgin even more likely to be renewed at this point in time. But we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the prediction changes? Let me know in the comments below!

NBC Renew/Cancel #9 [2017-18]: A Change in Heart on ’AP Bio’

Prediction for 3/16/18

One show is upgraded. 

Show Title [Average Adults 18-49 rating/Most recent rating]

AP Bio [0.88/0.9] - I have decided to move comedy AP Bio from likely cancellation to likely renewal. Initially, AP Bio looked like a textbook commercial failure. The episode that aired after the Olympics underwhelmed and it only managed a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic for the following three installments. But, the series miraculously shot up to a 0.9 rating for its latest outing. It held 90% of its Superstore lead-in and easily beat Champions. In all, this is a very respectable data point. It even outdid its series premiere rating. Additionally, NBC has a history of giving lower-rated comedies a second chance. Just last year, the peacock network renewed Great News and Trial & Error for second seasons. Keep in mind, both shows went as low as a 0.6 despite each having a strong lead-in from The Voice. If NBC was willing to renew two comedies that did worse in much better situations, then AP Bio should be a shoe-in for another season. Moreover, for the past couple years, NBC has always renewed at least one freshman comedy. Since Champions is performing poorly, AP Bio will likely be the one to make it out alive. 

Will 'AP Bio' be renewed?

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Do you agree with my predictions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

ABC Renew/Cancel - March 16: For the People is Likely to be Canceled

ABC Renew/Cancel - March 16: For the People is Likely to be Canceled
Along with the return of American Idol, ABC premiered two new dramas this week: police procedural Deception and legal drama For the People. However, their starts, unlike Idol's, were not that strong.

Format for predictions:
Show title (average 18-49 rating, season low-high)

Certain to be Canceled
Kevin Probably Saves the World (0.7, 0.4-1.0)

Likely to be Canceled
Deception (1.2)
For the People (0.8)
Inhumans (0.6, 0.4-0.9)


Likely to be Renewed
Agents of SHIELD (0.6, 0.5-0.7)
Designated Survivor (0.8, 0.6-1.1)
Fresh Off the Boat (1.0, 0.9-1.4)
Speechless (1.2, 0.9-1.4)

Certain to be Renewed
American Housewife (1.3, 1.0-1.6)
Black-ish (1.1, 0.9-1.5)
Grey's Anatomy (2.0, 1.7-2.3)
How to Get Away with Murder (1.0, 0.8-1.1)

Fate Determined
The Goldbergs (RENEWED)
The Good Doctor (RENEWED)
Modern Family (RENEWED)
Once Upon a Time (CANCELED)
Ten Days in the Valley (DE-FACTO CANCELED)

For the People: While Shonda Rhimes has two hits on ABC right now, as well as another that she produces, the other attempts from her production company on ABC haven't been successful, and that includes the latest attempt, For the People. Starting off at 0.8, For the People is likely to be one-and-done. It's not certain yet, as we don't know what will happen in upcoming weeks (it's possible that the premiere was harmed by competing against the same-day audience of the season finale of This Is Us), but things aren't looking good.

Deception: While its premiere number was significantly higher than For the People's, Deception is also off to a disappointing start, as more was likely expected of it, considering the size of its lead-in. 1.2 looks fine on its own, but not when you consider that it aired after American Idol, which was at 2.3, meaning that Deception barely retained half of its lead-in. Its chances could improve if it exhibits stability when Idol does not, but for now, Deception is likely to be canceled.

What do you think of my predictions? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Atlanta ’Robbin’ Season’ Season 2 Episode 3 Review ’Money Bag Shawty’

***Spoilers Ahead***

Money Bag Shawty 

 Photo: Zazie Beetz. Courtesy of FX. 

Above all else, Atlanta does not believe in ending an episode on an uplifting note. Since the series generally attempts to depict the harsh realities of life, there is minimal room for the characters to encounter a moment of success. Moreover, it seems like Earn always takes a bigger beating than the rest of the cast. 'Money Bag Shawty' secures this recurring theme by putting Glover's character through mishap after mishap. It also marks the anticipated return of Van (Zazie Beetz) and produces a chilling scene with Clarke County.

In the past, Earn struggled to lock in enough money to generally make ends meet. With this installment, Earn has the dollar bills but falls victim to financial tragedy wherever he steps foot in. From the movie theater to the strip club, he manages to get metaphorically robbed at every turn. Once again, this continues Atlanta's narrative of Earn being at the universe's whim. While it's frustrating seeing Glover's character in strenuous situations, the writers do an impeccable job of portraying these scenes. One can genuinely feel the exasperation that Earn faces as he experiences racial profiling and some extremely difficult people. Furthermore, the dynamic between Earn and Van shines throughout this episode. After their on-and-off relationship in the first season, it was a refreshing change for the couple to be on good terms. Their chemistry added a softer side to a rather gritty outing. While I mainly enjoyed this story, Earn's misfortunes definitely felt painful. Even if there was some comedic payoff surrounding each hardship, one could thoroughly feel his agony throughout the episode.

In the opposite storyline, Alfred and Darius get together in the studio with Clarke County and his crew. While Clarke starts out as a lively individual, his demeanor quickly takes a dark turn. Similar to Zan from 'The Streisand Effect', the writers craft a vibrant character with a heart full of malice. When the engineer announces that the program has crashed for the second time, the atmosphere of the scene takes a terrifying turn. It's legitimately frightening to consider that the engineer lost his life over faulty technology. This plot further solidifies that Atlanta has the capabilities to create high stakes. It also shines light into the destructive nature of fame. Except, contrary to last week's outing, the writers focus more on how it can ruin one's character and moral values. For a smaller subplot, this is a lot of content to digest. Reminiscent of the duo's meeting with the Migos, the writers serve a lethal concoction of comedy and drama that ends on a sour note. Nevertheless, the gruesome nature of the scenario works in the show's favor. 

Ultimately, 'Money Bag Shawty' further develops some old themes while introducing some new aspects of the rap game. In all, I would've preferred seeing more of Darius's antics and some background on Paperboi's new single. But, the two storylines fit well together and I appreciated the reappearance of the Van character. As a whole, the episode leaves one wondering what direction the series will go next. It'll be interesting to see if Atlanta will continue to dive into some darker moments and leave its comedic backbone behind.   

Stray Thoughts
  • That scene at the beginning was a hilarious reference to a mom reacting to Vince Staples's Norf Norf. Everything in the scene mirrored the original in a beautifully accurate way. 
  • I was glad to hear Gucci Mane's I Get the Bag at the strip club.
  • The race with Michael Vick felt out-of-place in a show like Atlanta. But, it was still incredibly funny. 
  • Donald Glover tweeted something about Harriet Tubman bills a couple months ago. While it was deleted, the tweet makes sense now. 
  • For a moment, I actually thought that Earn's hundred dollar bill was a counterfeit. 
  • Nice to hear that Paperboi's single went gold.

Grade: B+

What did you think of 'Money Bag Shawty'?

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Network - Episode 1.11 (Midseason Finale) - The Fall - Press Release



"The Fall" - (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET) - THE MIDSEASON FINALE IS HERE

MIDSEASON FINALE - After a disastrous upfront presentation, Jesse's job is on the line. Holly receives life-altering news. A couple becomes relationship official. Don't miss any of the epic moments on The TV Ratings Guide site, Friday, March 23rd.

WRITTEN BY: Jessica Boggs
CREATED BY: Jessica Boggs

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.