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Whatever!  Written by Bridger Cunningham

Only 10 years earlier, the leading sitcoms experienced ratings in the 30's.  Flash forward as Y2K became a trend, carrying two digits before the decimal meant a show was a phenomenon.  NBC was still sitting pretty in 1st place, followed by re-emerging CBS who weathered tough ratings through 1996.  Next, ABC shadowed its 1988-96 prominence and rested in 3rd.  FOX was perennially in 4th place, yet it wasn't the greatest joke in the Nielsens as WB rest in 5th Place and UPN in 6th further down.  The sitcom ranks, however, handed the gold to ABC, who narrowly edged out a transitioning NBC.  CBS notched down further in 3rd, and the last three networks stayed in line with overall ratings trends.

Though 73 sitcoms made the Nielsen register compared to 27 entries in 1984-85, cancellation rates were high.  A rising trend in duplicate news magazines and reality TV shows spelled trouble for comedies as all consumed 60 minutes vs. the common 30-minute sitcom.

Compared with the mid 80's to 1998, this chart runs less blue-dominant in the upper range,  Troubled ABC claimed 8 of the 19 places in the "Leading the Pack" classification, in spite of Home Improvement ending a long run.  NBC's sitcom stable faded in the wake of Seinfeld's exit the previous season.  They opted to move Tuesday tentpole Frasier to Seinfeld's vacant place, leading to the show's growth.  The effect was opposite for Tuesdays, as the shows collapsed into ranks common in the 70's of the 161 original shows.  Ever heard of Jesse or Veronica's Closet?  Neither made it to syndication as their high Nielsen performances rode the fumes of Friends, Frasier and ER.  News Radio, Mad About You and NewsRadio were all cancelled after modest success.

ABC Tuesdays and Wednesdays were modest at best, with several top-50 players straddled across these comedy blocks.  Fridays, however, failed to recover their dominance in recent years with only Sabrina, the Teenage Witch claiming a register above the 50 mark.  CBS fastidiously maintained its Monday comedy block, while its Wednesday helpings crashed and burned.  CBS placed less emphasis on sitcoms in favor of procedural dramas, lighthearted fares, and a newly burgeoning reality TV trend.  FOX, of course placed emphasis in maintaining the laughs on Sundays.  It also expanded comedies to Tuesdays with mixed results as King of the Hill was its strongest delivery.

And does anyone remember the days of WB and UPN?  They aired five evenings of programming, with WB attempting sitcom success on Sundays and Thursdays, and UPN on Mondays and Tuesdays.  During this era, WB found its stride with younger-skewing dramas, and its sitcoms became filler.  And UPN....  Well it housed a name on an extra network.  And the bottom 11 places on this chart.  1998-99 was like reaching the top of the roller coaster in 1998 with Seinfeld's conclusion.  The carts were pointed downward, and the 2000's presented a steep drop awaiting a tradition dating back to the 50's.
Tuesday was a pretty steady night on broadcast, though a few shows did take some hits. ABC's Downward Dog was finally down to 0.6 after a string of 0.7s, with some ABC repeats also down. On CBS, NCIS and Bull repeats ticked up, and an NCIS: NOLA repeat was a big improvement on last week's 48 Hours: NCIS. America's Got Talent continued its summer dominance, steady with last week and up from last week's prelims. Its lead-out, World of Dance, was down but is still doing more than enough to get a renewal. The CW's iZombie continues to do underwhelming numbers, but it's at least steady. It's lead-in, a repeat of the Flash, was up to a 0.3. Fox once again had a horrific night of repeats at 0.4/0.3/0.3.

Finals Update: Repeats of the Flash (-0.1) and American Housewife (-0.1) adjusted down.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PM
America's Got Talent

Downward Dog


Lethal Weapon (R)

The Flash (R)
The CW
8:30 PM
The Middle (R)
9 PM
Bull (R)

Blackish (R)

The Mick (R)

iZombie (R)
The CW
9:30 PM
Blackish (R)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (R)
10 PM
World of Dance

NCIS: New Orleans (R)

American Housewife (R)
10:30 PM
Fresh Off the Boat (R)

Welcome to a very premature issue of FOX Renew/Cancel Watch. While the regular season will not begin for another two months, it is important to make these predictions now. Why? I'll explain in a bit.

The Table

Why Are Bob's Burgers And Family Guy Certain Renewals
One down side of animated shows are they take a long time to produce; sometimes at least nine months. As such, these shows will need to be renewed earlier than usual. Bob's Burgers is set to air its 8th production cycle this season, one that was ordered back in September 2015. Should it get a ninth cycle, it will probably be renewed sooner rather than later. The same goes for Family Guy. Both shows get very respectable ratings for FOX and are also supposedly great sellers in merchandise and have high streaming ratings. Should they be renewed, they will join The Simpsons in the animated shows renewed category, which is set to run through at least Season 30.
This is the first article in a series of articles that a few of us will be writing this summer. This is the For Your Summer Binge Consideration series. Each article will talk about a show that will be returning for its second season in 2017-18, and why you might want to watch the first season before the second season premieres. We begin with Speechless.

The first of ABC's two new family comedy successes this season was Speechless, which follows a family that includes a child with cerebral palsy. The show aired 23 episodes in its first season, and will be returning to its Wednesday at 8:30 timeslot this fall. This article explains why one might like Speechless, so you can decide if you want to give it a watch in preparation for its second season.

Speechless was one of my favorite shows this season, out of both new and returning shows. Despite this, I wasn't a big fan of the pilot episode. I felt that the show relied to heavily on Maya, the mother of the DiMeo family, who was also a bit too over-the-top. Luckily, it seemed that the show realized this as well over the course of its first few episodes. Episode two provided a modest improvement over the pilot, and episode three improved even further. In episode three, "B-O-N-BONFIRE", the daughter Dylan got to have some good funny moments, and Jimmy, the father, was developed further. This episode also put on display Speechless's style and worldview, which it would adhere to more closely in future episodes.

The episode where I fell in love with Speechless was its fourth episode, "I-N-S-INSPIRATIONS". This episode had two plots, one which involved J.J, the one with cerebral palsy, and Kenneth, his aide, and one which involved the rest of the family. This episode highlighted the relationship between J.J. and Kenneth, and it gave the other four DiMeos a chance to do something that they are unable to do with J.J. due to his disability, which leads to a wonderful serious moment near the end of the episode.

Unlike Speechless creator Scott Silveri's previous series Go On, I would not classify Speechless as a dramedy. The show has its serious moments, but it strives mainly to get laughs out of its audience. The frequency of serious moments is perfect thus far, showing real struggles that special needs families face, but not showing their lives as depressing, or anything close to that. The DiMeo family faces plenty of challenges, but they also have a great time.

So, let's get to know the DiMeo family. Maya, played by Minnie Driver, is very protective of her family. Jimmy doesn't really care what people think, he just wants his family to be happy. J.J. is popular among his classmates, but still has to overcome things due to his cerebral palsy, and due to his mother wanting to be involved in everything. Ray, the other son, is more sensitive, and definitely isn't one of the cool kids. Dylan is athletic and competitive. Kenneth isn't technically part of the family, but he really does become like a member of the family, with how much he cares about J.J. The family doesn't have all that much money, moving into the worst house in a nice neighborhood so that they can go to the school in that area, but they make the most with what they have.

So who would like Speechless? Well, do you like family comedies with heart? Do you like comedies about families who aren't exactly normal, and don't really care? This is what Speechless is. Conflict in the show frequently comes out of things like when Ray gets annoyed by his family's inability to plan or do things on time, when J.J. tries to be treated like every other kid, or when Maya struggles to accept that her kids are growing up.

If you don't have as much time, and can't watch all 23 episodes of Speechless's first season, make sure you catch the highlights: episodes 4 ("I-N-S-INSPIRATIONS"), 9 ("S-L-SLED H-O-HOCKEY"), 10 ("C-H-O-CHOIR"), 12 ("H-E-R-HERO"), 19 ("C-H-CHEATER!"), 20 ("R-U-N-RUNAWAY"), 21 ("P-R-PROM"), 22 ("M-A-MAY-JAY"), and 23 ("C-A-CAMP"). But I would recommend watching them all, considering how hard it was for me to narrow the 23 episodes down to these 9. The only episode that I found to be just okay was the pilot, and no episodes were worse than okay.

If you've seen Speechless already, do you have anything to add? If you haven't, do you plan on giving it a shot? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

As you all now, here at TVRG, we're starting to release our own original series in the fall. A year or so ago we had a contest where people could send in ideas for shows, and winners got/now get to write episodes of their show to posted on our site weekly. Flashforward to now, we have this show with no real writer, as the creator has backed out. So we decided all of us contributors would each take turns writing episodes, it's a procedural-type show. Today, I decided it would be fun to open this to all our our readers. So basically the proposition is, if you like to write and would be interested in writing an episode of a show for our site, let me know in the comments below! Family Reunions: After years apart, families reunite. Some relationships are made, some are lost, and some are related in the least expected ways.

Each episode will focus on a different family, so whatever happens, and with who is up to you!

If you decide to write for the show, your work will be posted on the site beginning in September!
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Written Widening the Sitcom Berth by Bridger Cunningham

The 1987-88 experienced the expansion of 17 sitcoms, albeit the primary three networks' averages dropped drastically from the season before.  Why?  That is because a 4th network's debut, FOX, demanded changes.  As the data counted for shows which debuted by the close of March, FOX was omitted from previous data.  In order to include the full compass, the window widened into the summer window.  Two laughing stocks made their entrance into Nielsen data during the 1987-88 season.  FOX's ratings were so poor, they called for their own classification in this table beneath the Anemic range.  The second "embarrassment" to debut this season was ABC's Full House, which registered in 71st place among the 124 entries.  It's a good thing ABC opted to renew this show over other failed Friday entries, as it remained a mainstay for 8 seasons and in 2016 would debut as one of Netflix's leading draws.

It is obvious from the blue paint covering the top of the chart NBC once again ruled the sitcom (and network) franchise.  Their ratings were down as their leaders "plunged" into the 20's (ha!), yet they possessed 9 sitcoms in the top 20 for the entire season.  ABC had its share of stinkers in the lower end of the register, and it somehow stabilized so it could overtake CBS on both the sitcom and overall Nielsen measures, ending a 4-year downturn of fortune.  CBS took ABC's 3rd place by a winder margin in sitcoms, followed by overall network ranks being nosed out in spring 1988.

The hype surrounding NBC's Cosby faded (slightly), yet Thursdays ruled as all four sitcoms ranked 7th place or higher.  Saturdays also presented the peacock with prominence as The Golden Girls bolstered its surrounding company into winning their timeslots.  The only casualty this evening was the final season of The Facts of Life, ending the only entry left from the 1970's as the girls bowed out.  Family Ties took a sharp plunge after moving from its plum Thursday timeslot to Sundays, yet managed to stabilize the network's soft Sunday lineup.  Making Mondays hairy paid off, as ALF hit its zenith during its second season.  Not only did it launch the greatest Halloween mask of the 80's only second to Jason's hockey mask, but it also helped stabilize the turbulence that hit Valerie's Family (previously Valerie, next to become the Hogan Family) amidst Valerie Harper's infamous dismissal from NBC.

The peacock managed to avoid two high-profile cast changes with their sitcoms remaining afloat.  In addition to Harper's dismissal (which resulted in the bittersweet killing off of the title character), Cheers fans were reeling from Shelley Long walking away from her landmark role, Diane Chambers as the series gained momentum.  The result?  NBC hired Kirstie Alley to play harried businesswoman Rebecca Howe.  The ratings were down from 1986-87 due to Cosby's loss, yet the show remained the 3rd place tentpole.  The network experienced mild hemorrhages from middling performers, yet The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd shipped off to cable network Lifetime in the first-ever broadcast to cable reprieve.

Blending comedy and drama added four additional entries into the sitcom roster, with ABC's The Wonder Years breaking into the top-10.  John Ritter dramedy Hooperman experienced moderate success on ABC, while CBS faltered with Frank's Place and NBC turned blue, literally, with Rags to Riches.  The Family-First era of sitcoms proved kind to ABC, as its sitcom roster enhanced surrounding Growing Pains and Who's the Boss anchoring Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Initially powering through Tuesdays, ABC moved Growing Pains to Wednesday to liven up its soft ratings.  After Growing Pains moved mid-season, it helped launch new dramedy Wonder Years, as well as modest spinoff Just the Ten of Us.  Perfect Strangers moved to Fridays and helped mesh a disastrous lineup.

ABC Fridays experienced a cavalcade of scheduling mixups scattering 10 shows over the four timeslots.  After a last-minute renewal, Mr. Belvedere returned to embarrassing ratings.  It struggled to support a new lineup, leading ABC to move Perfect Strangers to anchor the evening in early 1988.  This move enabled the struggling Full House to gain momentum, as well as cement 90 minutes of programming.  CBS lost its stranglehold over Fridays with its soaps Dallas and Falcon Crest, and ABC seized the opportunity.  Seeing improved performance with its spring configuration, ABC opted to enlist Just the Ten of Us to move the next season and enrich its third comedy block evening.

CBS added 3 additional sitcoms to its roster, yet only renewed 3 of its 9 entries.  Designing Women maintained a respectable performance, yet Newhart and Kate and Allie experienced declines as they aged.  My Sister Sam blazed into 17th place the previous season, yet tanked in 100th place as the network egregiously moved it to an ill-fated Saturday timeslot.  Mid-season, CBS attempted to take on ABC Tuesdays to be trounced, dispensing of several sitcoms including My Sister Sam.  The Tiffany network tarnished, and their adult-based sitcoms failed to generate the heat of NBC sitcoms and ABC's family-friendly offerings.

The greatest laugh FOX created was how far down its sitcoms rated.  Married... With Children managed to outshine its fellow sitcoms, some of which could fit both of their ratings inside their meager measure.  FOX was ahead of its time belting out laughs from incarcerated dames with Women in Prison, a G-rated fare compared to Netflix's 2013 powerhouse Orange is the New Black.  The tone changed in the 1987-88 season as ABC and NBC displayed solid evenings, CBS lost its touch and FOX scraped the barrel.

Welcome back to Game Day! After three rounds of Guess The Show, I've decided to switch things up a little. I'll give three descriptions, and you guess which network and day of the week I'm describing. You get one point for each correct guess. This round closes at the end of the day Eastern Time on Thursday, June 22.

Description #1
Several years ago, this network decided to switch things up a bit in terms of the shows aired and the genres of the shows aired. At any given time, at least three of these shows were working, two of which were constant successes (one much bigger than the other). Eventually, the network decided to air more compatible shows out of the two constant successes, and now the night is this network's best overall.

Description #2
This network saw troubles on this night for years until they unexpectedly acquired a show to lead it off. They've tried critically acclaimed dramedies, spinoffs, reality shows, and nothing seemed to fit. While there is still room for improvement, the night has significantly improved.

Description #3
This network decided to air the first show in what would become a franchise after the only show remaining from a legendary franchise. This yielded modest results, causing said new show to move to a new night to put some new life into it. While it is still the strongest show in the franchise, the show that currently occupies its Season 1 time slot is a spin-off that is also holding its own.
Welcome to the second week of the second season of the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week! It's Friends week, and all quizzes will be about the classic NBC sitcom. Let's get started!

1) 'Friends' and Family
We'll start with an easy one. This is about the families of the Friends, and you can probably play this without even seeing the show. It's a pretty fun quiz, and it reminds you of some of the great guest stars the show has had playing the family members of the iconic "Friends".
My Score: 20/20

2) The Ultimate Friends Quiz
This quiz has everything. Some of the trivia is really obscure, and some of it is common knowledge for a Friends fan. It was really fun to play, and was a real challenge, even for a huge Friends fan like myself.
My Score: 56/75

3) The One With the Guest Stars
This is a quiz that I made, focusing on some of the great guest stars from the course of the show's run.   Some of them have made iconic appearances, and some of them are more forgotten. Either way, it's a nice stroll down memory lane.


This is the second week of the 2nd TVRG-Sporcle Tournament. For each week, the number of questions you got correct on each quiz will be added up. The first place finisher receives 3 points for placing first, as well.

For those new to the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week, or those that need brushing up, to participate, just play all three quizzes and comment your scores on each.
Scores will be posted Friday.

Tournament Standings:
1 (tie)- JB, 63 points
1 (tie)- Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom, 63 points
3- omabin, 58 points
4- Jovan, 57 points
5 (tie)- HV, 56 points
5 (tie)- Raph, 56 points
7- Full Boyle, 52 points
8- theratingsjunkie, 47 points
9- Reese, 20 points

Thanks for playing the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week! Make sure to come check out the series premiere of the spin-off, the Off-Topic Quizzes of the Week, THIS Friday, only on TVRG.

Welcome to Game Day #3! This edition will also feature a description of three shows. If you correctly guess the show, you get one point. If you find a recurring theme throughout the three shows, you are awarded two extra points. Responses will be accepted in the comments below through the end of the day on Tuesday, June 20, Eastern Time.

Show #1
The second season of this show was up over 50% from the first season. That's when it would see both its series high and its highest season-low, and by a lot. It very aired some back-to-back episodes where the second episode would oftentimes be some three or four ratings points ahead the first episode in A18-49. It went downhill from there, but was still a solid staple for many years.

Show #2
The first season of this dramedy started at over double that season's league average. While it was pretty streaky, its finale was well over 4 ratings points higher than the premiere in A18-49, and also easily above the second-highest-rated episode of the season. It even did a recap special late into the season that did almost as high as its seasonal average. It held up very well in its second season, then year after year fell from grace to the point where its final seasons declined around 20% each in A18-49.

Show #3
This drama exploded in its first season, with almost every episode growing in A18-49 from the last. Its series premiere was its lowest-rated episode until its 4th season--unless you count the dozens of reruns per season it was airing. The show was so hugely popular that it helped make its creator a household name.

Show #1: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Show #2: Desperate Housewives
Show #3: Grey's Anatomy
Theme: ABC Sunday, 2004-05

Raph: 2
Game of Thrones PT: 2
diegodaily: 2
Rebecca Bunch: 2
JB: 2
Miguens: 2
darkness: 2
Full Boyle: 1
Existence: 1

JB: 3
Rebecca Bunch: 3
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 3
Game of Thrones PT: 2
Full Boyle: 2
omabin: 1
Who Show JR: 1
Miguens: 1

JB: 2
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 2
Rebecca Bunch: 2
Full Boyle: 1
Game of Thrones PT: 1
Raph: 1

Rebecca Bunch: 7
JB: 7
Game of Thrones PT: 5
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 5
Raph: 3
Miguens: 3
diegodaily: 2
darkness: 2
Full Boyle: 2
Existence: 1
omabin: 1
Who Shot JR: 1


Either somebody wrote American Idol down first and everyone copied, or I really fooled you. American Idol was the unanimous guess for Show #1. The give-away should have been the fact that the second episode in a two-hour airing rated several ratings points higher than the first, back when Extreme Makeover aired at both 7 and 8pm occasionally.

Writing History Again by Bridger Cunningham

1986-87 experienced a downward Nielsen trend with all networks losing between 4-7% of their audiences.  NBC's loss was minor, as it inflated 20% the prior season, leaving plenty of space to paint the top of the charts blue.  CBS also lost ground, yet placed in a sterling 2nd place, while ABC continued its downward plunge which began during the 1984 spring.  Sitcoms continued their prominence, grabbing 11 of the top 20 places, while the suds began to wash out in the drain and rinse in the watershed.  Nightly movies experienced various fortunes, with most staked in the front of the pack.

TRENDS FROM 1986-87 --

What Was Hot -- NBC, and NBC Sitcoms.  Movies provided scheduling solutions, with 6 of the 9 offerings landing betwixt 15th-49th Places.  Upscale shows perched higher in the Nielsens and were no longer relegated to soapy writing, rather displaying polished characters and crisp dialogue. Senior-skewing shows experienced a surge this season with all three networks bolstering at least one helping of top-20 shows featuring leads aging 50+.  Family-style sitcoms becoming an increasing demand.

What Was Tepid -- Once again, CBS was just there.  It managed to claim 6 of the top 20 shows for the season, yet had little emerge which managed to shine this season.  CBS soaps managed to remain ahead of the top-30, yet paled compared to the 1983-84 season.  Shows which formed in the early 80's began to erode, albeit most held respectable ratings.

What Was Cold -- ABC again dropped below the chill factor as its suds sank and most of its sitcom helpings landed in the bottom of the barrel.  Freshman news outlets tanked and were dispensed like an outlandish soap twist.  Revamping and moving struggling shows failed to ignite interests, as well as Friday viewers becoming obsolete.

It's the fifth edition of the Summer Renew/Cancel, and one of the three series will be receiving a change in prediction. Keep on reading to find out which one it is.

Certain to be Canceled:
Still Star-Crossed (0.4)

Likely to be Canceled:
Downward Dog (0.8)

Leans Cancellation:
The Carmichael Show (0.8)

Leans Renewal:

Likely to be Renewed:

Certain to be Renewed:

Fate Determined:

Yet to Premiere:
Somewhere Between (July 2017)
Midnight, Texas (July 2017)
Salvation (July 2017)
Marlon (August 2017)
The Night Shift (June 2017)
Hooten & the Lady (July 2017)
Zoo (June 2017)
SNL Weekend Update Thursday (August 2017)

The Carmichael Show- Nothing's really changed for the Carmichael Show, ratings-wise. It keeps chugging along at 0.8s, which is a decent but not an excellent result. I have, however, discovered that cast options for the series expire in late June, and the show is nowhere near a renewal. This doesn't mean the the Carmichael Show is a certain cancellation, but it's not a great sign. Another factor working against it is that it isn't owned completely by NBC, as it's a 20th Century production. That could end up working against it, along with the fact that NBC's bench is already packed. For these reasons, NBC's longest-running sitcom (yes, really) LEANS CANCELLATION.

Still Star-Crossed: This megabomb of epic proportions returned this week with a 0.3. There's no excuse for that, it's one of the most pathetic cases of retention in recent memory. A 0.3 is horrifying for any show, and it's not even good for a CW show. Things are made even worse when considering its 1.6 lead-in of the Bachelorette. ABC would be better off airing repeats of Celebrity Family Feud, comedy shows, or literally anything here. Saying it's a CERTAIN CANCELLATION is an understatement.

Stay tuned next week and every Tuesday after that for my initial predictions on The Night Shift, which begins its run later this week.

What do you think of my predictions? Let me know in the comments below.

Last summer, I began a series of articles that reviewed how each network performed in the outstanding comedy Emmy category. I will be continuing this series starting with ABC. Before we get to that, you can read my past Emmy articles below.

The Emmys: The History of Outstanding Comedy - Introduction

The Emmys: The History of Outstanding Comedy - CBS

The Emmys: The History of Outstanding Comedy - NBC

Sherry Jackson and
Danny Thomas in
Make Room for Daddy.

The alphabet network had a rough start in the outstanding comedy category. In 1952 and 1953, they managed to get only one comedy nominated, The Herb Shriner Show and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet respectively. In today's landscape, that would be quite a feat. But, with only 3 big networks at the time, it was rather disappointing. In comparison, CBS and NBC each had two comedies nominated in both years and both also managed to win the Emmy, NBC in 1952 and CBS in 1953. Things got even worse the following year where ABC didn't receive a single nomination in the category. But, ABC's fortune turned around in 1955 when Make Room for Daddy took home the award. It was the first win for the alphabet network, and it would be the only win of that decade. In 1956, Make Room for Daddy was once again nominated, but it couldn't manage to win a second year in a row. The following year, the series moved to CBS and was renamed as The Danny Thomas Show. This new incarnation managed to get nominated in 1959 and again in 1960, but it was no longer ABC's property. For the remainder of the 50's, ABC had 0 nominations and 0 wins. Things wouldn't brighten up for ABC in the following decade and it became clear that the network wouldn't be much of a threat in the category.

Wins: 1

Nominations: 4

Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick Sargent in Bewitched. 
The 60's were arguably a worse decade than the 50's for the network. To begin, ABC was entirely absent from the outstanding comedy category in 1960. In 1961, The Flintstones became the first animated series to be nominated for an outstanding comedy and it marked ABC's first nomination of the decade. After yet another year of absence, ABC regained momentum in 1963 with a nomination for McHale's Navy. The following year, the series was nomination once more alongside The Farmer's Daughter. This marked the first time that ABC got two comedies to be nominated in the category. Unfortunately, neither would make an appearance again. No comedy was nominated or given the award in 1965, but ABC once again saw two comedies nominated in 1966, Bewitched and Batman. While Batman would not receive another nomination, Bewitched was nominated until the decade's end. Overall, while Bewitched got 4 Emmy nominations in total, it never actually won the award. In all, ABC didn't get a single win in this category for the decade. This bad luck would continue for a while, but things would soon turn around for the alphabet network.

Wins: 0

Nominations: 9

The Cast of Barney Miller. 
CBS was a powerhouse in this decade with the bulk of Emmys being won by either All in the Family and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In total, a CBS comedy received the award 8 out of 10 times from 1970 to 1979. ABC managed to get 3 comedies nominated in 1970, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Love, American Style, and Room 222. All three were in their first seasons, but none managed to win. Love, American Style was nominated once more in 1971 alongside The Odd Couple. The latter was the only comedy from ABC to receive a nomination for a while. It got one again in 1972 and 1974, but the network was entirely absent in 1973 and 1975. ABC made a comeback in 1976 as cop comedy Barney Miller and Welcome Back Kotter both took home nominations. Barney Miller would receive a nomination once more the following year. In 1978, ABC once more had three nominated comedies. Barney Miller, Soap, and Three's Company were all nominated, but yet again none managed to win. Finally, in 1979, 24 years after their last win, ABC finally took home an award for the Judd Hirsch and Danny DeVito vehicle, Taxi. Alongside Taxi, Barney Miller received its fourth nomination while Mork and Mindy, Robin Williams's first sitcom, also got its first nomination. While ABC got a win, it had only ever won twice in the category at the time which paled in comparison to NBC and CBS. Nevertheless, things would only get better for the alphabet network in the following decade.

Wins: 1

Nominations: 16

The title card for The Wonder Years.
Unlike the previous decades, ABC started the 80's off in strong fashion. Right off the bat, Taxi won the Emmy for the second year in a row. In the same year, Barney Miller was nominated for the fifth time and Soap received its second nomination. Taxi continued its streak in 1981, winning for the third time in a row. At the time, it tied several other sitcoms (including All in the Family and The Mary Tyler Moore Show) for the most consecutive wins in the category. Barney Miller and Soap were yet again nominated. This marked the 6th consecutive time that Barney Miller got a nomination in the category. Finally, after being nominated for every season sans its first, Barney Miller took home the award in 1982 for its eighth and final season. Taxi was still nominated this year, but Soap was not eligible as it had been canceled after four seasons. From 1979 to 1982, ABC won double the amount of Emmys that it had won in the span of 26 years. Unfortunately, ABC's streak came to a screeching halt. Taxi was nominated the following year, but the series had made a network switch to NBC, so ABC ended up being entirely absent in 1983. It was beginning to look like ABC was back to square one as not a single ABC comedy was nominated from 1984-1987. Finally, in 1988, The Wonder Years won the award in its first season. While it wouldn't win again, it was nominated once more in 1989. Overall, it's safe to say that the 80's was ABC's best decade in this category for the time being. While it didn't receive any nominations for a couple of years, it garnered a total of four wins, more than the other decades combined. It's also safe to say that the 90's would go down as one of its worst.

Wins: 4

Nominations: 10

Tim Allen, the star
 of Home Improvement.
The 90's marked the start of ABC's signature TGIF sitcom lineup. Despite this, none of those comedies even garnered a nomination. The Wonder Years was nominated again in 1990 and 1991 for its third and fourth seasons respectively, but would not return again. The following year, Tim Allen's Home Improvement took home a nomination for its first season. It would receive one again in 1993 and 1994, but it never managed to win. ABC would not make an appearance in the category from 1995-1999. Newer faces began appearing in the 90's like HBO which managed to score a couple nominations for The Larry Sanders Show and FOX which managed to win the award for the Ally McBeal show in 1999. Things were looking absolutely awful for the alphabet network, but the worst was still yet to come.

Wins: 0

Nominations: 5
The cast of Desperate Housewives. 

There's almost nothing to say about this decade. ABC wouldn't even reappear in the category until 2005, eleven years after its last nomination. Desperate Housewives was the series that received it, even though it was more of a dramedy than a comedy. ABC would receive a nomination for another dramedy in 2007, Ugly Betty, but that would be the only other nomination for the decade. ABC had hit rock bottom. Younger networks like HBO and FOX had both won the award once and had many more nominations. But, like their comeback in the 80's, ABC would have a renaissance in the following decade.

Wins: 0

Nominations: 2

The title card for Modern Family. 
In 2009, Modern Family arrived on a comedy-starved ABC and instantly became a critical and commercial success. In 2010, for the first time in 22 years, ABC took home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for Modern Family. That was not the end of its Emmy career. Modern Family would win a total of five consecutive times, tying NBC's Fraiser for most consecutive wins. In 2015, Modern Family finally lost the crown to HBO's Veep. Last year, ABC's Black-ish received a nomination for best comedy alongside Modern Family. Those two ended up being the only network sitcoms to be nominated for the 2016 ceremony. In an instant, ABC went from the network that was fading into obscurity to the only broadcast network to receive nominations against an onslaught of cable networks and streaming services. CBS and FOX have mostly faded away with their last nominations being in 2014 and 2012. Even NBC, which was a powerhouse in the 2000s, didn't receive a single comedy nomination last year. ABC has already passed every other decade in number of wins, so even if they don't get a sixth win, this decade still goes down as a massive success.

Wins: 5

Nominations: 8

The Breakdown
In total, ABC has won 11 Emmys for outstanding comedies and been nominated 54 times. Below are two graphs showing ABC's trend in the category.

Judging by this data, it's clear that there is absolutely no trend. ABC has gone more than two decades at a time without a win and several years without a nomination, but somehow, it's managed to turn things around.

It's tough to say if ABC is a winner in this category. It has been around just as long as NBC and CBS, but it has less than half the nominations that the other two have (54 vs 113 and 110 respectively) and only 11 wins while the other two have had 26 and 22 wins respectively. Aside from its stint in the 80's, ABC was never really at the same competitive level as the other two. This may be because that ABC was never home to powerhouse critical darlings like the others. For example, CBS had a variety of different Emmy winners (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, All in the Family, I Love Lucy, MASH) as was NBC (Cheers, Friends, Fraiser, The Golden Girls, Murphy Brown). All shows listed won multiple Emmys. While shows like Barney Miller and Taxi are still recognizable today, they were never as relevant and well-known as the shows listed above. It makes sense that ABC only won 6 Emmys in the category from 1952 to 2009. Still, it looks like ABC is getting the last laugh. It's the only broadcast network that has a fighting chance at winning the Emmy this year and has become a legitimate threat to the new generation of Amazon and Netflix. Sure, Modern Family is just one show, but they even got Black-ish in the ring. While it was commonplace for broadcast networks to have two or even three of their shows nominated, it's unheard of for one to have two in an era where streaming and cable are kings. CBS, NBC, and FOX couldn't even score one nomination and haven't been a real threat in a while. In the end, maybe ABC wasn't much of a competitor back in the day, but it's really showing up the other networks in today's landscape. 

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