2017-18 Weeks 29-30 Sitcom Scorecard -- Low Ratings Lead to Stoned Stupid Sitcoms (Updated)

Written Baking Up Controversy by Bridger Cunningham

Blaze up, folks, 4/20 is upon us.  Springtime delivers icy ratings, and the sitcoms take to fire in an effort to heat up their sagging ratings.  And most left a plume of skunk fumes after blazing up over two dramatic weeks in April.

Sunday, April 8 found FOX's lineup baking up more fractional cookies as Bob's Burgers (0.8) got the munchies and gained a tenth, The Simpsons (0.9), Brooklyn 99 (0.8) and Family Guy (0.9) didn't get a contact hit and remained steady, and Last Man on Earth (0.7) baked up an extra tenth.  Monday, April 9 again found the CBS lineup scrambling for dirt pot as Kevin Can Wait (1.0) hashed out a new tenth, Man With a Plan (0.9) and Superior Donuts (0.8) remained steady and free of hits, and Living Biblically (0.6) delivered a new low of stoned stupidity.

ABC blazed up another fatty of Nielsens on Tuesday, April 10 as Roseanne (3.5) dropped four-tenths despite single-handedly winning the evening and taking the largest hit.  The Middle (1.9) dropped three-tenths while enjoying Roseanne's fumes as Black-ish (1.3) and Splitting Up Together (1.2) impressively managed to keep a ratings high being so distant from Roseanne.  FOX, however, couldn't grab a roach clip as LA>Vegas (0.7) held steady, and New Girl's 7th and final season premiere (0.7) dropped to a new low.

ABC grabbed the ratings apple and carved out the core for recreation on Wednesday, April 11 as The Goldbergs (1.3) lost a tenth/hit, Alex, Inc (0.9) failed to get the fumes of its neighbors and held steady along with Modern Family (1.4), and American Housewife (1.1) lost a hit and dropped a tenth.  CBS fired up the bong again on Thursday, April 12 with steady helpings of The Big Bang Theory (2.4) and Young Sheldon (1.9), the AA ladies taking an extra tenth hit on Mom (1.4), and Life in Pieces (1.1) took a bigger hit and grabbed two tenths.  Smoking on NBC, Superstore (0.9) made an extra tenth hit on the ratings pipe, AP Bio (0.6) held steady, and Champions (0.4) took a bad hit and reached the network low.  Athletes shouldn't do drugs.

Sunday, April 15 found a double helping of Brooklyn 99 (0.8, 0.7) arresting FOX for stupidity, busting Last Man On Earth (0.6) with a new low.  Bob's Burgers (0.9) and The Simpsons (1.0) managed to escape the rap by increasing an extra tenth.  Monday, April 16 found its CBS laughers scraping for dirt as Kevin Can Wait (0.9) and Man With a Plan (0.8) registered lows and Superior Donuts (0.8) and Living Biblically (0.6) held steady.  Oh, and CBS busted Living Biblically for stoned stupid ratings, spanking it off the schedule with its own bible.

ABC misused its Tuesday blunt of Nielsen glory on April 17, sadly on the evening Roseanne (3.4) finally found its plateau.  Instead of rewarding a promising sitcom with a hit, ABC gave Alex, Inc (1.3) an embarrassing puff, resulting in Black-ish (1.1) and Splitting Up Together (1.0) losing two-tenths of greatness.  FOX again found little to populate its clip as LA>Vegas (0.6) and New Girl (0.6) registered new lows.  And ABC left the rotten apples in the bushel and gave the hits a night off, save for Alex, Inc (0.6) delivered an embarrassing low for the network.

CBS again lit their surefire bong again on Thursday, April 19 with mostly steady results with The Big Bang Theory (2.4), Young Sheldon (1.9) and Mom (1.4) steady on course while Life in Pieces (1.0) lost a hit ... err tenth.  NBC again embarrassed itself as the only high it can get is jokes about another fractional evening.  Superstore (0.8) lost a tenth, while AP Bio (0.6) and Champions (0.4) delivered embarrassing lows.  Speaking of embarrassing lows, Champions busted the lowest sitcom performance record to date with a 0.55 average, as the previous record was 0.63.

Let's examine the pass and fail system of the 2017-18 season.  Thus far, 10 series are renewed well ahead of the upfront time, three series have been shown the door and an additional two already declared they were calling it quits before they debuted.  The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Simpsons, The Goldbergs and Will & Grace received renewals before their seasonal debuts.  Between December and April, more Thursday series (all predicted for certain renewals, nonetheless) earned the returning honors: The Good Place, newfound CBS hit Young Sheldon, Superstore, and finally Chuck Lorre masterpiece Mom.  Conversely, three freshman shows met their ends with the felling ax between 6-9 shows into their run.

The first to fall was Me, Myself & I, which tanked in CBS' Monday deathslot despite having TBBT bolstering the evening.  Seeing a show tying the (then) series low 0.7 so early into fall indicated a lack of growth, making the decision easy for CBS in November to allow Man With a Plan return to stronger results.  Next, ABC gave the hook to The Mayor after 9 episodes, opting for repeats in January after this promising sitcom suffered through ABC's Tuesday deathslot hovering at 0.7 in the winter.  The season remained quiet for over three months, allowing lackluster CBS freshman 9JKL to finish its 16-episode run, The Good Place and Great News bowed out in January, Speechless and Fresh Off the Boat bowed out underweight with 18-19 episodes in March, and Will and Grace hobbled out of the gates in early April.  Then, CBS tired of Living Biblically dragging down their schedule and used its bible to swat it off the schedule yesterday.

Between the first and last network cancellations, eight new/returning series entered the schedule.  LA>Vegas made a mediocre flight into FOX' Tuesday nights in January, AP Bio and Living Biblically made underwhelming February debuts, and Champions opened March with irony.  Flash forward to that month's end and surprising juggernaut Roseanne took Tuesdays by storm along with modest hit Splitting Up Together.  ABC's fortunes did not convey to Alex, Inc, which is tunneling new lows on Wednesdays.  Speaking of lows, New Girl returned to destitute numbers to finish its run off.

Among the class of 2017-18, who will pass and who will fail?  The 10 students ranked 70-percent or above are likely to earn a passing grade, while the four below 20% are likely out the door.  In limbo are the six students on the bubble, five of which are of a FOX brand.  the one entry in this league is NBC's AP Bio, which may survive due to a lack of options.  Among the FOX entries, they are fighting to survive premium real estate due to FOX acquiring Thursday Night Football for 11 weeks, cutting an already tight schedule rife with winning dramas and void of 10pm scheduling.  This means sitcoms will remain solely on Sundays, or FOX may likely move the survivors to Fridays.  Why would FOX allow The Mick to return to 0.6-0.7 numbers on Tuesdays when The Orville may easily score 0.8-0.9?  Upfronts are weeks away, so stay tuned as the carnage comes forth in upcoming weeks.

Off Topic -- Week 31 (2017-18 Season)

It's a new week of Off Topic! Since today is 4/20, I am going to pay homage to Snoop D-O-Double G and post some GIFs. 

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Thursday Ratings 4/19/18: Scandal Ends Up, Supernatural Ties Gotham

Thursday Ratings 4/19/18: Scandal Ends Up, Supernatural Ties Gotham

18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMThe Big Bang Theory2.412.60CBS

Grey's Anatomy1.66.89ABC



Supernatural0.61.81The CW
8:30 PMYoung Sheldon1.911.40CBS

AP Bio0.61.94NBC
9 PMMom1.48.81CBS

Station 191.15.45ABC

Showtime At the Apollo0.62.48Fox

Will & Grace (R)0.41.80NBC

Arrow0.41.33The CW
9:30 PMLife In Pieces1.06.30CBS

10 PMScandal1.35.43ABC

Chicago Fire1.05.24NBC


Mom S5E18 Review

Yvette Nicole Brown guest stars in this week's Mom as another alcoholic, one who Christy turns to after Marjorie has a meltdown.

S5E18 "Spaghetti Sauce and a Dumpster Fire"

The episode begins at the grocery store, where Christy hilariously gets irritated when Bonnie keeps telling her she's wrong when she correctly guesses the brands of the things she wants. Christy then sees Marjorie getting angry at the guy working at the deli counter. This is very unusual for Marjorie, but it doesn't stop there. Marjorie is cranky when the women go to coffee, and then later when they get foot massages because they have a groupon, Christy and Marjorie get into a heated argument. There is also a hilarious bit here where Marjorie, Christy, and later Wendy, attempt to hurry with slippery feet.

Christy decides to get another sponsor, since Marjorie can't very well be her sponsor when she doesn't want to speak with her. This is where Yvette Nicole Brown's character comes in. She is very funny, and has a presence that has some similarities to Marjorie's, but is certainly different. As Christy meets with her, Bonnie, Jill, and Wendy sit at a nearby table and listen in, then act like they aren't listening when they are noticed. After Christy goes on a date that she finds boring, her new sponsor offers some advice, sharing that her sponsor forced her to go on a second date with a guy she thought was boring, and they have now been married for eighteen years. It's nice to see someone else with a lot of life experience and full of stories to help Christy.

Bonnie goes to Marjorie's to check on her, commenting all along the way how unlike her this is. This is quite unlike the Bonnie we met when the series began, and how she pretends to be, but really, it has become clear that Bonnie truly cares about these women, even Marjorie, the one she always complains about. After the conversation with Bonnie, where she had many funny lines, Marjorie shared at the next AA meeting about how getting older has affected her, and how that lead to the behavior we have been seeing in this episode. This was rooted in sincerity, and it was wonderful. At the very end of the episode, Christy and Marjorie talk, and Marjorie apologizes. Here too, the other three keep an eye on the conversation to see how it is going, with the episode ending with them running off once spotted.

This was a wonderful episode that delivered both many funny moments (and not just from the queen of jokes, Allison Janney) and a serious, important story that was handled very well. It was also really interesting to get a story about Marjorie, since we don't get too many of those.

Score: 10/10

What did you think of "Spaghetti Sauce and a Dumpster Fire"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Superstore S3E20 Review

This week's episode of Superstore focuses on the ongoing story for much of this season, Dina being a surrogate for Glenn and Jerusha. In this episode, Glenn and Jerusha find out the gender of their baby, and Dina worries about giving birth.

S3E20 "Gender Reveal"

The episode begins with Dina, Glenn, and Jerusha at the doctor's, looking at a sonogram. Dina's lack of interest, as well as her later disgust, are funny. However, then Dina starts to become worried about giving birth. Conversations with a couple of mothers make her more nervous, and that is quite entertaining. Dina freaks out, and she tells Glenn she doesn't want to carry his baby anymore. Her freak out is very funny, as she tries to come up with a way for the baby to be born without her carrying it anymore.

Amy and Cheyenne try to calm her down, claiming that giving birth wasn't that bad. While they talk, Amy discovers that a pregnancy test that she recently used was recalled because it was giving people false negatives. After taking an accurate test, she discovers that she's pregnant, and Adam is the father. This is a twist I did not expect, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, since we already had an episode where the story was Amy worrying that she might be pregnant. At the end of the episode, Amy and Jonah kiss. I'm glad that something actually happened here, not just more hinting at things. Hopefully the final two episodes of the season move things along here.

The Cloud 9 employees convince Glenn and Jerusha to have a gender reveal party. So, they plan it for them. Garrett is given the responsibility of handling the envelope that has the gender of the baby inside, and of course, since it is Garrett's responsibility, he fails at getting the color of the inside of the cake to match the gender. His attempt to cover up this is quite entertaining, as he goes on a rant about gender being a social construct. Also, the reaction to the inside of the cake being white was very funny, especially when Marcus announces excitedly that they are having a white baby.

After Jonah finds out that Jeff doesn't really work at Target, Mateo convinces Jonah to talk Jeff into getting a job. They act as good cop, bad cop, but Jonah keeps thinking that Mateo isn't acting anymore. The scenes between Mateo and Jonah are quite funny, especially the final one, where Mateo lets Jonah know that he too has been in plays.

This was an entertaining episode throughout, with each story being entertaining, and every part of the episode, aside from the story with Jonah and Mateo, connecting in interesting ways. The show seems to be preparing for the end of the season, and I'm glad that they are actually heading somewhere now, instead of wasting time.

Score: 8.5/10

What did you think of "Gender Reveal"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Wednesday Cable Ratings, 4/18/18: Hip Hop Squares Premieres Low

Below are the top 25 programs for Wednesday, 4/18/18. Items of note include The Expanse on Syfy, Famous in Love on Freeform, and the season premiere of Hip Hop Squares on VH1.

1. NBA Playoffs: Timberwolves vs. Rockets (TNT) - 1.48
2. NBA Playoffs: Pacers vs. Cavaliers (TNT) - 1.41
3. Inside the NBA Playoffs (TNT) - 0.61
4. Black Ink Crew (VH1) - 0.51
5. Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo) - 0.46
6. Hip Hop Squares (VH1) - 0.4
7. Street Outlaws: No Prep (Discovery) - 0.37
8. Hip Hop Squares (VH1) - 0.36
9. The Rachel Maddow Show (0.36
10. My 600-lb. Life: Where Are They Now? (TLC) - 0.36
11. Street Outlaws: NPK SPC (Discovery) - 0.34
12. Iron Chef Guantlet (Food Network) - 0.34
13. Hannity (Fox News) - 0.33
14. Property Brothers (HGTV) - 0.31
15. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS) - 0.31
16. House Hunters International (HGTV) - 0.3
17. Twin Turbos (Discovery) - 0.28
18. The Daily Show (Comedy Central) - 0.27
19. House Hunters (HGTV) - 0.26
20. The Last Word (MSNBC) - 0.26
21. Murder Chose Me (Investigation Discovery) - 0.25
22. Suits (USA) - 0.25
23. The Ingraham Angle (Fox News) - 0.25
24. NHL Quarterfinals: Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia (NBC Sports) - 0.24
25. Pardon the Interruption (ESPN) - 0.24

Highlights Below the Top 25:
Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News) - 0.22
Erin Burnett OutFront (CNN) - 0.22
Conan (TBS) - 0.15
The Expanse (Syfy) - 0.15
The Lead with Jake Tapper (CNN) - 0.14
Deadline: White House (MSNBC) - 0.14
Morning Joe (MSNBC) - 0.13
At This Hour (CNN) - 0.12
Wolf (CNN) - 0.12
Velshi & Ruhle (MSNBC) - 0.09
Famous in Love (Freeform) - 0.08

Living Biblically Pulled from the Schedule by CBS

Living Biblically Pulled from the Schedule by CBS

CBS has pulled new sitcom Living Biblically from the schedule after airing just 8 episodes. It saw troubled ratings in the Mondays at 9:30 time slot, with its two most recent episodes hitting a 0.6 in the coveted A18-49 Live + Same Day demographic. This was an expected cancelation for The TV Ratings Guide.

What do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments below!

Wednesday TV Ratings 4/18/18: SVU Gets Post-Voice Boost, Alex Inc Plummets to New Low

Wednesday TV Ratings 4/18/18: SVU Gets Post-Voice Boost, Alex Inc Plummets to New Low

UPDATE: Modern Family (R) adjusted up to a 0.8 in final ratings, while The Voice (1.5) and Empire (1.8) also gained a tenth.
18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMEmpire1.75.32Fox


The Voice1.48.24NBC

The Goldbergs (R)0.73.54ABC

Riverdale0.41.08The CW
8:30 PMAlex, Inc.0.62.86ABC
9 PMLaw & Order: SVU1.46.53NBC


Criminal Minds (9pm)1.05.96CBS

Modern Family (R)0.73.09ABC

The Originals (P)0.41.00The CW
9:30 PMAmerican Housewife (R)0.82.91ABC
10 PMChicago PD1.26.58NBC

Criminal Minds (10pm)0.95.33CBS

Designated Survivor0.63.50ABC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 16/17 Review ’NutriBoom/DFW’

***Spoilers Ahead***


L-R: Christine Garver, Joe Lo Truglio, Andy Samberg. Credit: FOX


If it hasn't been established already, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the king of callbacks and continuity. While other sitcoms forget or change minor plot details, the writers of this series always stay on-point. Because of that, it makes perfect sense that the show would produce an episode that revolves around a small joke from this season's Halloween episode. Through the hilarious duo of Jake and Boyle, 'NutriBoom' does a great job at highlighting the strength of their friendship and establishing the cult-like organization.

The A-plot starts off with Peralta and Boyle attempting to cancel their NutriBoom contracts. When things don't go their way, the two attempt to find a way to shut the company down. While past episodes have followed similar structures, this setting was definitely uncharted territory for Brooklyn. As expected, the pairing of Jake and Boyle led to consistent, witty banter. Adding Bill into the equation fueled the comedy fire even more. Bill's eager and insanely awkward personality gave Boyle a run for his money. Additionally, the robotic nature of the NutriBoom employees resulted in simple, cartoonish fun. While not realistic, Brooklyn doesn't always have to be accurate to create clever humor. But, the best moments came from Jay Chandrasekhar (playing himself) retaliating against the organization and then being brainwashed back into submission. Despite being goofy in nature, I can't help but think that the dark humor was merely a mask and that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was trying to send a deeper message through it. The aspects of the cult may have been outlandish, but the anti-climatic ending felt more realistic than most cases they've tackled. Overall, this plot was a thrilling and joke-filled ride. What makes things better is that the NutriBoom company is definitely going to be making more appearances.

In the B-plot, Amy finds a duplicate of herself on her first day of being a sergeant. This story pales in comparison to the main one, but it still has something to offer. In a positive way, it finally gives Santiago a taste of her own medicine. Aside from that, the squad's jabs at Santiago were done in an exaggerated manner that didn't come out as particularly funny. It felt forced to have each character use her name to describe a pushy personality. With that said, it was still a nice adjustment to finally upgrade Santiago's status to sergeant. I look forward to seeing how this new dynamic changes the status quo.

'NutriBoom' is a strong episode with hilarious jokes and a compelling case. While the B-plot isn't as entertaining as the main one, it's not bad by any means. The installment shows that the writers are willing to change things up and that the Jake and Boyle dynamic will never get old.

Grade: A-


Brooklyn Nine-Nine always does a fantastic job of handpicking guest stars. Nick Cannon, Adam Sandler, and Eva Longoria are some of the many phenomenal performers that the comedy has worked with. Naturally, the series also features many SNL alumni and Nasim Pedrad becomes the latest to visit the Nine-Nine. Pedrad's slightly insane portrayal of Jake's half-sister salvaged a rather lackluster storyline.

In the main story, Jake and Amy meet up with Jake's half-sister Katie. Right off the bat, we're introduced to her shady ways after she's apprehended by the police and seen putting glass in her food for compensation. Katie's reckless behavior shines through and it's easily the highlight of the installment. Unfortunately, a generic plot undercuts what could've been a great show. Long story short, Jake becomes scared that Katie will stay with him. They get into a fight but eventually forgive each other since they are family. Ir's a concept that has been milked for years in the sitcom world. Unfortunately, Pedrad's character is wasted on this cliche storyline. It would've worked a lot better to have her maniac personality play out in a case where she ends up being the criminal or victim. Sadly, the wasted potential led to a tedious story.

The funnier B-plot takes a look at Terry's inability to do yoga. If nothing else, this plot gives some great slapstick humor in the form of Terry having difficulty to move. Plus, the role reversal of Boyle and Terry led to some hilariously unrealistic moments. On the contrary, the C-plot was a bit of a drag. While I'm glad that the writers finally focused on Rosa's bisexuality, it was annoying to see the show bring back the trope of Gina always being right. This running gag was used heavily towards the end of season 4 and it's irritating to see it pop up again. Aside from that blunder, I'm glad Rosa's love life got more recognition.

'DFW' had an exceptional guest star and a lot of potential. But, it didn't work out the way it should have. Essentially, it's a standard sitcom story with a surprisingly solid B-plot and a subpar C-plot. In the end, it's nothing more than a mediocre 22 minutes of an amazing series. It's not necessarily bad, but it's certainly not one I'll be coming back to anytime soon.

Grade: B-

  • I died when I saw Hitchcock & Scully at the NutriBoom meeting. 
  • Both cold openings were genius. But, the interrogation singing one was on another level.
  • I loved how the security guard kept pretending that Boyle was Bill.
  • Bill should become a recurring character.
  • I'm happy to say that Adrian Pimento is returning in the next episode
  • How did Boyle carry Terry?

Which episode was better?

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What did you think of 'NutriBoom' and 'DFW'? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Taken Pulled From the Schedule by NBC

NBC has decided to pull Taken from the schedule, effective immediately. The drama will then be moved to Saturdays starting May 26 for its remaining five episodes. This move means the low rated show is now effectively canceled. Prior to this, it averaged a 0.44 in the key A18-49 demographic.

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments below!

Tuesday Cable Ratings, 4/17/18: The Last OG Down, Shadowhunters Steady but Low

Below are the top 25 cable ratings for Tuesday, 4/17/18. Items of note including The Last O.G. on TBS, Shadowhunters on Freeform, and Legion on FX. 
(Note: Click any show with its name in green or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)

1. NBA Playoffs: Pelicans vs. Trailblazers (TNT) - 1.27
2. NBA Playoffs: Bucks vs. Celtics (TNT) - 1.17
3. WWE Smackdown (USA) - 0.98
4. Inside the NBA Playoffs (TNT) - 0.63
5. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo) - 0.59
6. Deadliest Catch (Discovery) - 0.54
7. The Last O.G. (TBS) - 0.49
8. The Challenge Reunion Special (MTV) - 0.46
9. Forged in Fire (History) - 0.41
10. Married at First Sight (Lifetime) - 0.39
11. NHL Quarterfinals: Washington vs. Columbus (NBC Sports) - 0.37
12. Knife or Death (History) - 0.36
13. The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC) - 0.36
14. Concacaf: Toronto FC vs. Guadalajara (Univision Deportes) - 0.36
15. The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars (MTV) - 0.35
16. Hannity (Fox News) - 0.35
17. Ink Master (Paramount) - 0.33
18. Little People, Big World (TLC) - 0.33
19. Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) - 0.32
20. Forbidden: Dying for Love (Investigation Discovery) - 0.31
21. Unsolved (USA) - 0.29
22. Tosh.O (Comedy Central) - 0.28
23. The Last Word (MSNBC) - 0.28
24. House Hunters (HGTV) - 0.28
25. Last Outpost (Discovery) - 0.28

Highlights Below the Top 25:
Erin Burnett OutFront (CNN) - 0.28
Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News) - 0.28
The Ingraham Angle (Fox News) - 0.26
House Hunters International (HGTV) - 0.26
House Hunters (HGTV) - 0.25
The Daily Show (Comedy Central) - 0.23
Conan (TBS) - 0.18
Legion (FX) - 0.16
Morning Joe (MSNBC) - 0.15
The Lead with Jake Tapper (CNN) - 0.115
Wolf (CNN) - 0.14
Deadline: White House (MSNBC) - 0.14
At This Hour (CNN) - 0.13
Shadowhunters (Freeform) - 0.12
Velshi & Ruhle (MSNBC) - 0.12

CBS Renews Bull, Blue Bloods, More in a Mass Renewal

CBS Renews Bull, Blue Bloods, More in a Mass Renewal

CBS has just renewed many of its well-rated shows--and one that has a great syndication deal. Here is the list of shows CBS has just renewed:

Hawaii 5-0
Blue Bloods
Madam Secretary
The Amazing Race
60 Minutes
48 Hours

None come as much of a surprise to The TV Ratings Guide, as all were expected to be renewed per our latest CBS Renew/Cancel article (which can be found here.)

While Madam Secretary is CBS's lowest-rated scripted show, it has a very lucrative syndication deal that should keep it around for some time a la Elementary. All other shows pull in respectable to high ratings. The shows yet to be renewed are:

Kevin Can Wait
Life In Pieces
Man with a Plan
Me, Myself & I (de facto canceled)
Criminal Minds
Superior Donuts
Wisdom of the Crowd (de facto canceled)
Living Bibically

What do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments below!

Tuesday Ratings 4/17/18: Alex Inc Flops in Special Time Slot, Bull Ties NCIS

UPDATE: Alex Inc, NCIS, Lethal Weapon, and The Flash all adjusted up one tenth from what the table displays. For the People adjusted down one tenth.

Roseanne had a great night, losing only one tenth from the week before, possibly a sign that the show is now stabilizing. This helped boost a special airing of Alex, Inc. at 8:30, which still saw a pathetic 35% retention. With the massively decreased lead-in, Black-ish and Splitting Up Together both lost a couple tenths, while For The People stayed steady at its 0.6.

After taking a week off, NCIS returned this week down two tenths from its previous airing to a less-than-stellar 1.1. Given the circumstances, the fact Bull was down less and tied NCIS was impressive. NCIS: New Orleans also was down a tenth, with only 12% of its viewers in the A18-49 demographic.

Over on NBC, Rise managed to stay steady and lost less than half of its Voice lead-in, which is something. Chicago Med was a true winner, rising a tenth to a 1.2 to close out the night for NBC. 

FOX had an especially rough night, with Lethal Weapon collapsing to a 0.7, as well as downticks for both LA to Vegas and New Girl. 

Ordinary numbers over at The CW, with Black Lightning continuing to hold well out of The Flash.

What do you think of the ratings? Let us know in the comments below!
18-49 Ratings
Viewers (mil)
8 PMRoseanne3.413.01ABC

The Voice1.58.39NBC


Lethal Weapon0.73.51Fox

The Flash0.61.87The CW
8:30 PMAlex, Inc.1.24.85ABC
9 PMBull1.110.69CBS



LA To Vegas0.62.04Fox

Black Lightning0.51.69The CW
9:30 PMSplitting Up Together1.03.17ABC

New Girl0.61.72Fox
10 PMChicago Med1,26.21NBC

NCIS: New Orleans0.88.39CBS

For the People0.62.10ABC

Roseanne Season 10 Episode 5 Review: Darlene vs. David

Written Demanding More Shelf Space by Bridger Cunningham.

Weaving in returns to a bloated cast is a chore indeed, especially with Roseanne already struggling to keep its cast members front and center.  Darlene vs. David was tasked with adding two more seats in the Conner living room for returning favorites Johnny Galecki (David Healy) and Estelle Parsons (Beverly Harris).  This episode nailed every beat with Bev's abrasive, intrusive presence immediately taxing daughters Roseanne (Roseanne Bar) and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf).  In a fitting return, octogenarian Bev gets the boot after another slew of sexual encounters left her not only with her pants down and homeless, but the source of the retirement community's recent STD outbreak.  Appalling, indeed, and right in character.

Image result for estelle parsons 2018Sage viewers can chuckle as the episode paid homage to the Season 6 episode where Bev broke her pelvis during a tryst, closing the episode which a dominatrix clad Bev fishing a set of handcuffs.  Parsons enjoyed two solid scenes of banter, followed by a window-dressing ensemble closing scene during a cake eating contest.  Galecki's return, however, felt stifled among the chaos.  Although David's entrance through Darlene's window paid great homage to the Season 5 episode "It's A Boy," the pacing sped through the cameo faster than a cocky teenager.  Inside two tenuous scenes, David and Darlene briefly made up and rekindled their relationship, then broke apart in a double pace.  Galecki interacted with few characters, with Roseanne ironically receiving the most layered scenes vs. Darlene.

Image result for roseanne 2018 becky drinkOther highlights included an entertaining visit to the grocery store, Becky starting the evening early drinking vodka neat with a celery stick and Jackie and the grandkids sparsely decorating each scene like a houseplant for prop.  Although this episode was entertaining, there is still much to explore with so much story to tell and so little space for the cast.  The last half of Roseanne featured several characters notably absent, and it appears this trend followed the revival without resolve.  In the five episodes displayed, Michael Fishman has been absent for three episodes.  Grandchildren Harris (Emma Kenney), Mark (Ames McNamara) and Mary (Jayden Rey) all missed episode 4, and Jackie has been little more than a scene stealer since the pilot episode.  Roseanne showrunners may want to flesh out creative ways to weave the large ensemble into stories, even if only in an opening and meaningful scene.

Cast space aside, the episode delivered the same crisp dialogue and allotted Roseanne some of her most heartfelt lines of the season.  The brightspot of Galecki's cameo is Roseanne is one of David's continuing champions, playing true to season 4-9's dynamic the two possessed.  Laurie Metcalf and Estelle Parsons crackled with their passive aggressive mother/daughter relationship, and more light is shined on Becky's woes and potential character direction as a lost woman.  Nods to life's simple experiences like a grocery store trip are welcome and may present an ideal returning backdrop.  This episode is the weakest of the season, yet outshines several later seasons' episodes.

Episode Score: 6 out of 10.

Monday Cable Ratings 4/16/18: TBS Has a Rough Night

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Monday, 4/16/18. Items of note include American Dad! on TBS, UnREAL on Lifetime, and The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.
(Note: Click any show with its name in yellow or blue to be taken to its page in the TV Ratings Guide Cable Ratings Database.)
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
NBA: Spurs v. WarriorsTNT1.543.65
WWE EntertainmentUSA1.383.75
NBA: Heat v. 76ersTNT1.383.43
WWE EntertainmentUSA1.323.48
WWE EntertainmentUSA1.33.63
Love & Hip Hop AtlantaVH11.011.97
Inside the NBA PlayoffsTNT0.711.61
Teyana & ImanVH10.691.38
Vanderpump RulesBravo0.661.59
Teen MomMTV0.581.10
NBA Playoffs Pre-GameTNT0.581.54
Leave It To StevieVH10.521.11
The Rachel Maddow ShowMSNBC0.493.61
Fast N LoudDiscovery0.411.23
HannityFox News0.393.70
American Dad!TBS0.370.80
Spring Baking ChampionshipFood0.361.41
Teen Mom: Young & PregnantMTV0.360.69
The Last WordMSNBC0.352.93
Tucker Carlson TonightFox News0.343.08
American Ninja WarriorUSA0.320.82
American PickersHistory0.321.70
All In with Chris HayesMSNBC0.312.38
Natalie Wood: American Murder MysteryInvest. Discovery0.291.31
CNN TonightCNN0.291.28

Highlights Below the Chart:

House HuntersHGTV0.281.43
The Ingraham AngleFox News0.282.83
The Daily ShowComedy Central0.270.87
Erin Burnett OutFrontCNN0.251.17
House Hunters InternationalHGTV0.251.32
The TerrorAMC0.240.91
The Lead with Jake TapperCNN0.211.23
Deadline: White HouseMSNBC0.171.77
At This HourCNN0.170.86
Final SpaceTBS0.160.39
Morning JoeMSNBC0.111.07
Velshi & RuhleMSNBC0.11.01