Welcome to the second "season" of The First Three Weeks. This is the midseason follow-up to the fall edition, in which I ranked all of the midseason shows for each of their first three episodes. I watched most of the midseason series, but skipped Star, Ransom, Training Day, and Taken. Any show whose pilot I watched at least 50% of will be included. 

Unranked: Ransom, Training Day, Taken, Star

#18- Time After Time
When this show was first announced, I was very excited for it. Then the promos came out, and I got less excited for it. They just didn't wow me. This pilot was, simple put, terrible. I almost fell asleep during it, that's how bored I was. There was really nothing special about this pilot, nothing to pull me in. The fact that the premiere included two episodes didn't help any, and I just wanted it to end.
Pilot Grade: F
Pilot Score: 4/10
Note: This score is for the first half of the two part premiere.

#17- 24: Legacy
I have never seen 24, so I won't compare it to Legacy. Because of that, I wasn't planning on tuning in. But since there was nothing else on that night (other than the Super Bowl, of course), I tuned in. And I was disappointed. It bored me, and I didn't enjoy it much at all. While it's not my least favorite midseason entry, it's close. I ended up turning it off halfway into the episode, which was when my TiVo stopped recording it.
Pilot Grade: D+
Pilot Score: 5.5/10

#16- Emerald City
This was just too weird. And boring. And pretty unenjoyable. I had high expectations for Emerald City, as it looked like it could be really good, but it just wasn't. My favorite part about it was that there was a dog in it. Seriously.
Pilot Grade: C-
Pilot Score: 6/10

#15- Powerless
Powerless is the most disappointing midseason show for me, even if it wasn't the worst. With the cast it has, it should have been better than this. I was pretty excited for this, more so than Time After Time or Emerald City. It turned out to be bland, unfunny, and uninteresting. I'll give it a few more weeks before I decide whether to keep watching, though.
Pilot Grade: C
Pilot Score: 6.5/10

#14- APB
What can I say about APB? It wasn't anything special, and I wasn't exactly thrilled by it, but it was better than I expected. Not that that's really a compliment, since I thought it was going to be freaking awful. I'll give it a few more tries before my final judgement, though. 
Pilot Grade: C+
Pilot Score: 7/10

#13- Shots Fired
What can I really say about this one? It was fine. It really was. But it definitely did not live up to my expectations. It should have been much better, but it was just an okay episode that wasn't exciting.This really felt like the poor man's American Crime. It was just pretty weak.
Pilot Grade: B-
Pilot Score: 7.5/10

#12- Chicago Justice
This was enjoyable, but it wasn't as interesting as the other parts of the Chicago crossover that helped to establish Justice. It was the weak link in the crossover, which isn't a promising development as I don't even watch Fire and I stopped watching PD early into this season.  
Pilot Grade: B-
Pilot Score: 7.5/10

#11- Making History

Considering who this show comes from, and who stars in it, I expected a bit more from Making History. It was an enjoyable episode for sure, but it wasn't all that funny. The ending set up something  that could really be great, so I'm definitely sticking with this one. 
Pilot Grade: B-
Pilot Score: 7.5/10

#10- Riverdale
This pilot wasn't quite what I was expecting from Riverdale, but it was good. I expected the pilot to be pretty amazing, because the trailer was very good, but it was just good. I am, however, already invested in this show's story, so that's promising.
Pilot Grade: B
Pilot Score: 8/10

#9- Doubt
This was much better than I anticipated it to be. It was certainly better than Heigl's previous series State of Affairs. It's not a groundbreaking show. It's a pretty generic show, but it was pretty interesting and I enjoyed it.
Grade: B+
Pilot Score: 8.5/10

#8- Imaginary Mary
This was really good. Thank God they changed Mary's design because the original was horrific but this was so cute. It wasn't as laugh-out-loud funny as some of the other midseason comedies, but it was still very enjoyable. Jenna Elfman is great as always, but Rachel Dratch as the voice of Mary was my favorite part of this Pilot.
Pilot Grade: B+
Pilot Score: 8.5/10

#7- The Mick
I'm a huge fan of It's Always Sunny, so saying that the Mick felt like IASIP is a huge compliment. Kaitlin Olson was absolutely the best choice for the lead role, nobody could have played Mickey better than her. The rest of the cast is great, too, and this can really be one of the great boundary-pushing sitcoms. 
Pilot Grade: B+
Pilot Score: 8.5/10

#6- The Blacklist: Redemption
I have never seen the Blacklist, so I can't compare the two shows. What I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed this show. The cast was really good, the premise was interesting, and the show as a whole was fun. The best part was that I just decided to watch it the day it premiered. So it really shocked me when I loved it so much. The order of Redemption and its fellow top 6  shows could easily be reversed. I enjoyed them all about equally, but in the end, Redemption couldn't top the others. 
Pilot Grade: A-
Pilot Score: 9/10

#5- When We Rise
I didn't go in to When We Rise with very high expectations. The promos certainly did it no favors. But it was excellent. The acting was incredible in this premiere episode, and the storylines were fascinating. It's incredible (and very sad) that these events actually took place.
Pilot Grade: A-
Pilot Score: 9/10 (Note: This grade is for "Part I", which aired back-to-back with "Part II". "Part II" will be covered in next week's post)

#4- Superior Donuts
Superior Donuts is a very different kind of CBS sitcom. By that, I mean it's not just entertaining for me to watch, but I actually think it's a quality show. The cast is certainly very good, and the characters are entertaining to watch. It's not going to win any Emmys, but it's still an enjoyable show to watch, with characters that are funny and relatable.
Pilot Grade: A-
Pilot Score: 9/10

#3- Downward Dog

This was just so sweet, so funny, and so good. The cast is pretty freaking amazing, I adore Allison Tolman because of Fargo and Ned the dog is just so adorable. As a dog owner, this just pulled at my heartstrings so much and I adored it. It was a breath of fresh air.
Pilot Grade: A-
Pilot Score: 9/10

#2- Great News

Great News was on of my most anticipated show of the season. Luckily, NBC learned of how excited I was and decided to wait until late April to premiere the show. All joking aside, this show did not disappoint. I'm a huge fan of Andrea Martin and think she's one of the funniest people alive. I think the same of Tina Fey. So having Andrea Martin starring and having Tina Fey behind the scenes makes for an immensely entertaining show. It gave me serious 30 Rock vibes, which is seriously the highest compliment I can give a show.
Pilot Grade: A-
Pilot Score: 9/10

#1- Trial & Error
I was expecting greatness from Trial & Error, and I definitely got it. This was just so strangely funny, interesting, and wonderful. One episode in, I'm already invested in this show. I want to know who the killer is and if Larry was guilty. Also, John Lithgow is amazing in this and it's his best work since 3rd Rock from the Sun.
Pilot Grade: A-
Pilot Score: 9/10
(Note: This grade is for Chapter 1, which aired back-to-back with Chapter 2. Chapter 2 will be covered in next week's post)
You can check out my full review here.

Network Averages:

#5- Fox, 7.2, Grade of C+
This was a rough midseason for Fox, which had just one Pilot that I loved, that being the Mick. Every other midseason entry for the network ranged from just okay to snoozefest.

#4- ABC, 7.62, Grade of B-
This was a solid midseason for ABC, with three fantastic shows and one big stinker. If it wasn't for Time After Time, ABC would have been much stronger.

#3- NBC, 7.83, Grade of B
While NBC placed in the middle of the pack, three of their shows took spots in the top 6, which is nothing to shake a stick at. However, I can't say their midseason was entirely successful, as their remaining three shows were all pretty meh. All in all, NBC was a mixed bag this midseason.

#2- The CW, 8.0, Grade of B
With just one new show, the CW comfortably takes second place. While Riverdale isn't perfect, it's pretty freaking entertaining.

#1- CBS, 8.75, Grade of A-
The clear winners, with absolutely nobody near them, is somehow CBS. Despite taking a massive beating in Fall, taking 4th place in the fall edition of the First Three Weeks, this was a very successful midseason for the Tiffany Network. This time around, they lived up to that prestigious name. They had two midseason shows (that I watched), both were solid.

Pilot Superlatives:
Most Surprisingly Good: The Blacklist: Redemption
Biggest Disappointment: Time After Time
Funniest: Trial & Error
Tugs At Your Heartstrings Most: Downward Dog
Strangest Concept: Emerald City
Most Unnecessary: 24: Legacy


It was a pretty decent night for broadcast on the final night of the regular season. ABC had a special movie premiere, with their Dirty Dancing remake premiering with a very solid 1.3, pretty much even with last week's lineup. CBS also had a strong night, with Survivor hitting a new season high or 1.9 for its finale, and a strong 1.4 for its reunion show. CBS' night was greatly improved for the week, with Beyond Borders getting replaced by Survivor. Fox also had a pretty good night, with Shots Fired airing its series finale and Empire airing its season finale. Both were up from last week, with Empire hitting a multi-month high. NBC opted for an all-SVU night, with a repeat at 8 and a double airing at 9 and 10. The originals were up from last week and pulled in the highest ratings for the long-running series since February. CW also had a finale night, and Arrow was up. The 100, however, was stuck at the same 0.3 it's been stuck at since March.

Finals Update: Dirty Dancing (+0.1) and Empire (+0.1) adjusted up. The Survivor Reunion (-0.1) adjusted down.
18-49 Rating/Share
Viewers (mil)
8 PMSurvivor (F)1.9/88.54CBS

Dirty Dancing1.4/58.58ABC

Shots Fired (Series Finale)0.9/43.40Fox

Law & Order: SVU (R)0.7/34.03NBC

Arrow (F)0.6/31.68The CW
9 PMEmpire (F)2.5/106.91Fox

Law & Order: SVU (F)1.3/56.00NBC

The 100 (F)0.3/20.98The CW
10 PMSurvivor (Reunion Show)1.3/66.21CBS
Thursday night on Fox, two new reality series will make their debuts. One is Beat Shazam, a music game show hosted by actor Jamie Foxx, with reality giant Mark Burnett executive producing. The other is Love Connection, a reboot of the original 1980s/90s series hosted by Andy Cohen.

Beat Shazam, 8 PM on Fox
The first of the two reality premieres is Beat Shazam, which has received a strong promotional push and is the anchor of the double-newbie-reality night. Will it be a smash hit or will it be "beat" by everything else airing on Thursday night?

Love Connection, 9 PM on Fox
The second of the premieres is Love Connection. Love Connection's success relies heavily on Beat Shazam. If Beat Shazam fails, it's very likely that the less-promoted Love Connection will suffer the same fate. Will Love Connection make a connection with viewers or will they dump it before the first date even begins?

Do you think these shows will succeed or will they join a long list of Fox reality flops not-named-American-Idol?
The death wave arrives in the season finale of The 100.

S4E13 "Praimfaya"

Raven reveals the big challenge facing the group heading into space: oxygen. The group prepares to go into space, but when the communication system is damaged beyond repair, Raven says they can't go anywhere. Raven reveals that the issue with this is that she won't have Becca's help.

To turn the power on the Ark on, the group has to venture outside of the building, and Clarke discovers that she will have to climb the radio tower.  This means she won't make it back in time. Bellamy struggles at first when Clarke isn't back in time, but realizes they have to go, and that it's what Clarke would have wanted. This moment before they launch is a great one, with great emotion from Bellamy, even though he is containing it. Great job, Bob Morley!

In space, Raven waits for Clarke to get the power on, and the scene uses horrible CGI. Clarke succeeds at the last moment. When she climbs down from the tower, she breaks the glass on her helmet. She rushes with intensity into the building, but she has already been exposed to a lot of radiation. Members of the group in space start ruining low on oxygen, creating for a very intense scene. They are able to turn the oxygen on, so they survive, just barely.

Octavia is unsure of her new leadership role. She talks to Bellamy about it, before their connection cuts out. It's sad that these siblings have to be separated yet again. This is all that we get of the bunker, and I find that to be pretty ridiculous. I get that there is a lot of story to tell, but neglecting half of the show's important characters by only showing two from the group in the first act, and the rest not at all is not the solution.

A flash forward six years in the future reveals that Clarke has survived. She attempts to contact Bellamy, and through this she reveals a lot, including that she does this every day, it's been safe to come down for a year, and she has lost contact with the bunker. Clarke has a young nightblood with her, and a ship comes down to the ground, but it turns out not to be the group from the Ark, but something dangerous.

The episode's only flaw is neglecting the bunker, which is not a small issue, but I will go easy on the show for it because I can understand why they did it. The final minutes give us a lot of questions for season five to answer. To me, the most important question is how did Clarke survive?

Score: 9.5/10

What did you think of "Primfaya"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
The conclusion to the first and only season of this series comes this week, with the tenth episode.

S1E10 "Hour 10: Last Dance"

The episode picks up right after Breeland getting shot. A large number of officers go to the houses, where they use excessive force. Without Breeland, it will be harder for Preston to win his case. His argument to the jury is compelling, regardless, and it works, with it leading to Beck's arrest. However, in the other case he is unable to convince the jury.

Preston is told it's time to be done in this town, but he isn't ready to be done. He goes to Breeland's storage unit, where he finds a recording. The scene becomes intense when Sheriff Platt arrives, but Ashe saves things when she arrives with a search warrant. Everything doesn't end up all wrapped up perfectly, but the final moments show progress being made in many ways, which is a fitting way to end the episode.

This episode succeeded where most episodes of Shots Fired failed, moving the story along enough in the hour, and in an interesting way. However, it was not without its issues. It was unbalanced in regards to Preston and Ashe. He drove almost all of the action this week. Also, the scenes having to do with the relationship between the two of them felt odd and, like the relationship, unnecessary.

Score: 8.5/10

What did you think of "Hour 10: Last Dance"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
It's hard to believe that it's already the finale of Dancing With the Stars. I remember my anticipation that the season would be starting like it was just yesterday. We've seen a lot of dances, a lot of spray tans, and a lot of sequins. Let's get to my final review of Dancing With the Stars (well, for this season, I'll be back for season 25 in fall).

Night 1:

Rashad Jennings & Emma
These dances tonight were really excellent. Rashad was so great. His first dance was beautiful and he was very graceful. His second dance was so much fun to watch and it was just amazing. If I was basing my opinion solely on these final performances, this is Rashad's Mirror Ball to lose.
My Score (Viennese Waltz): 10
My Score (Freestyle): 10

Normani Kordei & Val
I was pretty disappointed by Normani's dances tonight. Her quickstep was good, but it wasn't as top-notch as I've come to expect from her. There wasn't really anything major wrong with it, but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Her freestyle was also disappointing. It just didn't really feel like a freestyle, and it wasn't really anything special. My Score (Quickstep): 9
My Score (Freestyle): 9

David Ross & Lindsay
David was really good tonight. While his Viennese Waltz was my least favorite dance of the night, his freestyle was so fun to watch and was really good. It wasn't an all-time-great freestyle, but it was certainly great to watch. My Score (Viennese Waltz): 8
My Score (Freestyle): 10


Dance of the Night: Rashad's Freestyle
Worst of the Night: David's Viennese Waltz

My Rankings for the Week:
1- Rashad's Freestyle
2- Rashad's Viennese Waltz
3- David's Freestyle
4- Normani's Quickstep
5-Normani's Freestyle
6- David's Viennese Waltz

This was a great finale. It was short, so it allowed for an episode filled with dancing and fun. I'm very excited to see who wins. I think it's really close, but I'm going with Normani.
Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

Night 2:

Rashad Jennings & Emma- Cha-Cha/Tango
Rashad has just been a freaking absolute joy to watch this season. I mean, he's been really amazing. I always have a lot of fun watching his dances, you can just tell that he's always trying his best and he puts his heart and soul in each dance. This fusion was no difference.
My Score: 10

Normani Kordei & Val- Argentine Tango/Foxtrot
Norman really has improved since week one. In week one, I said "she can really be great". Well, that came true for sure. She's been consistently great, and I've always enjoyed watching her. This was another great dance.
My Score: 10

David Ross & Lindsay- Foxtrot/Salsa
David really has improved immensely from week 1. He's really so fun to watch and looks like he's having so much fun dancing. I agree with what Carrie Ann said. It just makes me happy to watch him dance, even if he isn't the best. Go, Cub, Go!
My Score: 9

My Rankings for the Night:
1- Rashad
2- Normani
3- David

Season Wrap-Up
This was a great season, though I did get fed up with some of the eliminations. I was shocked that Normani came in third, but other than that I was very pleased with Rashad winning. The finale episode was very good, even though it was a bit long. I loved the callbacks with the eliminated competitors coming back. Mr. T's rap was very funny and I loved it.
Episode Score: 9.5/10

Episode Grade: A

That's a wrap on season two of my Dancing With the Stars reviews! I'll be back in fall for the next season, and I'm counting the days until then.
What did you think about the winner of the season? I'm very happy with Rashad's victory, since I've really enjoyed him each week.

Written Burned Out on Sitcoms by Bridger Cunningham

What a Season.  The 2016-17 season saw a welcome expansion of 4 permanent sitcom timeslots, bringing the total up to 27.  The upfront schedules for the 2017-18 season indicate a stable trend with 27 regular places, albeit NBC expanded two spaces and ABC foolishly relinquished two slots.  Take a sigh of relief our broadcast networks still have shelf space to give us laughers in the era of streaming and choice.  The four broadcast networks debuted 14 sitcoms, with 9 given a greenlight to enter a second season.  Conversely, 9 parted, including 2 sophomore comedies and 2 longstanding veterans with 6 (outsourced) seasons of material.

The remainder of week 35 unveiled the finales of its ABC sitcoms to mixed results, while FOX delivered doses of disappointment for its seven remaining entries.  The Simpsons finished the season at 1.77 after a disappointing 0.9 finale delivery, while The Goldbergs finished nearby with a 1.72, having ticked up to a 1.4 with their finale.  The Middle lost its tie for 7th Place due to a soft 1.2 finale, finishing a shade under blackish with a 1.50 (the previous delta of the "Leading the Pack" classification).  The Middle had the last laugh, as blackish loses its plum Modern Family lead-in and is forced to show its true grit on Tuesdays next fall.  American Housewife ended with a 1.45 average in 9th place after a soft 1.2 finale, and a welcome upgrade to Wednesday evenings with a MF lead-in.

Down in the Middle of the Pack. A soft Family Guy finale (two entries at the 1.0 mark) dropped it to 14th place with a 1.29 average.  FG can also relish the idea that its neighbors in sitcom ranks are both cancelled.  Fresh Off The Boat finished the season with a 1.18 in an 18th Place tie with Superior Donuts, having registered a soft 1.0 finale.  Downward Dog made its debut in the delta with a 1.1 rating and will be omitted as it made its debut after April.  Impressively, a Tuesday delivery on 5/23 retained a 1.0 rating, leaving the question if a summer fare may be in order.

The Anemic range featured Bob's Burgers registering a final average of 0.97 in 24th place, and Imaginary Mary ended its longshot season tied for 28th Place with a 0.90 average.  Brooklyn 99 continued its downward descent with a double 0.7 and 0.6, finishing the season at 0.86 below the cancelled Dr. Ken.  Great News remained steady, finishing at 0.75, and Making History ended the season with the lowest season average of 0.67.  Given Great News' edge of the previous Abyss, the figures adjusted down to allow it to finish in its rightful place.  With the final entries registered, let's take a look at how the season played out, night by night:

Image result for the simpsons -- homer bart strangle


FOX delivered the lone entries for sitcoms this season, delivering five permanent timeslots to eight helpings.  Permanent anchors left us with Bob's Burgers at 7:30, The Simpsons at 8pm, Family Guy at 9pm and Last Man On Earth at the less desired 9:30 tailgate timeslot.  Wedged in the 8:30 timeslot were dismal Son of Zorn and Making History.  FOX utilized football to bolster its averages with fleeting results, as well as enhance Tuesday entries The Mick and Brooklyn 99.  The results varied by proximity to the game, with The Simpsons (3.5), The Mick (2.8) and Son of Zorn (2.4) taking the largest fleeting rewards.  The lows, however, belted out fractions with 0.9 for The Simpsons, 0.7 for The Mick and 0.6 for Son of Zorn.  Family Guy (1.7), Brooklyn 99 (1.3) and Last Man On Earth received the mildest gains, yet all received renewals.  The only show never to receive football inflation was Making History, which never attained a coveted 1.0 rating.

What Sizzled -- Very little.  All shows crackled red hot with Football, then delivered ratings on-par with the Anemic Range.  However, the renewed shows did exhibit solid stability which came close to CBS and ABC's Spring Doldrums ratings.

What Fizzled -- FOX did not capitalize on its inflation to bolster its roster, with all retreating to their usual 0.6-1.2 deliveries.  Inconsistent scheduling hindered the roster, leaving veterans weak and freshman sitcoms with much to be desired.  FOX also failed to capitalize on its sixth timeslot, which may have been ideal for Bob's Burgers as it has a smaller established audience.  The 7:30 timeslot may have suited Last Man On Earth, opening up the 9:30 timeslot for new entries or weaker fares.  Making History may have held stronger potential had it entered the season earlier with football.

What is to Come -- FOX seems to desire little change this evening, with only Ghosted making a 8:30 entry between Simpsons and Family Guy.  The jury is still out, yet it appears Ghosted may see a majority of its run in the Anemic range.

Bridger's Take -- A similar Sunday is a similar problem.  Fall numbers make fireworks, whilst Spring fails to ignite a spark.

Image result for 2 Broke girls - mess


CBS cornered the market on this evening with the return of Monday comedies as the other three networks have little desire to place sitcoms on this evening.  The Voice and Bachelor/DWTS still reign on NBC and ABC, and FOX has modest dramas.  After dismantling comedies on Monday in the 2015-16 season, CBS went all in and returned to a familiar approach which housed seven comedies over four slots.  Juggernaut The Big Bang Theory resided in this block for five weeks, aiding a strong launch to Kevin Can Wait. In a week by week progression, veterans 2 Broke Girls, The Odd Couple and freshman Man With a Plan made debuts between 10/10 and 10/24.  The results were mixed, with Kevin Can Wait retaining a sizable portion of its lead-in, then leading the night with modest success.  Man With a Plan never managed outshine its lead-in, yet followed the rhythm of the night.  2 Broke Girls created a firestorm 2-episode debut, then received mixed results in the weeks following.  And Odd Couple siphoned off viewers at 9:30.

After TOC crashed and burned, CBS utilized mid-season entry Superior Donuts at 9pm, shoving 2BG to its 10th and final death timeslot.  The Spring roster delivered weak numbers hovering between 1.0-1.2, sinking lower when The Great Indoors was burned off in 2 Broke Girls' last workspace.

What Sizzled -- 2016, duh.  As usual, The Big Bang burned bright in early fall.  Kevin Can Wait cemented its following and is the network's strongest freshman comedy.  2 Broke Girls also enjoyed a successful 2016 in a familiar timeslot.

What Fizzled -- 2017.  'Nuff said.  CBS Mondays exhibited the first signs of Spring Mudslides as all shows sank lower into the lower 1.0 range.  The Odd Couple attained the first cancellation status, and 2 Broke Girls hemorrhaged viewers due to moves and inconsistent scheduling.  MWAP followed the rhythm for better or worse, as did SD.  And The Great Indoors bared their fractional value, ending on a whimper.  It appears the glory of the 1986-2014 CBS sitcom dominance has faded.

What is to Come -- Another forgettable year with the exhausted formula in play. Early fall entails TBBT launches freshman 9JKL at 8:30, KCW takes the 9pm anchor to lead into Me, Myself and I.  Mid-fall sees KCW return to its normal timeslot, with Me Myself and I upgrading to 9pm and Superior Donuts debuting in the block's weakest 9:30 timeslot.  Absent is follower MAWP.

Bridger's Take -- Like Sundays, Monday will repeat history with a strong(er) 2017, followed by a tenuous 2018.  MWAP being absent demonstrates an alarming problem, as CBS often benches its comedies 4 seasons in, not in its 2nd season.  Unless SD or one of the pilots sinks, this could present a problem as it will be mid-season putty.  CBS appears to be banking on its pilots' successes and using MWAP as a backup.  SD is weak, yet may fit at 9:30 as a quiet producer.

Image result for american housewife - angry


The 2016-17 made this evening competitive television, period.  ABC and FOX delivered six permanent sitcom homes to eight entries, while NBC offered timeshare viewing in its 9pm timeslot to three sitcoms it renewed.  ABC took the boldest risk and enhanced its lineup with two sitcom entries, sliding its weak fares from 8 to 9pm.  The greatest wildcard offered was ABC moving The Middle to 8pm with moderately successful results.  American Housewife earned its staying value early, often besting the Middle at 8:30 in 2016.  Fresh Off The Boat played steady with its ratings, and sophomore The Real O'Neals and freshman Imaginary Mary tanked at 9:30.

FOX returned to a similar formula of New Girl and Brooklyn 99, going fractional early in the fall.  Mid-season crass-com The Mick bridged their absences, and the three sitcoms shared two timeslots.  NBC used The Voice to not only launch drama This Is Us, but also sitcoms The Good Place, Trial and Error and Great News with mixed results.  All were renewed.

What Sizzled -- ABC.  Tuesdays were previously the network's weakest evening, and it appears to have repaired half of its broken evening.  The Middle and American Housewife delivered steady to above average ratings, while FOTB not only weathered overshadowing from This is Us, but also Spring Doldrums.  FOX mildly bolstered its roster with provocative The Mick and appears interested in using it to rebuild this weak evening.

What Fizzled -- Anything at 9:30.  Both ABC showings tanked, as did NBC's timeshare sitcoms in the second showing.  FOX lost its thunder on this evening ages ago, with fractions now passable fare.

What is to Come -- Competitive real estate, lead by ABC choosing to shake up their roster.  FOTB moves again to 8:30, Wednesday transplant blackish takes on 9pm, and freshman pilot The Mayor takes the cursed 9:30 space.  FOX again appears to be sharing its two timeslots to the same three tenants.  NBC relocated its crowned piece to Thursdays to take on ABC's TGIT, establishing permanent anchors for Thursday fares Superstore and The Good Place.  The 8-10pm hours will be dominated by ABC, and Superstore may receive a little lead-in-TLC from The Voice.

Bridger's Take -- ABC hasn't learned their lesson that 9:30 entries are cursed.  FOTB will not burn as bright as other sitcoms and is ideal filler for this space.  It should have been placed at 9:30, unless ABC is optimistic about enhancing it in the event The Middle vacates the schedule in 2019.  blackish's 9pm move was precise and may lead the network to ruling the timeslot.  The Mayor needs a prayer to avoid impeachment, while The Good Place may finally grow in its new home.

Image result for goldberg's - snow


ABC ferociously claimed a territorial victorious evening with all of its sitcoms placing among the top 7 sitcoms airing in 2016-17 among the 34 entries.  It moved established Goldbergs into the 8pm slot, and Speechless thrived in its plum setting.  Having cemented the same schedule for two seasons, ABC mildly shook things up in the 8pm hour to expand its brand.  Empire faded into dissension, while ABC endured the nastiness of spring ratings with moderately successful results.  Modern Family eroded into ordinary territory, yet it received a 2-season pickup along with The Goldberg's.

What Sizzled -- Fall ratings.  All shows burned bright, with only blackish taking a weak 1.2 rating. Little more needs to be said as the numbers tell us what burned hot this season -- The entire Lineup!

What Fizzled -- The creative pacing in 2017.  MF grew tired, while The Goldbergs strayed too far into disbelief.  Speechless became another run of the mill crazy family sitcom, and blackish took to many topical bold risks.  All minor repairs which can be cleaned up.

What is to Come -- A mild shakeup, as blackish moves to Tuesdays and American Housewife receives a little TLC as The Goldberg's received in 2014.

Bridger's Take -- ABC wisely moved blackish, as it has three years of critical acclaim and enough visibility to anchor Tuesdays at 9pm.  American Housewife took Tuesdays by storm, narrowly edging The Middle in most 2016 entries.  The show has great potential for growth, and appears to be MF's predecessor should it exit in 2019.  ABC appears to have FOTB and blackish to anchor the prime hours on Tuesday, and The Goldbergs and American in the prime hours on Wednesday should MF and The Middle exit in 2019.  This strategy may ensure the comedy blocks survive beyond that timeline.

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CBS again opened its doors to 4 permanent sitcom spaces, while NBC reopened two spaces.  The results?  CBS aired a consistent lineup minus a guest showing of Superior Donuts, while NBC split three sitcoms in the two spaces with softer results.  The Big Bang Theory eroded as expected, yet rules the roost.  The Great Indoors squandered its plum timeslot to dismal results, sinking the remaining lineup.  In spite of this shortcoming, Mom showed its strangulation power and eventually would outshine its lead-in.  Life in Pieces struggled in the 9:30 timeslot, yet delivered a sturdy performance similar to ABC's FOTB.  Over at NBC, fall was silent for critically heralded Superstore and The Good Place.  Both received early mid-season renewals, and Powerless made a low-voltage run in The Good Place's exit.

What Sizzled -- The Big Bang, of course.  Mom also provided stability, and critical acclaim traipsed the majority of the lineup.  NBC also deserves praise as it is making mild attempts to relive the glory of Must-See TV.

What Fizzled -- The Great Indoors dumped its rating into the network outhouse.  So sad Big-Bang-Lite, aka a common rerun, outperformed it by significant figures.  NBC gave its sitcoms minimal promotion.  Powerless drained NBC's grid, and suspiciously damaged Superstore further than common doldrums were capable of doing.

What is to Come -- A minor cleanup of atrocity TGI paves the way for a welcome Little Sheldon.  Beyond that, NBC made an about-face decision to move its powerhouse This is Us against Mom and Life in Pieces.  Will and Grace returns to its former home at 8pm, while under-performing Great News receives TLC wedged between two critical darlings.

Bridger's Take -- CBS is playing their cards correctly.  Not only "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It", but also forecasting Little Sheldon becoming its parent's predecessor in 2019.  Mom and LIP could endure damage against This is Us, yet few humorous undertones exist in the superior-rated, leaving alternative viewers to enjoy their laughs.  NBC is making bold strides at 8pm, yet will spend another season 3rd in their timeslot.  Will and Grace makes sense, and hopefully Great News will establish in its plum timeslot.

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The remains of the schedule presented the usual soft demos.  ABC scrapped the only showings here, with Last Man Standing delivering a stronger year than the previous year, while Dr. Ken had the opposite effect.

What Sizzled -- Last Man Standing, of course.

What Fizzled -- Dr. Ken, of course.

What is to Come -- Nothing sitcom related.  ABC axed both showings, ending a stable fare.

Bridger's Take -- In an era which only sitcoms and select reality TV fares rule the roost on their weakened network, ABC made the foolish choice of turning this night into a dumping ground.  Isn't that its definition of Sundays or 10pm any other evening?  All but one freshman drama tanked.  Fridays were mildly stable, yet ABC undid its stable tapestry.  ABC should have cooled it on another drama and perhaps relocated Speechless to plug LMS's hole, or taken a risk on another sitcom paired with Dr. Ken.  Once Upon a Time may have worked at 9pm, or buried into the Sunday schedule.  10pm dramas are a hard sell in recent years, and Marvel and appeal to younger male viewers who enjoyed Sundays.

During the Summer hiatus, I welcome you to join us and look back at retrospective seasonns' ratings.